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5T ~ Macaws

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We’re the Macaws!

Welcome to our class


We’re lively and positive, brilliant and bright.

We fly high and make the most of every day!


“The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease forever to be able to do it.”

Peter Pan - JM Barrie

Playground rule poster competition

Picture 1 Hugo's entry
Picture 2 Saskia's entry
This week, we have been thinking about our playtime rules and how we can make them safe, happy and fun. We had competition to make posters which will be displayed in classrooms and around the school. The winners in Macaws class were Saskia and Hugo. Well done to everyone in the class for designing such creative, informative posters! 

Christmas Afternoon 

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This week, we have had a Christmas afternoon where we made our calendars for 2018. Following the Victorian theme we've had in Year 5 this term in English, we created a silhouette of our side portraits and then decorated the backgrounds to make them look even better. We hope everyone at home likes our calendars for next year! 

Victorian Day 

On Thursday 7th December, Year 5 had a Victorian Day to help us understand Charles Dickens and the Victorian era which we have been doing lots of different types of writing about in English. In the morning, we watched different scenes with characters from the Victorian times including Queen Victoria, Mr Fairfax (a mill owner), Florence Nightingale, Mr Obadiah Pitt (a school headmaster), Fanny (chambermaid) and Bill Sweeney who taught us some Victorian songs. After break, we had a drama workshop where we acted out being people in higher and lower society. In the afternoon, we watched a production of A Christmas Carol and people were chosen to act out parts in the story. We all really enjoyed Victorian Day!

Weekly Review

We have been doing a weekly review and looking back at all the things we have done in class over the week. This week, we have thought about the things we have accomplished that we have been proud of. Here are some of the great things we have achieved:

‘I am proud that I am getting my handwriting neater than it was last year.’   Filip


‘I am proud of my maths work this week and all the work I have completed on my own.’ Murron


‘I have finished my book ‘Wonder’ which was really good!’ Daisy


‘I have accomplished reading my book ‘Mr Men Mr Birthday’ from Waterstones which I got on the book club trip.’   Hugo


Kuba and Clara were both proud of themselves for reading new books, and even reading different books at the same time! Lucas and Adam were both impressed with themselves for getting their pen licences recently. We are also holding book auctions in class where one member of the class tries to convince the rest of the class to read a book, without giving away the ending. This week, Clara recommended Wonder which we all thought sounded amazing!  

Time Travelling with a Hamster

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We have been reading Time Travelling with a Hamster as our class novel.  In the story, Al’s – the main character -  dad died twice. Once when he was thirty nine and again four years later when he was twelve. Al is on a mission to travel back to 1984 in a secret time machine and save his father’s life. All without losing his pet hamster, Alan Shearer. So far, we are really enjoying this book!

Our Christmas Display

In Macaws, we have been looking at the Nativity and what it means for Christmas today. We worked in teams to create a part of a storyboard showing the events that happened in the Nativity story and thought about what we could write to tell the story. We also worked as a team to create a Nativity scene – some of us made the characters, some of us made mechanisms to make our display move and some of us designed stars that show our hopes for future Christmases. We worked really hard to make our Christmas display look fantastic!


What is the message of the Nativity?


Nativity is the word used for the story of Jesus’ birth. Christians celebrate Christmas by retelling the story of the nativity through plays, church services include carol singing and people give and receive presents and cards. This reminds Christians of the gift of Jesus beginning his life on earth.



SMSC and British Values


  • Spiritual – We enjoyed exploring other peoples’ beliefs about Christmas and learning about other faiths.
  • Social We worked as a team to create different parts of our display.
  • Cultural – We have developed understanding of the beliefs of different faiths.
  • British Values – Mutual respect and tolerance. Through learning more about different faiths, we are more aware of how important it is to show respect towards others.
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Image Theatre - The Wind in the Willows 

This Friday, we spent the morning with our special guests from Image Theatre. We learned songs to sing during the show which we all really enjoyed! Some members of Macaws even got to take part in the show and became characters from The Wind in the Willows. We all had a fantastic morning. 

Children in Need Day

For Children in Need day 2017, we all wore something spotty and colourful to raise money for charity. We had a great day doing 'spotty' activities including designing a cupcake that could be sold at a cake sale. As a school, we raised £405 from £1 donations and Old Round Pounds. 
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 Anti-Bullying Week 

This week, it has been Anti-Bullying Week. The theme this year has been 'All Different, All Equal’.

We have been celebrating what makes us, and others, unique and how important it is that everybody feels valued and included in school. The week began with a whole school assembly to launch anti-bullying week.


A highlight of the week was Odd Socks Day where we all wore odd socks to show our individuality!  


During circle time, we talked about the different types of bullying and the effects that bullying can have. We also came up with some ideas for how we can help to beat bullying.


In Macaws, we also made our own hand prints representing what makes us unique. It was lovely to see everyone in Macaws celebrating what made them different and talking to each other about bullying, difference and equality. Here are some of the ones we made: 

Picture 1

Remembrance Sunday

Last week, we learned about Remembrance Sunday and why we wear poppies during this time in November.

On 11th November, one year after the First World War ended, a newspaper announced that it was ‘Peace Day’. When church bells struck 11, people stayed silent to think about the soldiers who had died. Poppies became used as a way to remember soldiers who died in battle.

We took part in an art competition held by 6 Regiment RLC to support the efforts of the Poppy Appeal. We designed a poppy around the themes of remembrance, hope and growth. Here are a few of our fantastic designs!

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Welcome to Macaws!

We have had a brilliant start to the new school year and have all settled into our new Macaws class really well! We have got to know each other and our new class routines.


So far, we have listened to the speeches for our pupil voice groups and elected our new Librarians, School Council, Eco Committee, Arts Committee, Sports Crew and Digital Leaders.


We are all looking forward to the exciting things we have planned for our first term in Year 5!

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