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6M ~ Cheetahs

We’re the Cheetahs!

Welcome to our class


We’re fast-moving winners, independent and smart.

We believe in ourselves and go for it!


“Grab a chance and you won’t be sorry for a might-have-been.”

We Didn’t Mean To Go To Sea - Arthur Ransome

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Class Book for Summer Term

6M are still enjoying Wonder by R.J Pallacio. The story continues by sharing the different viewpoints of characters withing the story - we are finding it interesting how the story all links together. Once we have finished we will be having a vote on what we would like to read next. 

Spring Term 2 Special Mentions - ask these children about their exciting achievement!

Spring Term 2 Special Mentions - ask these children about their exciting achievement! 1

Cultural House Event

On the last day of term, all of the children at Oatlands Junior School, celebrated lots of different cultures around the world. Each child chose  which room they wanted to visit, these choices ranged from  The Haka in New Zealand to food tasting in the Caribbean.

In 6M children were learning all about China. Firstly, the children learnt some facts about China and what it was like to live there - some children start school at 7am!

Next, children completed a number of activities.  A variety of tasks were available; making Chinese Lanterns; learning to use chopsticks; writing words in Mandarin, Chinese paper folding and making a paper Chinese dragon.

Finally, the children all returned to their own classes to share what they had done and all of the facts which they had learned. 

A day enjoyed by all!

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Book Auctions

Each Friday - as part of our Weekly Review - one child chooses a book to share with the class. The children love hearing about books which members of the class are reading and get ideas for their own next read! These children have taken part already - would you like to read one of their books?

A Visit from The RSPCA

On Monday 26th April, all of the children in Year 5 and 6 had a visit form two ladies from the Harrogate and York RSPCA. The RSPCA stands for: The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. We learnt all about how to care for animals properly and how the RSPCA decide who can have a pet. Thank you to Sarah from the RSPCA for coming to talk to us - we learnt lots!

Sports Relief 2018

This year, instead of only celebrating and raising money on one day, Sports Crew decided to spread the fun out over the whole week! Daily challenges were available to all the children on the playground to get involved in and win certificates. Activities on the playground included: keepie-uppies, hula hooping, cardio fun, skipping and juggling. Children in 6M really enjoyed taking part in and running some of these challenges with the other children. Well done to all who took part! Donations of £114.23, which were collected in the specially made ‘Trainer Money Boxes’ by our Sports Crew, have been sent to Sports Relief. 

Should the Romans have taken over Britain?

Romans vs Celts

Today we have had a debate about the question ’Should the Romans have invaded Britain?’. We put forward many string arguments and balanced these out with counter arguments.

Year 6 Debating Competition

Today six Year 6 children represented Oatlands Junior School at The New Harrogate Council Offices. Children were chosen by the teachers for a well presented ‘Room 101’ speech and other work in class. These children were: Finlay McCreanor, Chloe Brett, Georgina Scott, Sophie McCormack, Henry Neligan and Elsa Gordon. The debating question was ‘Is Social Media a Danger to Children?’, the team consisted of two speakers (Sophie and Georgina) and four questioners. The team has worked hard over the past week to prepare for the debate and are happy to announce that they came second out of eight schools, with Sophie being crowned the best girl speaker. We would like to thank Mr Neligan and Mrs Wilkinson for taking us to the council chambers and to Mrs Gerry, Miss Mansfield and Mrs Nicholson for helping us along the way.

Chloe Brett and Finlay McCreanor

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Enterprise Day 2018

Our theme for Enterprise Day was Harry Potter. We enjoyed generating ideas and running our own stalls, selling our goodies to the rest of the school. Our stalls were: Slytherin Scandal, Hogwarts Heaven, Wacky Wizard Hairstyles and Darts to Hogwarts. We made lots of money and can't wait to find out what school council will decide to spend it on!

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World Book Day 2018

Today we all brought in our favourite books to share with the class to celebrate a belated World Book Day! We enjoyed completing 'Brilliant Book Reviews' and visiting other classrooms to share all kinds of books.

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Safer Internet Day 2018

Today, Mr Pinto (an e-safety expert), delivered a workshop for 6M on how to stay safe while using the internet. If you would like to find out more about how to stay safe online then visit:

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Spring Term 1 Special Mentions - ask these children about their exciting achievement!

Spring Term 1 Special Mentions - ask these children about their exciting achievement! 1

Arts Week 2018

6M took part in lots of activities during Arts Week. Ranging from processing clay (from a back garden!), to learning a contemporary dance routine, drawing parabolic curves to designing and making Zodiac masks, inspired by artist Ai Weiwei. Overall, it was an inspiring, creative and very very messy week enjoyed by all!


Here is what some children in 6M though about their week:


“During Arts Week I enjoyed processing the clay because although I was worried about getting messy it was very fun playing with it and moulding it into different shapes”

Tom Osborne

Arts Week was a chance to express our feelings as an artist, I really liked that we can really let loose especially in the dance workshop as that is what it’s about.’

Tegan Evans

“I enjoyed working as a team on the pollen pieces to make the final touches.”

Olivia Hodgetts


“Arts Week as a great experience to use new materials like Modroc. I also enjoyed going to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, I thought it improved my drawing skills and the way I think about Art.”

Finlay McCreanor


Spring Term Open Afternoon

Thank you to all adults who came along to 'Open Afternoon', we loved learning with you and showing what we get up to in our classroom. 

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Our Class Assembly


6M celebrate Burns' Night

Today we have celebrated the life of Robert Burns a Scottish poet and national figure. We learnt all about his life along with some interesting facts about haggis! Finally, we listened and danced to 'Auld Lang Syne' a traditional song by Burns which is often sung on New Years Eve.

500 Word Story Competition 

This week we have watched BBC Radio 2's live lesson and joined in a story writing session with other schools around the country. We are looking forward to writing our stories and entering them into the competition. Good Luck Cheetahs!

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Playground Rules Competition

This week we held a whole school competition to create rules to keep children happy and safe on our playground. Well done to everyone on their entries - they were fabulous. A special congratulations to our winners, Jasmine Willerton and Jack Brierley!

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DT - Making structures 

This half term in DT we have been planning and making structures which will include a light. Here are some photos of how we are getting on so far. We are looking forward to making the finished product!

Here are our finished products...

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Autumn Term Special Mentions - ask these children about their exciting achievement!

Autumn Term Special Mentions - ask these children about their exciting achievement! 1

Happy New Year!

Here are some photos of us making our 2018 calendars - we hope everyone at home likes the finished product!

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Picture 3
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"Coming Home" by Michael Morpurgo performed by 6M

Year 6 Poetry Celebration

On Thursday 21st December, Year 6 joined together to perform Christmas and winter poems they had learnt. 6M performed Coming Home by Michael Morpurgo and 6FW showed their own version of Talking Turkeys by Benjamin Zephania and The Twelve Days Of Christmas. Last but not least, 6G performed their group version of T'was The Night Before Christmas. We all enjoyed this and thought it was a great opportunity to share what we had been working on. 

Watch out for video performances of our poems on the English page!

Keiran McQuire and Chloe Brett

Practising our poem 'Coming home' by Michael Morpurgo.

Practising our poem 'Coming home' by Michael Morpurgo. 1
Practising our poem 'Coming home' by Michael Morpurgo. 2
Practising our poem 'Coming home' by Michael Morpurgo. 3

PE with Mr McIntyre

In our PE lessons with Mr McIntyre, we all participated in partner dancing.   We learnt all the moves step-by-step and then put the dance together. In one dance we swapped partners, boys moving back each time. It was tricky at first but we soon got the hang of it. Everyone really enjoyed it! Here are some photos.

Keira O'Brien and Tegan Evans

I'll Be There

In music we have been learning the song: “I’ll Be There” by The Jackson 5. Firstly, we learnt about the song and learnt musical terms for speed and dynamics. Then, we started to learn the song and the way it is sung. Followed by adding the backing vocals. We’ve all enjoyed practising the song every Friday and we hope you’ll enjoy the final version!
Jack Brierley

Christmas Dinner 2017 - Wear a Sweater Make the World Better!

Today 6M have celebrated Christmas in style! We have worn festive outfits and eaten a delicious Christmas Dinner. We have also collected for 'Save the Children's' campaign - 'Wear a Sweater Make the World Better'. 


#elfie 1

'You can't blend in when you were born to stand out' August Pullman.


Our class novel for this half term is 'Wonder' by R.J Palacio.


Wonder is about a boy who has never been to school before because of the way he looks. This year however, he started 5th grade. We are following him on his journey through middle school and hearing all about the challenges he faces. We are enjoying reading the book and are excited to find out what happens next.

Raph Bowe and Madeline Ardren

We Will Rock You

On Monday 4th December, Year 6 visited Harrogate Grammar School to watch their performance of We Will Rock You. The show was in the sixth form theatre hall and the equipment and facilities were excellent. It was performed by a variety of Harrogate Grammar School’s pupils who were all very talented. Also, as it was a musical, there was an outstanding orchestra that played Queen songs superbly. It was amazing and thoroughly enjoyed by all. Hopefully, one day it will be us on that stage!


By Jasmine Willerton and Toby Wilkins

A very Merry Christmas from 6M!

We have worked hard on our Christmas display all about Christmas Cards. 

We have looked at past, present and future Christmas cards. For the past we’ve focussed on cards from the Victorian period. The Victorians had very detailed cards and they were realistic.

We have also looked at present cards - we have made these cartoon-like, as we would buy in shops today.

Finally, we think that cards in the future will involve technology and move! To do this, we used finger lights to make Christmas patterns like Christmas trees and stars. We used a slow motion app on the iPads to take the photos.

Stella Johnson and Keiran McQuire ~ Arts Committee


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Image Theatre ~ Wind in the Willows

Today, Cheetahs spent their morning watching the captivating ‘Wind In The Willows’ by Image Theatre. We learnt songs and actions to join in with the performance, which we thoroughly enjoyed.


This is what we thought of the show:

‘The actor showed us how to get into character and that we needed to be really LOUD! My part was a pony and I really enjoyed being in a fantastic production.’

McKenzie Waters.

‘Image Theatre was amazing, they were very funny and made all the children (and teachers!) laugh.’

Joe Lepine.

‘The experience of the Image Theatre was amazing .They really made you laugh and have such fun.’

Lucas Moyser.

‘The Image Theatre was incredible to watch. They really encouraged you to join in with the songs and actions.’

Georgia Homer.

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Anti-Bullying Week

This week Cheetahs have been learning about anti-bullying week, the theme being ‘All Different, All Equal’.

Odd socks day was a particular highlight of the week - demonstrating that although we are all different and unique, we are all equal.


Picture 1

We have celebrated what makes us special and unique, yet we still remain the same in other ways. Look out for our ‘Unique’ jigsaw puzzle around school to find out what makes us who we are.

In our class we always try and support one another by watching out for others on the playground and working as a team.

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Children in Need 2017

Today we have been raising money for Children in Need, during the day we have completed spotty activities linked to children in need. Everyone looked fantastic in their spotty and colourful clothing! We were on the hunt for ‘round pounds’ and as a class we have raised £36!

By Charlie Whewell & Olivia Hodgetts.

Picture 1

Remembrance Day

As it is Remembrance Day soon, Cheetahs have been thinking all about why we wear poppies and why they are so important to us. As part of our learning, we have recited some well-known poems, such as ‘In Flanders Fields’ by John McCrae and 'The Inquisitive Mind of a Child' by Anonymous.

Picture 1

Cheetahs have made a great start to Year 6.


We thoroughly enjoyed our trip to East Barnby, we tested our comfort zones by trying new things, met new friends and gained life skills. 

Class Elections have been held and we voted for the right people to represent our class in our schools Pupil Voice Groups.

We have settled in well to Year 6 and can’t wait to see what the rest of the year will bring!

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