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Maths Subject Leader - Rachel Coyne

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Vision for Maths!


In Mathematics we believe children need a great deal of practical experience and discussion to achieve a thorough understanding of mathematical concepts and skills to prepare them for life. We place great emphasis on mental calculation and oral work. Children also develop their knowledge and skills against Maths Passports, which they take with them from year to year.
Children’s skills are developed to allow them to move fluently between representations of Mathematical ideas and make rich connections, develop fluency, mathematical reasoning and competence in solving increasingly sophisticated problems as their knowledge and competence grows and they move through the school.
At Oatlands we recognise that Mathematics is essential to everyday life and our aim is to make Mathematics at Oatlands as relevant as possible to the children’s lives. Oatlands children are taught to reason mathematically and to develop a sense of enjoyment and curiosity about the subject.


In Year 5, we have been very busy testing our accuracy of 3D shapes. We have created scaled drawings of nets before creating 3D models.  

Times Table ROCK STARS!

Over the next term, we will be trialing a website called Times Table Rock Stars! The aim of the Times Tables Rock Stars is to boost mental agility linked to times tables. Each child will have their own individual logins to access the site, both at home and school. Enjoy!


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Children in year 5 have been working hard to name, measure and calculate missing angles.

Year 5 Angles

Year 3 Maths

Children in year 3 have been working extremely hard, to apply their knowledge of 3D shapes, to create their own models.

Enterprise Day 2018

On Monday afternoon, the whole school took part in Enterprise day. We have been preparing our stalls/mini businesses over the past two weeks. Stalls included: Lucky dips, dart competitions, refreshments, hairstyles and even mini golf! Each class chose a theme e.g. a book or a film that they based all there stalls on. Then each class was given £20 that was then split into £5 per group so that each stall could get an equal amount of money. Then one person per group went and bought their equipment/prizes from the shops. On the day, we had 30 minutes to set up around the school and then an hour to walk round. This year’s total was…..£324.19. The School Council are going to meet next week to decide how the money will be spent.


It was a brilliant day and both pupils and teachers really enjoyed it. We are looking forward to next year’s Enterprise Week.

By Flossie Linford and Ella Chen (Meerkats

Maths across school.

This week I have been lucky enough to visit a few of the classes around school. It has been wonderful to see real hands-on learning for Maths. I also spoke to a lovely group onfchildren about their Maths experience at Oatlands. The feedback and enthusiasm when talking about Maths was excellent!

Maths at Oatlands

Sports Numeracy

This term children from Year 4 and 6 have been taking part in Sports Numeracy. Sports Numeracy is a programme designed to complete practical PE lessons with a particular focus on the mathematical topics: recalling number bonds; multiplication facts; fractions; decimals and percentages. The aim of these booster sessions is to further develop the children’s confidence and fluency within these mathematical areas. All of the children have thoroughly enjoyed their sessions with Mr Ellis.

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Picture 10

Maths with Mrs Evans

This term children from Year 5 have been working alongside Mrs Evans to support and develop their confidence in Maths. The children have worked together to solve a range of mathematical puzzles as well as sharing ideas about number. All of the children have thoroughly enjoyed their sessions with Mrs Evans. A big thank you to Mrs Evans for all of her help!


Picture 1
Picture 2

What Maths looks like at Oatlands.

What Maths looks like at Oatlands.  1 Practical Place Value.
What Maths looks like at Oatlands.  2 Working independently.
What Maths looks like at Oatlands.  3 Talking about our learning.
What Maths looks like at Oatlands.  4 Using the Maths display to support learning.
What Maths looks like at Oatlands.  5 Teacher support.
What Maths looks like at Oatlands.  6 Being independent learners.
What Maths looks like at Oatlands.  7 Working as a team!

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