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Modern Foreign Languages

MFL Subject Leader - Laura Hind

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At Oatlands Junior School, we aim to nurture our pupils’ understanding of the world and its cultures through high quality language teaching. We want to foster a love of learning language, promote positive attitudes towards other languages and understand that communication in our global society is dependent on our knowledge of other languages.

This half term's register language...

This half term's register language... 1

Each half term, the pupils and teachers at Oatlands take the register in a different language. This half term, we are learning how to greet each other and ask for our lunch in Yoruba, a West African language spoken in Nigeria.

The French ambassadors were invited to watch a French play, Ti Jean et la chevre, at GSAL in February. The performance, by the Theatre sans Frontieres, told three stories from French speaking countries of Mali, Canada and Cambodia. Through fantastic acting, gestures, props and songs, all children were able to understand the plots. It was a brilliant morning and really great to see the children so captivated by storytelling in a language other than their own!

OJS French Ambassadors

OJS French Ambassadors 1

Our French Ambassadors, two per class, are voted in at the start of the year. Their role is to help promote French and help the teacher by leading either a game, an activity or a song in the French lessons. We meet once a half term to learn some new activities and are always excited to take it back to class to try it out!

French in Year 4

French in Year 4 1
French in Year 4 2
French in Year 4 3

In Year 4, we have been learning how to say the date, including how to say when our birthdays are. We have learned lots of vocabulary and are now learning how to put words into phrases and sentences. 

Help us out by asking us: "Quelle est la date de ton anniversaire?"

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