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School Council

Oatlands Junior School has an active School Council which is made up of two members from each class. The Council meets regularly to discuss a variety of issues affecting the children in school. The members of the Council take ideas from their class to discuss during Council meetings and then report back to the rest of their class. Recently the Council has discussed the playground rules and has raised money to buy playground signs. We are currently awaiting the arrival of our new 'Reflective Area' sign.  


School Council Representatives

Our School Council Representatives have been elected for this year, they are: Michael, Tom, Kirsten, Brooke, Isla, Eleanor, Connor, Henry, Sanjitha, Elisabeth, Jessica, Alexa, Anthony, Madeline, Gabby, Emma, Jack, Max, Finlay and Penelope.

Our School Council 2016~17

Our School Council 2016~17 1