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On Monday it was Oatlands Juniors 2017 sports day. We did lots of exciting races and activities including relay races, javelin throwing and lots of other fantastic activities. Our favourite was the adult sprint race. We also had a break with drinks and biscuits to cool us down. The sports crew handed out the refreshments to the other children. The staff in the office kindly counted all the points to find the winning house out of yellow, blue, green and red houses. The teachers helped the children in their races and activities and the parents and grandparents came to support the children. It was a very hot and sunny day but we didn’t let that stop us. We all had a brilliant day! Everyone was supporting each other, even the other teams and we were all very happy and cheerful. We all tried our very hardest and we had lots of fun! Lots of people were amazing at the activities. The running tracks were very long, they went across the entire field. These are all the races we did… the obstacle course, the sack race, the skipping race, the egg and spoon and more.

Now we are going to tell you the scores. In fourth place with 101 points was yellow. In third place with 127 points was green. In second place with 137 points was red and in first place with 153 points was blue so they are the winners of sports day 2017!

Written by Luke Allen and Ferdy Mackenzie 3/4K
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