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Weir's Weekly Review Archive: 2017-2018

13th July 2018

In this week’s weekly review it was great to hear about team work and determination. The England Team and their success also crept into the conversation! We listened to convincing agruments, creative story writing, excellent problem solving, acting and looked at clever biscuit designs. Always a lovely way to end the week – well done                                                                      Miss Weir

Boo Denison, Heidi Kisk, Luke Clark, Molly Orr, Sophia Lusted, Holly Westmoreland, Sam Caine, Jonny Whewell, 

James Beagley, Jack Brierley, Joel Wooldridge, Katie Pottage. 


5th July 2018

Year 5 pupils shared their D&T biscuit making project, this week. Creative designs and ingredients! Personal handwriting achievements were applauded by the group. Fascinating facts about Ancient Greek democracy and Olympic games were well presented. Results from Science and Maths investigations were shared, with some interesting discussion. The Review was finished with a beautifully written opening to a fable being read. All the children were fantastic at giving each other feedback and praise. Miss Weir

Theo Southworth, Ava Rodham, Yasmin Lovell, Joseph Brennan, Tom Tregenza, Mia Smith. 

Coline Selwood, Ben Green, Oscar Brown, Daniel Giliker, Tom Osborne

29th June 2018

This week, the children talked about commitment to attending extra-curricular clubs and practising so that we can be our very best. We reflected on Sports Afternoon and the Music Concert, where children performed brilliantly. Y6 also updated the group on how well the production is going because everyone has learned their lines and words to the songs. Attitude and behaviour were also celebrated, with some children achieving personal targets and being excellent ambassadors for our school when out on trips. This week Y6 took part in the Crucial Crew workshops and shared important safety skills. Y5 visited the local Synagogue and I received a lovely letter from the Rabbi who described our pupils as being “both respectful and interested”. Well done! Miss Weir

22nd June 2018


Aaron Robson, Immy Hartley, Olivia Moyser, Robyn Henry, Ted Crossland, Amelia Dickie, Murron Millar,

Angelina Spencer, Charlie Brown, Olivia McNally, Jessica Lovell

15th June 2018

In Weir’s Weekly Review this week, I was treated to seeing Lava Lamps being activated and a

petri-dish containing bacteria. The children were buzzing with excitement when they explained what they had investigated, made and learned during Science Week. It was great to hear how inspired they were from our parent visitors, who came into classes to share what they do in their professional work. Well done!

Miss Weir

Alice Foster, Paige Oliver, Grace Firth, Clara Woollven, Laury Campbell, Jack Evans, Amy Suddaby, Georgia Homer

8th June 2018

Lovely to hear this week’s pupils talk proudly of their different achievements, from successful auditions and performing in front of assembly audiences, to hearing detailed conclusions from Science and Maths investigations. We all enjoyed speaking in French at the end, learning how to say the names of our pets! Well done.                                                                                 

Miss Weir


Benny Evans, Isabelle Waters, Henry Beagley, Joey Fell, Rafi Leslie, Conor Lister, Lucas Harrison,

Madeline O'Connel, Olivia Hodgetts, Eliza Webster, Elsa Gordon.

25th May 2018


Sporting and acting success were shared at Weir’s Weekly Review, this week. I enjoyed watching a video showing lots of goals being scored in Basketball and hearing how Miss Hind was beaten at Badminton by one point! Exercise was the focus for a Scientific investigation, with interesting results. Y6 talked about their ‘Production’ auditions and lots of high quality creative writing from across the curriculum was shared, too. Well done!

Miss Weir

Beau Whitley, Archie Kemp, Charlie Chapman, Abigail Scaife,

Izzy Simpson, Hannah Taylor, Daisy Abbs, Ella Chen, Raph Bowe,

Lauren Gibbin, Ollie Poyser-Senior

18th May 2018

There was a Royal Wedding theme running throughout the work that the children were proud to share and discuss in this week’s Weir’s Weekly Review. All children clearly enjoyed learning interesting facts about the Royal Wedding, The Royal Family and the history of our Monarchy.

Yuna Meddings, Cruz Cartwright, Matthew Bunkle, Joe Kinnear, Martin Johnson, Grace Brierley, Lara Clark,

Georgina Scott, Toby Wilkins, Hollie Bassham, William Bailey, Emma Trayford

11th May 2018

Our assembly theme for this week is: ‘We’re determined and always try our best’. Today, I listened to pupils who talked about achieving personal goals and working hard to improve and correct their work. Their love for learning really shone through, when they shared work that showed further determination to try challenge and greater depth activates. We were all entertained by a creative piece of lyrical writing, sung to the tune of ‘The Greatest Showman’. Chloe Prytherch put some fun into SATS revision by writing and performing a song about ‘subordinate clauses’. Well done, everyone! Miss Weir

Lilly Nasser, Oli Vincent, Tilly Rhodes, Reuben Thomas,

Anna Ndikumana, Elodie Parker, Michael Lennox,

Josh Simpson, Chloe Prytherch, Shreya Sharan, Andrew Tyrell

27th April 2018

This week, the children were proud to show me work that was based on research they had carried out, using I-pads. Their enthusiasm for sharing the information gathered and the writing they had produced was lovely to see. It was clear that learning fascinating facts and presenting their work beautifully, showed great attitudes to learning. It is this attitude, the Ofsted inspector experienced when speaking with our pupils, which impressed her. Well done! Miss Weir


Ava Summerscales, Harry Tanner, Meg Lister, Katey Sewell, Elodie Meyer, Eve Snodgrass, Herbie Denison,

Charlie Whewell, Harry Leach, Lawrence Scott, Eva Foster.

20th April 2018

A superb range of work from across the curriculum was shared with me today. The children were keen to listen to each other and answer questions about their work. They were especially proud of the tricky challenge and greater depth work that they had completed. Very impressive and a wonderful way to end the week. Well done!                                                                                              Miss Weir

Rosa Burkhill-Howarth, Lexi Fawcett, Katie Pottage, Leila Barclay,

Evie Holding, Emmie Fox, Oliver Darcy, Toby Eglese, Jessica Coumont,

Jack Brierley, Beau Whitley, Aidan Maclennan

23rd March 2018

There was a cultural feel to this week’s review. We enjoyed watching a video clip of Chloe Brett’s performance of the Haka and hearing Henry Neligan’s conversation in French. The children were engaged when listening to each other’s work, sharing their learning, thoughts and opinions. Well done!

George Wright, Kiera Lister, Liberty Bagnall, Luke Allen, Seth Kennerley, Zach Rawes, Ruby Lewis, Lola Thomas, Chloe Brett, Henry Neligan, Josie Robinson.

16th March 2018

This week the children shared writing achievements from across the curriculum: Science, RE, History and Homework topics. I was impressed at the standard of writing and how much pride all the children take in their handwriting and presentation. The children listened carefully when they each read out parts of their writing, giving superb feedback.

Well done!

Anisha Kant, Lewis Paton, Lilly Simpson, Charlie Henry, Isla Grant, Amelie Hyder, Thomas Bentley, Josie Robinson, Tom Osborne, Phoebe Turnbull, Ollie Poyser-Senior


On a personal note, it has been lovely to receive so many messages of congratulations from children, parents, staff and governors on my appointment as Headteacher. The surprise assembly this morning is one that I will remember for a long time! I am looking forward to working with you all in continuing to lead our fantastic school onward and upward. Thank you! Miss Weir


9th March 2018

This week, the children were reflecting on Sir Roger Bannister’s achievement of being the first athlete to run a mile under four minutes. They were interested that he didn’t see this as being his proudest moment, but rather his work in neurology. As well as sharing their work from this week, it was wonderful to hear the children talk about their proudest achievements both in and out of school. Always the highlight of my day, meeting children to celebrate their successes on Friday. Well done!

Miss Weir

Lily McIntosh, Arthur Wainwright, Oscar Taylor, Ava Peak, Isla grant, Saskia Lewis, Annabelle Vincent, Henry McQuade, Stella Johnson, Krish Desha-Beerachee.

2nd March 2018

I enjoyed another fabulous meeting with pupils from across the school, who enthusiastically shared their outstanding achievements from this week. Pupils listened carefully to each other, answering questions and giving positive feedback. I was impressed at how the children explained that they were proud of their work because of the ‘learning journey’ they had made, to achieve their final goal. A delightful way to end the week! Well done.

Miss Weir

Sophie McCormack, Finlay McCreanor, Eleanor Adrian-Horrocks, Megan Hobbs, Ted Robinson, Ethan Cooke, Joseph Kell, Freya Rhodes, Ethan Wilkinson, Daisy O'Connell, Lahna Macklewain-James.

23rd Feb 2018

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the children sharing their achievements in the first ‘Weir’s Weekly Review’. Class teachers choose one child each week who has achieved something special. They were very proud of their work and gave each other fantastic feedback. I was impressed at how confident the children were when discussing their learning and what they like the most about Oatlands Junior School. They all enjoyed juice and cake before re-joining their classes for the internet safety workshops. Well done!

Miss Weir

India Melville, Annabel Washer, Emma Rogers, Sophie Grantham, Ella Jones, Finlay Campkin, Thomas Taylor, Sienna Madiotto, Florence Linford, Olivia Hodgetts, Elsa Gordon, Callum Scott.

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