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Weir's Weekly Review

January 18th 2019

Picture 1
Joseph Watts, Isaac Morris, Matthew Bunkle, Lily McIntosh, Finlay Campkin, Yasmin Lovell, Seth Kennerley, Thomas Taylor, Annabel Vincent, Jamie Broadhead, Eve Snodgrass.

What a privilege this morning for me, standing in for Miss Weir and meeting all the children chosen by their teachers for ‘Weir’s Weekly Review’, which we decided to rename ‘McNerney’s Magnificient Meeting’! I was very impressed with the presentation of work and the pride the children had when sharing their books. It was also lovely to hear about the positive attitude Year 6 pupils have had when completing their pratice SATs tests this week.We even played an animation designed on Scratch, which was good fun.

January 11th 2019

Picture 1

Barney Crossland, Beck Henry, Ava Nellis, Oliver Vincent, James Bell, Emmis Fox, Ferdy Mackenzie, Daisy Abbs, James Beagley, Mia Smith, Lara Clark, Jamie Broadhead.

Well done the first group of 2019 children who attended Weir’s Weekly Review. It was lovely to hear about new topics and the children’s enthusiasm for learning really shone through. All enjoyed with juice and cake; a wonderful end to the week! Miss Weir

December 19th 2018

Picture 1

December 7th 2018

Picture 1
Delphi Stanhope, Naomi Colvin, George Wright, Beau Whitley, Ava Rodham, Toby Eglese, Robyn Henry, Jake Laurence, Megan Hobbs, Sienna Madiotto, Evie Holding, Ruby Lewis.
The children enjoyed sharing their achievements whilst drinking juice and eating cake. Great to see animated work from Computing lessons and a t-shirt made in D&T from the ‘Make Do and Mend’ topic. Our pupils never stop surprising me and today, one thoughtful pupil explained his charity fundraising idea, which he will announce to the whole school in assembly on Monday. Well done to all the other children who proudly shared creative writing and magic maths work!                Miss Weir

November 30th 2018

Picture 1
Isla Doyle, Lucy Brannan, Luke Clark, Liberty Bagnall, Toby Wieland, Leila Barclay, Eve Beckett-Kemp, Emily Mortimer, Alasdair Davidson, Henry Bergh, Ashton Swann, Lara Clark.

Lots of impressive Maths work was shared this morning. The children were interested to see how their written calculation methods progress form their work in Year 3 up to Year 6. Enjoyment for Maths really shone through, too. Our ‘Times Tables Rock Stars’ is hugely popular in school and the children were very impressed at the time achieved by a ‘Rock Hero’. Love for reading was great to see, from theatre reviews in Reading Journals, to comparing versions of the same story. All enjoyed with juice and cake. The highlight of my week! Well done to all the boys and girls.                   Miss Weir

November 23rd 2018

Picture 1
Elise Fogarty, Lauren Moore, Lenny Pearson, Louise Bandy, Esme McCombe, Georgia Osborne, Molly Orr, Saskia Lewis, Flossie Linford, Amelia Dickie, Harrison McMurrough

It was great to catch-up with children who were chosen last week, for the Weekly Review. A wonderful range of creative work was proudly shared by the children, from ‘Make Do and Mend’ D&T projects to informative ‘Green Cross Code’ art work, following Road Safety Week. Children from upper school explained key words from the water cycle by giving real life examples. Years 3 and 4 are clearly enjoying their work based on ‘The Pied Piper of Hamelin’; letters of complaint to the mayor were powerfully persuasive. Well done!                                                                Miss Weir

November 16th 2018

Picture 1
Ruby Kitchen, Mikael Lazin Zamorano, Dylan Moore, Mitchell Knight, Heidi Kirk, Izzy Simpson, Arche Sculthorp, Daniel Madiotto, Alfie Bray, Amelia Dickie, Madeline O'Connel, Clara Woollven

This week, the children who shared their super achievements in Maths talked about how Times Tables Rock Stars is helping them to recall multiplication and division facts quickly, to solve problems. The standard of writing across different topic books, was fantastic! The children proudly read extracts of their writing, which reflected the deep knowledge, understanding and empathy they have for the people they have studied in history. All enjoyed with juice and cake! Well done to all the boys and girls this week. Highly impressive achievements.                                        Miss Weir

November 9th 2018

Picture 1
Preeti Chandrashekar, William Sewell, Ava Summerscales, India Melville, Woody Auld, Katey Sewell, Eddie Cooper, Aidan Maclennan, Grace Brierley, Annabel Vincent, Grace Firth.

This week’s assembly theme was about Remembrance and the WW1 centenary. Work shared today showed thoughtful reflections on why it is important to remember, through poems, prayers and poppy designs. Some of the children brought work completed during Open Time and it was clear they really enjoyed working alongside their adults. Stickers have been sent home for children to give to their adults, for their contribution to the work celebrated today (so, be sure to ask for it!).

Written work in History included instructions on how to make an Egyptian Mummy and job applications for the Home Front in WW2. It is great to see such a high standard of writing across the curriculum and children enjoying writing about their learning in such different ways. Well done!             Miss Weir

October 26th 2018

Picture 1
Bella Drew, Noah Kendrew, Florence Plowright-Hall, Liam Walker, Daisy O'Connell, Charlotte Bearne, Anna Kirkup, Joseph Isherwood, Molly Wainwright, Kian Hollingsworth, Jack Sutcliffe, Lucas Harrison.
A wonderful variety of work was presented by the children in this week’s review. The Homework menu projects were particularly impressive because of the creative, individual ways the children approached the tasks. We heard thoughtful reflective RE writing on ‘Helping Others’ from our Harvest donations to Harrogate Homeless. Magical maths work solving division and subtraction problems and super science work explaining the water cycle, were proudly shared by the children. Finally, we listened to enchanting diary writing where vocabulary choices created atmosphere and historic events very effectively. A delightful way to end this half-term. Well done!                                               Miss Weir

19th October 2018

Picture 1
Ewan Rhodes, Jay Cartwright, Ella Marsh, Amelia Darcy, Emma Rogers, Winnie Mackenzie, Yasmine Lovell, Ellis Wilkinson, James Beagley, Lizzie Kirkham, Adam ElAzzab, Hassan, Jamie Broadhead.

17th October 2018

In this week’s review, Y5 children shared their informative and persuasive leaflets, based on the trip to Eden Camp last week. Y3 and Y4 children were impressed at the layout and interesting facts contained within these leaflets. Y4 children shared fantastic rainforest animal poems and received praise from their peers for their effective use of similes. Edited English work by Y3 children showed how much they had improved their writing, which they were clearly proud of. And finally, a Y4 budding scientist wrote a detailed conclusion explaining the results of her science investigation. It is wonderful to see these achievements creatively displayed around our school. Well done!            Miss Weir
Picture 1
Holly Linford, Ben Kennedy-Bruyneels, Florence Williams, Olivia Moyser, Ruby Oliver, Ava Peat, Abigail Scaife, Millie Munton.

5th October 2018

National Poetry Day on Thursday certainly inspired some very creative and descriptive writing. The range of poetry and use of different techniques to create imagery was impressive and were read with beautiful expression. Other work that was celebrated included letters of thank you to our visitor who delivered the Egyptian workshop; a ‘Code for Life’ showing thoughtful reflections in RE; an informative East Barnby homework booklet and some magic Maths! Teachers also sent children who have been exceptional role models, demonstrating superb attitudes and learning behaviours. Well done! Miss Weir

Picture 1

Livvy D'Alessandro-Rixon, Sula Stanhope, Annabel Washer, Claudia Marshall, Archie Kemp, Liv Whitehead,

Penelope McCreanor, Amina Ndikimana, Anna Burgess, Flossie Linford, Blake Wade, Ella Chen.

28th September 2018

‘We love to learn’ is one of our Oatlands Junior values. The enthusiasm and pride shown by all the children when they presented work done both at home and school, really put a smile on my face. This was especially so with children who had worked alongside family members to research relatives, who lived through World War 2. Great examples of how home and school can promote life-long learning, by working in partnership. Children who showed their achievements in Maths and Science explained their reasoning very clearly using key vocabulary. Finally, the year group Book Study has sparked the children’s interest and imagination, which could be seen through their creative writing descriptions. Well done to all the children who were selected by their class teachers for this week’s Review!
Picture 1

Ruby Kitchen, William Orr, Elliot Hollingsworth, Lahna Macklewain-James, Tom Gibbin, Holly Hough, Kai Barwick, Reuben Thomas, Evie Holding, Annabel Voros, Ellie Robson, Lara Clark.

21st September 2018

This week the children were keen to ask each other questions about their learning, prompting interesting discussion. I was presented with a beautifully drawn Egyptain cartouche with ‘Weir’ written in hieroglyphics, which is now displayed in my office. The children are clearly enjoying learning about the Ancient Egyptians and WW2; their depth of knowledge and understanding is impressive. We listened to wonderfully descriptive and engaging story openings as well as clearly explained predictions for science investigations. All the children were awarded with stickers, juice and cake as a well-earned treat. A fabulous Review!

Picture 1

Owen Flatley-Skaife, Isla Bramley, Jessie Thomas, Kiera Lister, Arthur Wainwright, Emmie Fox, Freya Rhodes,

Ashton Swann, Jonny Whewell, Elliot Campbell, Thomas Taylor, Bea Taylor.

14th September 2018

The first Weir’s Weekly Review of the new school year was superb! Class teachers have the difficult job each week of choosing one child to share work that has really impressed them. The children enjoyed juice and chocolate cake whilst discussing their work and each got a special sticker for their achievements. Always the highlight of my week. Well done! Miss Weir

Picture 1
Shona Colvin, Ellie Simpson, Ryan Dyson, Henry Beagley, Ezekiel Waring, Alfie Clarke, Ethan Wilkinson, Isla Gouldson, William Daniels-Ohaegbu, Thomas Bentley.

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