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We’re the Foxes!

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We’re alert and adventurous, cool and keen.

We explore, create, learn and succeed.


“Watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you, because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places”.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Roald Dahl

Class Story - Summer Term


Following our class Book Auction, the children chose J K Rowling's 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone' of the four book choices presented to them. 

Science Week


This week, we've been celebrating Science Week in the classroom. Our afternoons have been dedicated to Science projects and investigations. We created an Oatlands Bug Hotel alongside the Owl class and absolutely loved designing habitats for creepy crawlies and foraging around the playground to find materials to create them. We also investigated air resistance by making parachutes out of different materials and testing how effective they were by timing how long it took them to fall. Finally, on Friday, we had a really interesting and informative visit from pediatrician Dr Mona. She told us all about how she uses science on a daily basis to help diagnose poorly children and then find the right medicines to help make them better. 

We've really enjoyed being Scientists all week long and hope you enjoy looking at the photos of all the fun that we've had!

Parachute Investigation

A Visit From Dr Mona

Class Assembly


On Friday, we performed tour final class assembly of Year 3, presenting 'A Day in the Life of the Foxes'. We absolutely loved having the opportunity to share this term's learning with our families and the other children in school. Everyone did a fantastic job of showing off their learning and giving everybody a glimpse of what life is really like in the Foxes class.

Thank you to all of the family members who joined us in school - we hope you managed to hear us all!

Countryside Day


This week, we had the absolute pleasure of going to the Great Yorkshire Showground for the Countryside Day experience. We walked to the showground from school and spent the day watching shows, looking at animals and doing workshops to learn new skills. 


The class were split into two groups but both groups had the opportunity to do lots of exciting activities! We all started our day with a visit to the Countryside Arena and see the gun dogs in action. Miss Houseman even picked up a few tips to try and train Wilf to be a little bit better behaved! Later we went to see The Sheep Show; we saw dancing sheep and watched a sheep being sheared. After a gmuch-needed lunch, we spent the afternoon in workshops doing activities such as Woodland Art (using leaves and flowers to print onto pieces of fabric and make some beautiful bunting pieces), Artbox (using repurposed plastics to make bookmarks) and some of us even got to make our own sausage rolls!


We had an absolutely fantastic day out and would like to say a HUGE thank you to all of the adults who came with us and helped us throughout the day. We couldn't have done it without your help!

Special Mentions


For our Summer 1 Special Mentions, Miss Houseman chose Alex Kirkup and Lahna Macklewain-James. 


Alex received his Special Mention for always showing maturity and determination within the classroom and for always being a fantastic role-model for the other children. Lahna was given hers because she has taken all of the challenges of Year 3 completely in her stride and has shown resilience when things have been difficult. Both of the children were thrilled to be chosen and should be incredibly proud of their work and progress this year.

Open Hour - Ancient Greece


During the last week of the half term, we were thrilled to have some of our family members join us in the classroom for Open Hour. We always enjoy being able to work alongside our adults and share our learning with them and this time was particularly exciting as we launched our new History topic: Ancient Greece. 

We spent Open Hour looking at drawings and pictures depicting Ancient Greek Olympic sports. We had to use clues from the pictures to explain what each of the sports may have been, how they were played and by who. Later in the day, we went outside with 3M to stage our own Ancient Greek Olympic Games! We had javelin and discus competitions as well as relay races and we’re looking forward to having a go at Chariot Racing next term too - without the horses, of course!

The Royal Wedding


We have thoroughly enjoyed celebrating Harry and Megan’s upcoming wedding this week! There have been loads of activities going on in school and the Foxes class has been no exception. In Maths, we’ve been solving time word problems about the couple’s timetable for the big day; in English, we undertook an investigation to find the wedding speech thief by solving tricky SPAG clues and in art, we designed and decorated wedding hats for our parade. 

The week culminated in our Garden Party on Friday when our adults joined us for an afternoon of games, tea and, of course, cake! We had a brilliant afternoon running our ‘Pin the Veil on the Bride’ stall and visiting the games and stalls set up by the other classes.


Garden Party



During the summer term, we are very lucky to have Coach Gunn in school to teach us Basketball on Thursday afternoons. So far, we've been practising controlling the ball and have been fine-tuning our shooting skills. Last week, we even had the chance to put our new skills to the test in a mini class-tournament! 

Special Mentions

For our Spring term Special Mentions, Miss Houseman chose Lewis Paton and Emma Rogers. 


Lewis received his Special Mention for showing hugely improved focus and independence throughout the last term and Emma received hers for having a truly fantastic work ethic in the classroom. Both Emma and Lewis have set a fantastic example to the class this term and should be very proud of themselves!

Cultural Event

On the last day of term, we held a cultural event in school. All of the children got to visit different classrooms which each had their own cultural theme. We spent the morning finding out about different cultures and doing a variety of arts, crafts and dance activities relevant to our chosen country. Later, we shared what we had done with the rest of the class. This included some fantastic Bollywood dancing, a very impressive performance of the Haka as well as Hawaiian leis and Brazilian carnival headdresses!

Bollywood Dancing

Still image for this video

The Haka

Still image for this video

St Marks Church Visit

As we have been looking at Lent and Easter in our RE lessons, we were lucky enough to be invited to St Marks Church last week to find out about their preparations for Easter. Reverend Dan Watts showed us around the church and told us about all of the different celebrations taking place at St Marks over Easter. He showed us some important items that will be used as part of the Easter services and then answered all of our questions about the church, Lent and Easter. 

Sports Relief

Last week, to celebrate Sports Relief, we had loads of activities in school organised by Mrs King and the Sports Crew. Each day there were different activities taking place in the playground to encourage the children to get some fresh air and stay active. The activities were Hula Monday, Skippy Tuesday, Juggling Wednesday, Boogie Thursday and Footie Friday. I took part in Footie Friday - the idea was to do as many keepy-uppies as possible in 1 minute and I managed a whopping 55!


Throughout the week, we also brought in donations to go towards the brilliant cause and help children that are less fortunate than us. 


Oli Vincent

Enterprise Afternoon

This week, we've absolutely loved taking part in Enterprise Afternoon. The aim of the day was to make as much profit as possible after having only £4 to set up our own businesses. 


We tied this year's Enterprise Day in with World Book Day and each class had to create business around a particular literary theme. Our class chose The Witches of course! We had some really fantastic ideas including: a lucky dip trying to find The Grand High Witch herself; Splat the Mouse; Haunted Hairstyles; Spot the Difference and a Spooky Bowling, which involved trying to knock down as many mouse pins as possible. 


Overall, our class made over £35 profit! Most of our stalls made back our £4 and made a brilliant profit and we all enjoyed working as a team to design, set up and run our stalls. 

World Book Day

Last week, we celebrated a belated World Book Day with a range of activities in school as well as a very exciting visit from local author Anneliese Emmans Dean. This year, instead of dressing up as our favourite book characters, we each brought a copy of our favourite book to school to share with our class. 


The day kicked off with a brilliant assembly from Anneliese who performed some of her poems to us, teaching us lots of interesting information about bugs and birds. Throughout the day we did lots of World Book Day themed activities, including designing our own book tokens for a national competition, sharing extracts from our favourite books and visiting different themed reading rooms around the school. Some lucky children even had the opportunity to do a poetry workshop with Anneliese herself! 


We had a fantastic day and really enjoyed having a whole day devoted to all things books! 

Foxes Violin Recital


On Monday 26th February, we had the pleasure of inviting our family and friends to school so that we could show them what we've been learning in our violin lessons with Mr Jackman. 

We've absolutely loved our 10 weeks of lessons - some of us have even decided to continue our lessons outside of the classroom! As well as learning to play the violin and read music, we've also learnt all sorts of musical terms and vocabulary and can now describe music using words such as 'piano', 'forte', 'allegro' and 'adagio'. 

We'd like to say a huge thank you to Mr Jackman for all of his hard work and patience with us over the last term!

Safer Internet Day


On February 23rd, we had a visit from Tim Pinto who is an E-Safety expert. Tim spent the day running workshops for each year group, teaching them the importance of being smart when using technology. We talked about different apps we might use and why we should always check our privacy settings to make sure we know who can and cannot see our personal information. We learnt about selfie wrongs and selfie rights, how to spot 'creepy chat' and why it's important to block and report people who say inappropriate or unkind things to us online. 



Arts Week


Arts Week has well and truly begun in 3H. This year's theme is 'Contemporary Arts - What does it mean?' and in Year 3 we will be creating pieces of art by deconstructing the Union Jack. So far, we've created 'exploding' flags using red, white and blue strips of paper, we've used printing to create our own interpretations of the Union Jack and we've thoroughly enjoyed workshops with Harrogate's Mercer Gallery and the Northern School of Contemporary Dance.


Art has also inspired our Maths this week as we've been looking at geometric and repeating patterns and we'll be writing biographies in English about Tony Cragg, who is one of the artists that we've studied with Miss Joseph.


We're looking forward to more activities throughout the week - particularly a clay workshop with local artist Anna Whitehouse. 


Watch this space!



Northern School of Contemporary Dance Workshop

Mercer Art Gallery Visit

Playtime Rules


As a school, we have agreed that our New Year's Resolution should be to keep our playground a fun, happy and, most importantly, safe place to be. 

Miss Weir ran a whole-school competition to design a Playtime Rules poster to help remind all of the children what we can do to ensure we are playing sensibly and safely outside. The two winners from the Foxes class were Ava Rodham and Bria Webb - well done!


Christmas in 3H


As well as creating our lovely Christmas display, we've enjoyed taking part in some other Christmassy activities in the final weeks of term. In R.E we've been researching how Christmas is celebrated in other countries and cultures, finding out some very interesting facts! Did you know that in Finland Santa is known as Joulupukki?

We've also enjoyed taking part in a picture book study of The Jolly Christmas Postman; we created maps of the Jolly Postman's journey (complete with Red Riding Hood's playhouse and Humpty Dumpty's hospital), wrote letters to Santa and designed our own special gifts for fairytale characters. 

Finally, we've painted Christmas cards for our nearest and dearest and celebrated in style at our Year 3 Christmas party. It's been a fantastic final week of school but we're definitely all looking forward to a break and hopefully a visit from Santa too!

Christmas Display


This year, Foxes class were tasked with creating a Christmas display about presents from the past, present and future. For the past, we looked at presents from decades gone by and were quite surprised to see a lot of familiar toys including the Rubiks cube, Furbys and Mr Potato Head! To represent the present, we drew pictures of gifts from our own Christmas lists this year and wrote a letter to Santa with some of our requests. Finally, for the future, we decorated and constructed our own miniature Christmas gift boxes and used the gift tags to write about our wishes for future Christmases. 



Over the last few weeks, we have been spending our Monday afternoons learning to play the violin with Mr Jackman from Harrogate Grammar School. 

We've not only enjoyed learning to play the instruments, but we've also been learning musical vocabulary and a little bit about reading music too. We're really looking forward to continuing our lessons in the Spring term and performing in a violin recital for our families and friends!


Anti-Bullying Week

We recently marked Anti-Bullying Week at Oatlands Junior School and this year's theme was 'All different, all equal'. We had an odd-sock day to celebrate the fact that we are all unique and a variety of other activities taking place within school. In 3H, we spent an afternoon exploring what bullying actually looks like and how we can take care of ourselves and each other to help prevent bullying. The children created freeze-frames of different scenarios as a basis for class discussions. 

Class Assembly

Last week, our class performed a brilliant class assembly all about Remembrance. We enjoyed finding out more about how and why we mark Remembrance Day each year and why we use the poppy as a symbol of remembrance. We spent our week designing our own poppies for a competition, finding out about family members who were involved in the World Wars and some of us wrote acrostic poems about what remembrance means to us. Ava and Oli had their poems featured in the school’s weekly newsletter but you can read them below if you missed them!


The Foxes have had a brilliant start to the year here at Oatlands Junior School. There are lots of new rules and routines to learn in Year 3 but we’ve taken to Junior school life like ducks to water.

So far, we’ve been enjoying getting to know one another and practising working as part of a team both inside the classroom and outside during P.E. Our favourite challenge, however, was during our picture book study of Traction Man is Here; we planned a secret mission for Traction Man and designed outfits complete with gadgets and gizmos to help him on his adventure.

We’re looking forward to seeing what the rest of the first term holds!

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