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3M ~ Owls

We’re the Owls!

Welcome to our class


We’re freewheeling flyers, hard working and wise.

We aim high and believe we can achieve!


“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose”.     

Oh the Places You’ll Go! - Dr. Seuss


Hello, we are the Owls class. We have all made a fantastic start to the school year in our new class and new school! We are all getting used to the new routines and expectations at the Juniors and are looking forward to a busy and exciting year ahead. In November we will be going on our first school visit with all the children in Year 3 and 4 to watch the movie 'Boss Baby' at Harrogate Odeon Cinema.

DT Night Light Project

3M was transformed into a design studio where our young designers are making prototypes of night lights.

Science Week

This afternoon we have started work building a 'Bug Hotel'. We looked at different examples of bug hotels on the internet and what sorts of materials would attract different kinds of bugs like: ladybirds, woodlice, beetles, spiders, ants etc. We then spent some time using the school grounds to find our material. We looked for: stones, moss, twigs, leaves, bark etc and layered this inside plant pots and seed trays. We then started to build our hotel. Children in 3H will add their parts and then a roof can be added. The hotel will then be open for business!

Dr. Mona (Anisha's mum) came to school to talk to us about her job as a Doctor and how she uses science every day. Arran pretended to be her patient and was complaining of wheezing and not being able to breather properly. Maggie was Dr. Mona's assistant. Arran blew into a peak flow meter to see how hard he could blow. We also looked at some chest xrays and discussed the scientific processes involved when taking blood from a patient too. It was really interesting and lots of people in the class now want to be a Doctor! Thank you to Dr. Mona for giving up some of her free time to come into school to talk to us. 

Countryside Day!

What a fabulous and very tiring day we have had at the Yorkshire Showground! After a brisk walk there, we all watched the gun dogs in the arena, stoked some larger farm animals and watched the ‘Sheep Show’. After lunch, we took part in lots of activities in our groups, ranging from: bread making; sausage roll making; Cosmodome; Starbeck Cone Exchange; Eggucation; Woodland Art; Yorkshire Beekeeper’s Association; Artbox and Arable Crops. We all had so much fun and many children said it was ‘the best trip they have ever been on!’ Thank you once again to all the adults who very kindly volunteered to come with us today. 

Please look at all of the photos so far, more are to follow...

Special Mention Certificates

Congratulations to Lillian Nasser and Yuna Meddings who have been chosen to receive a 'Special Mention Certificate' for their achievements last half term. Both girls are tremendously hardworking and give their very best in everything they do. Well done!

Summer term homework

Yesterday we shared and celebrated the work from our summer first half Homework Menu. We received lots of positive comments from people in our class and Mrs McNerney as well as earning lots of Oatlands Points!

Basketball sessions

Today we had our final basketball session with Coach Gunn. After some games to test our agility we playing in a tournament. We also had the opportunity to referee the games. Watch the videos below:


Basketball 1


Basketball 2


Basketball 3


Basketball 4

Open Hour - Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Thank you to all the adults who came to our Open Hour. We have started a topic called 'Plastic' and discussed the effect plastic waste has on animals that live in the sea. We then used acetate sheets to draw and paint different animals using acrylic paints. 

A right Royal Wedding!

3M had Royal Wedding fever last week. We designed and made hats for the hat parade at our Royal Wedding Garden Party.  We investigated and found out about the family tree for the Royal Family. At the Garden Party we enjoyed eating the cakes made for the Bake-Off and visiting the different stalls that each class had made which all had a Royal Theme. The sun was shining too, which made it an even more memorable day!

Well done George, who won the Y3 Royal Wedding 'Bake-off' with his delicious tiered wedding cake!

Science topic this half term - Plants

This half term we are learning about Plants in Science. We have planted some seeds into the new planter outside our classroom and will make sure that we water them often. It would be great to share photographs of any plants that we are growing at home. 

Basketball Coaching

Yesterday we had our first Basketball coaching session with Coach Gunn. It was great fun! We practiced dribbling the ball with our dominant and weaker hands. We are all excited and looking forward to improving our skills over the next six weeks!

Pentatonic Scales in Music

Children in 3M in music have been learning about the Pentatonic Scale and have been writing their own music in pairs using this scale.  

Spring Term Homework

The standard of Homework for the second half of the spring term has been very high! The children enjoyed sharing their work with their peers in class, receiving lovely, positive messages on post-it notes. There were lots of Oatlands Points earned! Below are examples of what we have enjoyed about the Homework Menu:


"I really enjoyed making the Anglo-Saxon flatbread. It tasted much better with some honey on it." Theo


"I liked making a glossary of scientific words. Some I already knew. The others I used to Google to help me." Georgia


"My favourite activity was drawing a map of a room in my house." Beau


"I really liked writing about the Winter Olympics. I chose to write about the skeleton because we won a gold medal." Ezekiel




Cultural House Event

Today we have celebrated different cultures around the world for our Cultural House Event. We have enjoyed celebrating similarities and differences within cultures and shared our experiences back in class with our peers. 


Visit to St. Mark's Church

We all walked to St. Mark's Church this afternoon to find out what preparations are made in church for Lent and Easter. Reverend Dan Watts talked to us about the services and traditions in the lead up to Easter. He showed us and talked to us about important features of the church.    

Enterprise Day!

This is how our stalls looked like at the beginning of the afternoon.

A very exciting and enterprising afternoon in 3M where the classroom was transformed with individual stalls decorated with posters and trimmings to advertise activities where prizes could be won. 3M were visited by children throughout the school who took part and spent their money on challenges such as trying to find the Golden Ticket, Lucky Dip, Tin Can Alley or visiting Willy Wonka’s Cafe.  There was a wonderful competitive business like atmosphere in the air with great team work and some very creative strategies to maximise profits as prizes ran low. Children were able to spend there pocket money on stalls all around the school even winning some big prizes. We made all together in 3M over £28 profit.  Well done.

Planning has started for our first experience of Enterprise Day at the Junior School. We have organised ourselves into four teams and agreed what type of stall we are going to have. The theme for our classroom is 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'. Our stalls are going to be: Willy Wonka Cafe; Tin Can Alley; Lucky Dip and Find the Golden Tickets. Here we are planning and preparing in our groups. More photos to follow after Monday afternoon!

World Book Day!

World Book Day has finally happened, being a week late due to the snowy weather. The day had an exciting start with the author Annaliese Emmans Dean delivering a funny and entertaining assembly, whereby she shared some poems from her two books. We all brought into school our favourite books and showed them and talked about them with our friends. We then went to themed reading rooms and did activities with different teachers around school. We all had a busy but exciting and inspiring day!

Our favourite books:

Safer Internet Workshop

Today Mr Pinto visited our school and talked to Year 3 about keeping safe when using the internet. In particular, the three things he talked to us about were:


1. Selfie right or selfie wrong - remember where you are and what you are wearing when taking selfies and sharing them online.

2. Creepy Chat - when someone you don't know is trying to be your friend and asking for personal information or pictures of you. 

3. Trash Talk - when someone sends a message that is unkind. Remember it is important not to respond but to REPORT it to a trusted adult and then BLOCK it. 



ICT this term

This term children in 3M have been working on their games created in Scratch.  The games are quiz based and children have been creating algorithms for each of their sprites and designing their backgrounds.


Today we have all been given a username and password to use Mathletics for the next two weeks. We have been to the ICT suite, logged on, completed tasks set by Mrs McNerney and earned some credits! With our credits we have been able to alter and personalise our avatars. Now we can play games on Mathletics at home and earn more points and even try to get on the scoreboards!

Class book: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

We are currently reading a s class book 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.' Anisha donated the book when it was her birthday as J.K Rowling is her favourite author. 

Arts Week has started...

We have had so much fun during Arts Week! Not only have we enjoyed dancing with the National Contemporary School of Dance, we have attended a workshop with curators form the Mercer Art Gallery and taken part in a whole-school clay workshop with Anna Whitehouse. In the classroom we have enjoyed 'dissecting' the British flag and creating our own explosive designs. We have also made individual abstract prints of the British flag which will be on display at the Art Exhibition in May. 

Mercer Art Gallery Workshop
Diane Saxon from the Mercer Art Gallery in Harrogate visited OJS today and brought with her some artwork. We looked at each piece and thought about how it made us feel, our opinion of it and what we thought it represented. Watch our videos below  showing us sharing our thoughts:

Creation Stories in RE

3M have been learning about different creation stories found in a number of religions. Throughout history the big question has been about how the world was made, in religion these creation stories try to explain this. Children have looked at the different ways these stories explain the creation of the world. In our class discussion we found out that through religion we learnt there was a message from all the stories, that our world is a wonderful place full of beautiful and amazing things and that we all need to take care of our world. Children are working in groups to plan, script and rehearse their creation story to prepare for an inclass performance. Miss Joseph

British Values

Respect for and tolerance of different faiths and religions, and other beliefs.

3M performing the creation story from the Old Testament

Playground Rules Competition

Miss Weir encouraged all children to enter a competition at the start of the new term in 2018 to design posters showing our playground rules at Oatlands. We have a fantastic playground and grounds outside and the rules help to ensure that everyone plays safely and carefully.

The two winners in Owls class were:

Florence Williams and Daisy O'Connell

Christmas Activities

We've had lots of fun preparing for Christmas, from eating our tasty Christmas dinner last week to making cards and calendars and also buying a gift for someone special from the PTA Christmas Gift Shop.

We are very excited about our Christmas party tomorrow. Watch this space! 

Spelling Rules with 6G

Year 6 pupils in Mrs Gerry's English group brought their homework to share with children in 3M. The Y6 pupils had been asked to design a poster or leaflet to explain certain tricky spelling rules. Children in 3M enjoyed the Y6 pupils explaining and testing them on the rules! 

It’s A Wrap!

In Design Technology today 3M were very busy making their own wraps inspired by healthy eating and ingredients grown, farmed and sourced from the Mediterranean. Children developed their own recipes for their wraps after taking part in a wrap tasting session last week. After a talk on food hygiene and demonstrations on safety using utensils to chop, grate and assemble wraps, children creatively made their own wraps before evaluating them on taste and appearance.  
Preparing ingredients for our wraps.
Tasting and evaluating our wraps.


Cultural and Spiritual 


We look at and sample a range of ingredients from different cultures as well as developing an understanding of the importance of healthy eating. We also understand dietary beliefs in religion, vegan and vegetarian choices and expand our creativity by exploring how ingredients from different cultures can be used in modern food. 


Miss Joseph

Christmas Displays - They’re interactive !

The Owls were busy last week creating pieces for the Christmas displays with the help of India our Arts Committee member and thinking about what they would like their future Christmas wish to be.  Our theme for our board was food and we all decided  our future wish would be no one in the world would go hungry.  Using Design and Technology we have used mechanisms on our board including moving children and oranges that reveal future wishes.


A great team effort Owls!

Miss Joseph

SMSC with British Values

In our future nobody will go hungry, everybody counts, is respected and valued equally.

Violin Concert - Monday 20th November

On Monday 20th November, all of the children in 3M performed in a Violin Concert for their parents and carers. The children have all been learning how to play the violin since September. Mr Jackman, a specialist Music teacher from Harrogate Grammar School has been teaching the children, as well as the Music curriculum. The children performed eight pieces and answered numerous technical questions with confidence. We are all extremely proud of their achievements. 

Below are some of the thoughts from the children in 3M:


"I have really enjoyed learning to play the violin and don't want to stop!"


"I think it's really good that we learn to play an instrument at our new school."


"It was brilliant seeing our mums and dads watching us. I felt very proud!"


"At first when I played it was really screechy. Now I am much better."




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