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4G ~ Snow Leopards

We’re the Snow Leopards!

Welcome to our class


We’re adventurous explorers, brave and bold.

We try new things and never ever give up!


“You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.”

Winnie the Pooh - AA Milne

Trip to Harlow Carr Gardens


All of Year 4 had a successful trip to Harlow Carr last week. They were able to observe many different plants and flowers - there was even a smelling garden full of herbs! Year 4 discovered the apiary and were able to watch the bees being very busy in the hive. Bumble bees were also spotted all around the gardens. We walked through Wild Flower Meadow and sketched various plants. frown

Trip to Harlow Carr Gardens

Science Week 2018


The children of 4G have had an exciting week! They have investigated different areas of Science and ended it with a very exciting experiment. The class were lucky enough to be visited by Mrs Mortimer, who is a high school Science teacher. The children had lots of fun learning about seed dispersal and then they used paper to create their own helicopter 'seeds.' When the class tested them, they span, flew and fluttered all over the school field.

Coca Cola and soft mints experiment

Still image for this video

Special Mentions


Congratulations to Tom and Robyn for all their hard work in Summer 1. 4G are lucky to have you!

Class Novel


After finishing Iron Man, 4G have started Beasts of Olympus - Beast Keeper by Lucy Coats. This book links to the summer History topic of Ancient Greece. So far, we have encountered Nemean Lions, birds with sword feathers and a Minotaur! 

Royal Wedding Week


On the run up to the much anticipated royal wedding, 4G have taken part in a range of activities linked to the royal wedding. This has included, solving the maths mystery of 'Who unwrapped the wedding presents', royal wedding cake fractions and hat decorating. The children also really enjoyed creating a family tree of the royal family.

Class book 


After a quick vote, 4G chose to read The Iron Man by Ted Hughes this half term. So far, The Iron Man has almost put himself back together but he is missing one of his ears!

Science - plants and living things


4G have just begun their new science topic! We’ve discussed the parts of a plant and we have now planted several types of herbs in tiny pots. Let’s hope they grow.


Update: We have growth! A few tiny sprouts of cress and rosemary have appeared over the weekend.

Special mentions


Congratulations to Georgia and Anthony! You are both a credit to Snow Leopards as well as the school!

Culture morning house event


What a lovely morning! In Snow Leopards’ classroom, we made Hawaiian flower leis. There were flowers of all colours and sizes, headbands, bobbles and necklaces made. The children and I had a lovely time making these crafts while listening to some Hawaiian music. Leis are presented to others as a sign of affection and it was lovely to see some of the children give their leis to others.



Mahalo, children!


Decorated egg competition


What an eggcellent turn out! I was so impressed and interested by all the eggs that Snow Leopards brought in. The eggs ranged from ‘eggmojis’ to ‘Elvis Preggsley.’ I have to say, I had a good giggle at all the puns. Well done to Emmie Fox for winning first prize in year 4 for her ‘eggshausted’ egg!


The Snow Leopards also enjoyed an afternoon of making Easter cards for all the important people in their life. We were also lucky enough to have some children from 3/4K join us!

Enterprise afternoon


Congratulations to Snow Leopards, who raised £28.53 during enterprise afternoon. There were some great games going on in our classroom and certainly lots of snacks being sold as the snack stall made the largest profit out of the groups! Well done again, everyone.

Self Portraits

Miss Joseph has been working with the class on how to create portraits looking carefully at proportions of the face and how to look carefully at each feature. This week we looked at the mouth and nose, reflecting and comparing on how we draw from both imagination and from observation. Working from mirrors and photographs we developed our drawing skills and our understanding on how to draw a self portrait.

Arts Week - Contemporary Arts

Creating study drawings and clay maquettes for our Pollen project.  See Key Information - Arts at OJS- Arts Week, for further information and photos of what we have been taking part in.

Plant The Seed Project

Playtime poster winners!

Very well done to Seth Kennerley and Charlotte Bearne for their eye-catching and informative poster designs! These will be displayed around school along with the other school winners to help keep our children safe and happy during playtime. 

Playtime Class Posters

Our school has started the new year with a school resolution to play safe on the playground. Miss Weir has tasked each class with creating colourful posters with the theme of staying safe and helping others during the school break times. The posters below are just a small selection of the eye-catching and thoughtful designs created by Snow Leopards this week.  Some posters even include raps, rhyme and poetry. With so many excellent designs it's going to be difficult choosing two overall winners from our class!

Year 4 Christmas party

Year 4 had their Christmas party on Tuesday. They enjoyed lots of party games and dancing to Christmas music followed by a banquet of festive treats.  All the children had much fun and were very much in festive spirit.                            

Christmas has landed!

Snow Leopards have been busy putting together their class Christmas display. Each class has a different Christmas subject and, for Snow Leopards, this is the Christmas Wreath.  The children created the wreathes by drawing around their hands on different shades of green paper. The decorative baubles each contain a Christmas message written by the children, their Christmas hopes and wishes for the future.  Emmie hopes that 'people are more eco-friendly in the future'. Joseph B hopes that 'in the future, there are no more wars'. Ciara hopes that 'everyone in the future has homes and food to eat'. 


The central Advent Wreath shows the five Advent candles that are a popular tradition in the Christian religion. Each candle represents an aspect of the spiritual preparation for the coming of the Lord, Jesus Christ.  The wreath candles are lit on the four Sundays during Advent and the white candle is lit on Christmas day. 


Snow Leopards are really looking forward to all the Christmas celebrations in the coming weeks!

Wind in the Willows - Image Theatre

Image Theatre visited Oatlands Junior School on Friday, performing Wind in the Willows. Tom and Millie were selected to dress up and take part in the production, and everyone joined in on the songs throughout the performance.

Class reading book

This term we are reading 'Bambert's Book of Missing Stories' by Reinhardt Jung and illustrated by Emma Chichester Clark.  Bambert lives in his attic home. Alone and out of place in the world he finds solace in the character he creates in stories. The books has been a useful opportunity to learn some new interesting vocabulary and find out about historical characters. 


The children have been enjoying learning about healthy eating and creating a healthy meal in their science lesson. They have been finding out which foods belong to which food groups and how much of each food group they should be eating in their daily diet. 

Swimming lessons!

This week 4G had their last swimming lesson at the Hydro Pool in Harrogate. The children have all done incredibly well in their weekly lessons, gaining life-long skills and confidence to help keep them safe whilst being active and having fun in the water. In the last session, they got to play in the pool with the floats and toys to celebrate their achievement. 

Children In Need

Last Friday was Children In Need Day - Spotacular! The children made a super effort coming to school dressed in spots and we raised lots of money for Children In Need. We also collected round pounds

Anti-Bullying Week

Last week was also Anti-Bullying Week. This year the theme for Anti-Bullying week was ‘All Different, All Equal’.  We explored the different kinds of bullying, the verbal, emotional and physical types of bullying and what to do if your or someone you know is being bullied. 


We created a colourful class display of our hands which celebrated our talents and individuality.   We then tried to decipher which hand belonged to which child!

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