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5/6C ~ Meerkats

We’re the Meerkats!

Welcome to our class


We’re alert and friendly, big-hearted and wise.

We help one another and work wonders together!


“If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.”

The Twits - Roald Dahl

We have had a fantastic start to the academic year in Meerkats! As a class, we have elected new representatives and spent time getting to know each other and our new routines.

The Yr 6 children had an amazing time at East Barnby last week and the Yr 5 children enjoyed ‘stepping up’ for the week.

We are all looking forward to a very busy, yet enjoyable first term in Meerkats!

Design Technology - Biscuits!

We have been very busy over the past few weeks designing biscuits, based on a theme of our choice. Yesterday, we spent the afternoon making and baking our biscuits. Today we are busy decorating and sampling them. We hope you enjoy sampling them at home!

Ellie Robson

It was lovely to celebrate Ellie's success and ambition for Football in our celebration assembly this morning. Well done Ellie - a real inspiration for other girls to follow.

Sports Day 2018

Well done to Ollie Poyser-Senior and Eleanor Adrian-Horrocks for helping to lead Red Kites to victory on Sports Day.

Red Kites

Visit from Mr Lusted

A special thank you to Archie's dad for visiting our class this morning to tell us all about his job as a Director of Programme Management. It was really interesting to hear about the different projects he looks after around the world.

Mr Lusted Visit

Science Week 2018

We have had a fantastic start to Science Week in 5/6C. Our investigation skills have been well and truly put to the test from making SLIME to rubber's been quite messy, but lots of fun!

Special Mentions - Spring Term

A huge well done to Evie and Eleanor for achieving Spring Term Special Mentions. You have both worked incredibly hard and should feel very proud of this achievement.

Special Mentions

Homework Celebration


We have had a lovely morning sharing the creative homework that the children have produced over the last half term. I was amazed by the amount of detail and varied approaches to the set tasks. We celebrated 3D robots, line graphs, fact files, skeleton sketches and much more. Well done Year 5!

Homework Celebration May 2018



Well done to all of our lovely Year 6 children for completing their SATs this week. This morning we got our leavers hoodies and we have celebrated this afternoon by watching the film version of our Year 6 Production (all will be revealed) and ice lollies as a special treat!

Look how smart we look!

A very ROYAL week.
This week we have enjoyed celebrating the Royal Wedding. We have designed wedding outfits, cakes, menus and even planned a luxury honeymoon. We will be sharing these with you next week for our class assembly.

Our Class Book.

This term, our librarians have selected our class book - 'A Wrinkle in Time'. Here is the blurb....


"That isn't Charles! Charles is gone!"


Charles and Meg, and their friend Calvin, travel through a 'wrinkle in time' in search of their missing father. But can they beat the evil forces they meet on their dangerous journey through time and space?

A Wrinkle in Time

Special Mentions - Spring Term

Well done to Herbie and Ella on achieving Spring Term Special Mentions. You have both worked incredibly hard and should feel very proud of this achievement.

Special Mentions

Class Debate - Celts V's Romans!

We have had a fantastic afternoon debating which group (Romans or the Celts) brought the most to Britain. Both groups shared some excellent arguments and counter-arguments, based on their research. Luckily, Harrison worked hard to ensure both teams had their say and were listened to.

Debate - Romans V's Celts.


We have had a lovely afternoon with Helen from the RSPCA. We have learnt all about how to look after our animals and how we can support such an amazing charity.


Girls Cricket Workshop

On Monday the 19th March there was a girl’s cricket workshop run by Andy from the Harrogate Cricket club. We changed into our P.E kits and met outside on the playground ready to start. For the warm up we got into pairs and threw tennis balls to each other and played a game. The game was that you had to hit the ball off the stand and run around 4 sets of wickets. But if the fielders got all the balls onto the cones before you are back then you would be out. After that, we played a game of diamond cricket. This is when there’s 4 sets of wickets that are in a diamond formation and there is one person at each one who is in the batter team. The bowler (who is in the middle of the wickets) bowls the ball to anyone and they have to hit it and run to the set of wickets on their right. While they are trying to run, the fielders try to catch them out or hit the wickets before they are back. Overall, everybody who took part really enjoyed themselves and had lots of fun. The workshop has inspired lots of the girls to go to the Harrogate Cricket club and join the club that is run by Andy. 

Girls Cricket

Sport Relief 2018

This week, the Sports Crew and some of our Play Leaders have been organising extra sports activities. These have included hula hooping, skipping, juggling, cardio fun and ‘keepie-uppies’. Thank you to Harrogate Racquets for running the Cardio Fun session. Our respective winners will be given certificates in next week’s celebration assembly.

Enterprise Day 2018

On Monday afternoon, the whole school took part in Enterprise day. We have been preparing our stalls/mini businesses over the past two weeks. Stalls included: Lucky dips, dart competitions, refreshments, hairstyles and even mini golf! Each class chose a theme e.g. a book or a film that they based all there stalls on. Then each class was given £20 that was then split into £5 per group so that each stall could get an equal amount of money. Then one person per group went and bought their equipment/prizes from the shops. On the day, we had 30 minutes to set up around the school and then an hour to walk round. This year’s total was…..£324.19. The School Council are going to meet next week to decide how the money will be spent.


It was a brilliant day and both pupils and teachers really enjoyed it. We are looking forward to next year’s Enterprise Week.

By Flossie Linford and Ella Chen (Meerkats)

World Book Day 2018


On Thursday 8th March, we finally managed to celebrate World Book Day. We discussed and shared our favourite books, before creating our own ‘Brilliant Book Reviews’.


In the morning, we visited different classrooms and looked at different types of books to share them with our friends, it was so much fun. These rooms included: poetry, fantasy, picture books, history, myths, legends, audio book and much more. It was a fantastic morning Day!

Tim Pinto E-Safety Workshops

On February 23rd, we marked our own Oatlands Safer Internet Day with a visit from Tim Pinto who is an expert on all things E-Safety. Tim presented workshops to each year group throughout the day and discussed the importance of being smart when using technology and how not to 'cross the line'. The children learnt about selfie wrongs and selfie rights, 'creepy chat' and why it's important to block and report any inappropriate or unkind behaviour online

Special Mentions

Huge congratulations to Harrison and Angie for receiving their Special Mentions certificates in assembly this morning. As you can see, they are very proud of their achievements! Well done to both of you!

Our New Homework Menu


This week we shared our homework with the class. There were some fabulous pieces, from timetables to building designs. Everyone gave and received positive comments about why we liked particular pieces of their homework. Here are a few:


"I liked how Will drew and described his favourite dinosaur!” (Conor)


"WOW an amazing design Flossie, well done!” (Lizzy)


"Alexander, I like the way you presented your work clearly in a grid!” (Lucas)


"Annabel, I love your use of alliteration – bright, beautiful day. Well done!” (Coline)

Homework Menu Celebrations

Open Afternoon


Thank you to all of the parents and carers who visited our class for Open Afternoon. It was lovely to see you working alongside your children, as well as having a go at your own clay masterpieces.

Open Afternoon

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

In preparation for Arts Week 2018, Year 5 visited YSP. It was a fantastic day learning about different sculptures and artists. We are all looking forward to creating our own masterpieces next week!

Design Technology

We have been busy this week completing our Harrogate structures. It has been a tricky task, but we are very pleased with the outcome.

5/6C celebrate Burns' Night

Today we have celebrated the life of Robert Burns a Scottish poet and national figure. We learnt all about his life as well as traditions. In assembly, with Mrs Coyne, we listened and sang 'Auld Lang Syne' a traditional song by Burns which is often sung on New Years Eve. We also enjoyed a poetry performance from Elliot Green in 6M.

Poetry Performance from Elliot Green.

Still image for this video
School rules poster competition

This week we have been thinking about our playtime rules and how we can stay safe, be happy and have FUN! It was an extremely hard task to select just two winners whose entry's will be displayed in classrooms and around the school. Miss Weir presented certificates to the winners in celebration assembly and was most impressed by the creative high winning entry standards, especially children who composed catchy poems! Well done to all the children who took part.


Meerkats winners are..... Grace Bellis, Emma Trayford and Josie Robinson

Our Winners...

Victorian Day


On Thursday 7th December, the Year 5 children had a Victorian Day Workshop. It was to enable us to have a better understanding about Charles Dickens and the Victorian era in English. During the morning, we were visited by Her Majesty, Queen Victoria, Mr Fairfax (mill owner who always said ‘splendid’ and emphasised the p), Florence Nightingale (a famous nurse), Mr Obadiah Pitt (headmaster), Fanny (Chambermaid), Billy Sweeney, who taught us a few songs that Victorians sang to amuse themselves. Afterwards, we had a little break and then came back inside to do some drama. Firstly, we warmed up our bodies and then, we acted out being people in higher and lower society. In the afternoon, the storyteller told the story of A Christmas Carol and chose people along the way to act out parts in the story. To finish off all the excitement, we sang a last song that we learnt with Billy called Ta-ra-ra-boom-de-ay. Everybody really enjoyed Victorian Day - it was SPLENDID!


Madeline O’Connell and Evie Holding 5/6C Meerkats

Our fantastic Christmas display!

Remembrance Poem performed by Flossie Linford and Thomas Lachmann

Still image for this video
As part of our work on Remembrance, we recited 'In Flanders Fields' by John McCrae.

Anti-Bullying Week 2017

We are having a 'SPOTACULAR' day in Meerkats today raising money for Children in Need!

Our Penpals in Hong Kong.


We are very excited to have joined up with Miss Doyle's school in Hong Kong to become penpals. We send each other weekly emails to find out about different cultures and ways of life.


Here is the latest email from Hong Kong.


Dear Mrs Coyne and the Meerkat class,


In our school we try to be aware of the world and different cultures; we call this international mindedness.

We are a Year 5 class from Anfield School, an international school in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is a busy and vibrant city. It is full of skyscrapers but you can also visit beaches and go on hikes quite easily. Our school is next to a forest and occasionally you might see monkeys and wild boars! Our teacher is Miss Rosie (you will remember her as Miss Doyle when she worked in your school, she said that you might find this funny!) and our teaching assistant is called Miss Miranda.

Our school day starts at 7:30 and finishes at 3:30 on a Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, and 4:30 on a Monday and Wednesday (because we have Extra Curricular Activities on those days after school.) We have one hour lessons, some of them are: Mandarin, English, Spanish, Maths, Music, PE, Topic, Science, RE and International Mindedness. Each child has golden time on a Friday if they have had good behaviour all week. We don’t have a swimming pool but in years 4 and 5 we have swimming lessons. There are 19 of us in our class and it is called Sri Lanka class (all of our classes are named after a different country.)

We all bring in our own lunch into school or our aunties or parents deliver it before 12. We do not have any fields outside of our school, but we do have a tarmac playground.

We would really like it if you could answer some of these questions that we are interested in finding out more about! How many children are in your class and school? What animals can you see from your school? What lessons do you have in your school? What sports do you play? Why do you have a bird in your logo?
What is your playground like? Do you have any fields? What do you have for lunch?

Thank you so much for reading our email and we hope that your reply to us soon!

Yours sincerely,

Sri Lanka Class (5R)


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