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We’re the Flamingos!

Welcome to our class


We’re balanced and bright, friendly and fun.

We respect one another and make a great team!


“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”

Helen Keller’s Diaries

More! A Tale of Oliver Twist

What a fantastic success the Year 6 production was! All the children were amazing and really enjoyed performing to a real audience. We were incredibly proud of all the hard work they put into rehearsals - what superstars! 

Biscuit making

What a lot of fun we had designing, cooking and decorating our World Cup themed biscuits. The Flamingo classroom smelt delicious! 

Crucial Crew

On Tuesday 26th June, we went on our trip to Crucial Crew. Despite it being incredibly hot, we all enjoyed ourselves and took part in all the different workshops. We had lots of different talks from a range of people, including the North Yorkshire Fire Service, Police and the Samaritans. We learnt lots of different life skills.

Science Week

We have had a great start to our Science week. On Monday, we made splat monsters, based on 'Flanimals'. Later this week we will be painting them, giving them their Latin names, thinking about their habitats, predators and prey. Watch this space for the finished creatures.

On Tuesday afternoon, Elsa's mum brought a very special visitor to our class. Eddie the skeleton came to see us! Miss Gordon spoke to the Flamingos about her job as an osteopath, and told us some interesting facts about bones.

We also made our own lava lamps, and eventually (after a very gloopy start!) we all managed to make our own slime. A very messy afternoon, but we had lots of fun!

Year 6 Hoodies have arrived!

Royal Wedding Celebrations


Friday was a lot of fun. Everyone looked great in either wedding outfits or red, white and blue. We all enjoyed wearing our hats and some of our cake designs were amazing. A great way to spend the day, especially after a week of SATs! 

Royal Wedding Hat making

We spent the afternoon designing and making hats fit for a wedding on Tuesday afternoon. We will be parading in these on Friday 18th's a sneak preview.

Cultural House Event


We spent an enjoyable morning in different classrooms learning about a range of cultures and countries from across the globe. There were a wide variety of activities including: learning the Haka from New Zealand; Japanese calligraphy; Bollywood dancing; designing mythical creatures from Iceland; creating Australian Aboriginal paintings and tasting tropical fruits from the Caribbean.  Here are some of the results when we reflected on our experiences back in Flamingos class.

A visit from the RSPCA

We had a visit from Rebecca from the RSPCA. She told us all about the work that the RSPCA do, and how to care for our own animals. RSPCA stands for Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Although it was sad to hear some of the stories, it is great to know that the RSPCA are doing something about it.

By Kathryn

World Book Day 2018

Flamingos' Brilliant Book Reviews for World Book Day

Safer Internet workshops
Tim Pinto spent some of the afternoon with us, talking about how to keep ourselves safe on the internet. We discussed taking selfies, which apps we use and what to do if we are ever worried about out time spent on the internet.
Magnificent Masks!
Our finished masks look fantastic. We are all very proud of how they look.

Northern School of Contemporary Dance Workshop

Northern School of Contemporary Dance Workshop

Dazzling DT

We have finally finished our DT project, and we think our structures look amazing. A lot of hard work went into making the frames and then painting the finished buildings. Inspired by their design, Sophie, Elsa, Ella, Rosa and Chloe actually visited the glass pyramid at Hornbeam Park. They went up to the top of the building and stood on the roof terrace. 

Playground Rules Competition


Last week we held a whole school competition to design a poster or create a poem displaying the rules that keep us safe and happy at playtimes. The entries were fantastic and showed such a wide range of creative approaches. Particular congratulations go to Sophie McCormack who created a wonderful rhyming poem and to Hollie Bassham who composed a rap.

Sophie McCormackHollie Bassham

The Twelve Days of Christmas Performance


Flamingos do Secret Santa!

The Twelve Days Of Christmas - an alternative version.


After enjoying ourselves singing carols at St. Mark's Church, we wrote our own versions of the twelve days of Christmas in Literacy. We had lots of fun singing these to our friends.

Bea's Twelve Days of Christmas

Crazy Calendars!


Everyone in Flamingos has made their own calendar for 2018. They all look fantastic. Here's a selection of a few....

In music this half term we've been studying the song 'I'll Be There' by The Jackson 5. We've compared this with other songs by Michael Jackson and learnt about how a song is constructed. This is our class performance - we hope you enjoy it!

Flamingos sing 'I'll Be There' by The Jackson 5

Crackers about Christmas!

Here is our fantastic class Christmas display. Our Arts Committee representatives, Shreya and Olivia, gave us the theme of "Christmas Crackers" which had to include a moving element. We also had to think about how crackers may change in the future. We came up with the idea of crackers which open using sliders to reveal a pop out message describing our ideas on crackers in the future.


We have just started reading Wonder as our class novel. It is all about 10 year-old August Pullman, who has a genetic facial difference. After being home-schooled, August starts school and has to deal with how other children react to him. So far, we are really enjoying this book. Some of the Flamingos have been to the cinema to see the film that has just come out.

Fantastic Forces!

We have been learning all about Forces in Science. We have researched Sir Isaac Newton's life and have looked in more depth at gravity, friction and air resistance. Flamingo class have used Newton metres and got all in a spin with a fun spinner investigation.

We Are Game Designers

In our Computing lessons we have been designing our own games using Scratch 2. First, we began by sketching our ideas on the playground and acting as the sprites in the games to walk through the games. The next step was to plan out our ideas on paper and finally to programme the games in the ICT suite.

During Open Hour we worked on Number sequence investigations with our partners and visiting parents.

All different, all equal!

We’ve made a great start to Year 6 and have bonded really well as a class. Our residential visit to East Barnby was a great opportunity to get to know each other and our teachers really well and see each other in a completely new light. Exciting activities such as beck scrambling, canoeing and fire-making helped us to develop valuable skills such as teamwork, resilience and resourcefulness.

We’ve also had class elections where many of have taken on positions of responsibility around school.

We can’t wait to get stuck into the adventures and challenges of Year 6!

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