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Safer Internet Day

On Tuesday 8th February, we'll mark this year's Safer Internet Day. This year's theme is 'All fun and games? Exploring respect and relationships online'. 


There will be various activities going on in school and we'll be thinking about our online behaviour and how we can be part of a happier, safer online community by maintaining respectful interactions when using technology. 


Below, you'll find a useful guide to share with your youngsters about how to spread kindness online. 

Guides for Parents and Carers

Following a Digital Leader-led survey, we've compiled a list of the most popular apps, websites and games being used by the children in school.


Below, you will find useful platform guides about our Top 5 most popular apps. For more information about these or other apps, you'll find more guides at the National Online Safety website.





YouTube is an online platform that allows anyone to upload and watch video content. It can be a really useful and entertaining  tool, full of video tutorials, music videos and video blogs. As with many online platforms, there are of course some risks. The useful guides below will explain the risks of YouTube and YouTube kids and include handy tips as to how to ensure your children use them safely.



WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world. It is used to send and receive text, photos, videos and documents, as well as make voice and video calls through an Internet or Wi-Fi connection. The app is free and is one of the safest and most secure ways of messaging individuals or groups of people.



TikTok is an app in which users can create and share short videos using special effects and music. It is being increasingly used through children of all ages but, when not set up with the appropriate privacy setting, can expose children to inappropriate content.

Fortnite and Apex Legends


Fortnite is an increasingly popular game among the children in school and is cropping up more and more frequently in conversations between teachers and parents. Despite the a 16+ PEGI rating for Apex Lengends and a 12+rating for Battle Royale, we know that a number of children in school are playing Fortnite and using it to connect with other users. Please see the posters below for more information about what the game is, the E-Safety issues surrounding it and how you can ensure your youngsters are playing safely.

Understanding Apps and Online Platforms


The National Online Safety website has some really useful posters and guides to help parents, guardians and teachers better understand the kinds of apps and websites that children may be accessing online. The materials are updated regularly on their website and cover all manner of new apps, games and programs. Our school Digital Leaders have run in-class surveys to find out which apps are popular in school at the moment, so we'll also be featuring some of the guidance about our most-used apps on our E-Safety page too. 



E-Safety Parent Information


As part of Safer Internet Day, we asked Tim Pinto to create an E-Safety information presentation to help parents and carers understand the risks that children face on the internet and how they can best support them when using online technologies. 


Please find the link below to Tim's presentation. The video requires a password which will be included in this week's newsletter (Friday 8th February). If you are unable to access the video and would like to, please contact the school office or Miss Houseman via e-mail. 


Safer Internet Day


To celebrate Safer Internet Day on Tuesday 5th February, we welcomed Tim Pinto into school to deliver some E-Safety workshops for the children. Tim talked to the school about the importance of understanding what 'consent' means in a digital world and how to ensure that we fully understand what we are agreeing to online. We discussed understanding the Terms and Conditions when signing up for new apps, games and programs. Tim also talked to the children about PEGI ratings on games, how these are decided and what they mean in terms of the content and suitability of a game. 



Tim Pinto E-Safety Workshops


On February 23rd, we marked our own Oatlands Safer Internet Day with a visit from Tim Pinto who is an expert on all things E-Safety. Tim presented workshops to each year group throughout the day and discussed the importance of being smart when using technology and how not to 'cross the line'. The children learnt about selfie wrongs and selfie rights, 'creepy chat' and why it's important to block and report any inappropriate or unkind behaviour online. 




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