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Geography Subject Leader - Emily Mansfield

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Vision for Geography at OJS

At Oatlands Junior School, we aim to inspire in our pupils a lifelong curiosity about the world and its people. Through high quality learning experiences, all pupils will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to explore the world on their doorstep and beyond.

2019-2020 Long Term Plan


Years 5 and 6 have started the year off by looking at our area. Year 6 have been comparing Harrogate to Whitby, while Year 5 have been comparing Harrogate and Knaresborough. We have been working on our map skills, looking at different Ordinace Survey maps, the symbols, what they mean and how they can help us. Learning how to use a compass was certainly a challenge, the children used these to navigate their way around the playground. Year 6 found this helpful during their orienteering activities in Dalby Forest, while on residential at East Barnby. 


Years 3 and 4 are looking forward to their topic 'Mountains, Rivers and Coasts', where they will be learning lots about the different landscapes around them, as well as those further afield. 



In years 3 and 4, our topic is The Yorkshire Dales, where we are learning about map skills (map symbols, OS maps and grid references) and our local area.   


In years 5 and 6 our topic has been locating towns, cities, counties, and rivers in the UK and Europe. We have learnt about the use of atlases and are enjoying the use of our new class iPads to find information. Our next topic is Climate Change where we are looking forward to finding out how we can reduce the effects that our actions have on the climate. 


Year 5 and 6 have also been learning about Climate Change. We have learnt all about the different biomes in the world and how our actions can impact them. We have also created posters which show our audience how they can reduce their carbon footprint to help look after our planet.


Thank you to the PTA who have bought each class an inflatable globe to help us with our topics!

Geography Superstars!

Thomas (Y6), Abigail (Y5), Ella (Y4) and George (Y3) have all been working hard on their map skills. They can locate many cities, towns, counties and rivers within the united kingdom. Can you? Look in the link 5/6 corridor to spot their hard work!


Cultural House Event

What we've been learning about...

In years 3 and 4, our topic has been, 'Why do people visit the Mediterranean?', where we learnt about the countries on the Mediterranean Sea, the climate and what might attract people to visit. For our homework, we enjoyed choosing a recipe from a Mediterranean country to make - the resulting dishes were delicious!


In years 5 and 6 our topic has been Mapping. We have learnt about the use of map symbols and keys, six figure grid references and scale. We enjoyed applying this to the local area, creating a walking tour of Harrogate. We have also looked further afield, using our atlas skills to explore the counties of the UK and the countries of Europe. 



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