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History Subject Leader - Jane Stockton

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Vision for History


At Oatlands Junior School we encourage children to be curious about the past and equip pupils with the historical enquiry skills to: ask perceptive questions, think critically, weigh evidence, make connections, contrasts and trends over time and gain historical perspective by placing their growing knowledge into different contexts.


Autumn Term

Lower school have enjoyed learning all about the Anglo-Saxons including the culture, archaeology and exploring different sources to understand what life was like.  Some children also made excellent models for their homework like the one in the picture below made by Ryder in Badgers class. 


Summer Term

This Summer term two the children in upper school will learning all about the Victorians, making links to the local area and how events have had a lasting impact that can be seen all around us.

Spring Term

This term Lower School have enjoyed learning all about the Stone Age through to the Iron Age. In the pictures you can see some of the children's excellent Stone Age shelters and cave painting art work. The children have also done some lovely work in English based on Ug by Raymond Briggs.   

WW2 Tea Party

On Monday 3rd December the children from Year 5 and 6 welcomed Grandparents and relatives to a World War 2 Tea Party to share experiences and artefacts with the children. Some adults brought in artefacts like: ration books, medals, telegrams and badges. Once the stories had been shared, everyone got the opportunity to try some of the WW2 recipes the children had made using a weekly ration allowance. The children were really creative with their ideas and brought in things like: chocolate potato cake, scones, elderflower jelly, oat biscuits and carrot cookies. After the children had eaten their food, they went into the hall to sing some songs from the era. They sang ‘We’ll meet again’ and ‘Run Rabbit’, singing these songs brought back lots of memories for all of the visitors.


We really enjoyed the afternoon because it was interesting to find out about people’s lives during the war. Thank you to all of the adults who came to the Tea Party to share their stories, to parents who came to help and to the teachers who helped the afternoon happen.


Grace Brierley and Ben Green

World War One Centenary Event

On the 15th of November, the School Council were proud to represent the school at a World War One Centenary Event. Held a Christ Church and Organised by Terry Knowles of the Rotary club of Harrogate, the event included readings and songs with music by St Aidan’s brass group and singing from St Aiden’s chamber choir. The School Council were exemplary representatives at this touching tribute to the fallen of WWI.

Remembrance Assembly with Colonel Crossland

A huge thank you to Colonel Crossland, (Ted and Barney’s dad), who kindly gave up his time this morning to lead our Remembrance Assesmbly. Colonel Crossland explained to the children why we wear poppies and what it is we are remembering on the 11th November each year. Colonel Crossland also explained and showed the children a blue cornflower badge, which the French use to remember the fallen. We then held a collective minutes silence, which everyone respectfully observed. The children were particularly interested in the story of ‘Sergeant Stubby’ – a boston terrier. 

Year 5 trip to Eden Camp

 Year 5 visited Eden Camp to learn more about their History topic - World War II. The experience helped them to imagine what life would have been like for children during the World War. We visited various huts, each with a different theme e.g. the Blitz, evacuees, and rationing just to name a few. Some huts were particularly realistic and quite scary, but definitely worth visiting. They all enjoyed the day and would definitely visit Eden Camp again. A big thank you to all of the parents who accompanied them on the trip.

Ancient Egypt

As part of lower schools current History topic they enjoyed a fabulous Ancient Egyptian workshop with Brian. They learned many new things, such as:


  • The many uses of the River Nile

  • What the first type of paper was called - papyrus, and how it was made

  • How to become of Priest or Priestess

  • Mummification

  • The importance of the Pharaoh

  • Howard Carter and his memorable find



Upper schools new history topic for the Autumn term is WWII. The children have been enjoying their new history topic  and Year 5 are looking forward to the trip to Eden Camp. It has also been very interesting hearing about the children's family link to WWII. One example is Holly in Tigers class who produced an excellent note book on her great grandfather who was a wireless operator and gunner in the RAF.   


The Romans

Upper Key Stage Two are currently enjoying studying the Romans. They are learning about the rise and spread of the Roman Empire as well as the invasion of Britain.  

Year 5 Victorian Day

On Thursday 7th December, the Year 5 children had a Victorian Day Workshop. It was to enable us to have a better understanding about Charles Dickens and the Victorian era in English. During the morning, we were visited by Her Majesty, Queen Victoria, Mr Fairfax (mill owner who always said ‘splendid’ and emphasised the p), Florence Nightingale (a famous nurse), Mr Obadiah Pitt (headmaster), Fanny (Chambermaid), Billy Sweeney, who taught us a few songs that Victorians sang to amuse themselves. Afterwards, we had a little break and then came back inside to do some drama. Firstly, we warmed up our bodies and then, we acted out being people in higher and lower society. In the afternoon, the storyteller told the story of A Christmas Carol and chose people along the way to act out parts in the story. To finish off all the excitement, we sang a last song that we learnt with Billy called Ta-ra-ra-boom-de-ay. Everybody really enjoyed Victorian Day - it was SPLENDID!


Madeline O’Connell and Evie Holding

What we've been learning about...

Joseph Kell's poem about Ethelred the Unready & the Danegeld

In Years 3 & 4, we are learning about the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings. 


"Did you know that Viking helmets didn't have horns?" Ben Summerson - 4H Falcons

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