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Vision for Maths!


At Oatlands Junior, the high-quality mathematics Curriculum provides children with a foundation for understanding the world; the ability to reason mathematically; an appreciation of the beauty and power of mathematics, and a sense of enjoyment and curiosity about the subject. Mathematics should be interwoven across all aspects of the curriculum.


The Mathematics Curriculum will ensure children:


  • become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics, including through varied and frequent practice with increasingly complex problems over time, so that pupils develop conceptual understanding and the ability to recall and apply knowledge rapidly and accurately


  • reason mathematically by following a line of enquiry, conjecturing relationships and generalisations, and developing an argument, justification or proof using mathematical language


  •  can solve problems by applying their mathematics to a variety of routine and non-routine problems with increasing sophistication, including breaking down problems into a series of simpler steps and persevering in seeking solutions.
Long Term Plan
Calculation Policy 
Calculation Guidelines
Oxford Owl - Supporting Maths at home
Maths - A Positive Mindset!

How is Maths taught and what does it look like at Oatlands?


In mathematics we believe children need a great deal of practical experience and discussion to achieve a thorough understanding of mathematical concepts and skills to prepare them for life. We place great emphasis on mental calculation and oral work. 

Children’s skills are developed to allow them to move fluently between representations of mathematical ideas and make rich connections, develop fluency, mathematical reasoning and competence in solving increasingly sophisticated problems as their knowledge and competence grows and they move through the school.

Classroom displays to support learning

What your child will leave OJS knowing, understanding and appreciating in maths!

At Oatlands we recognise that mathematics is essential to everyday life and our aim is to make mathematics at Oatlands as relevant as possible to the children’s lives. Oatlands children are taught to reason mathematically and to develop a sense of enjoyment and curiosity about the subject.

Children enjoy celebrating their successes weekly in the newsletter and TT Rock Stars. We also take part in local and national mathematics events such as: NSPCC Number Day, Enterprise Week, HGS Maths Competition, Maths Week England and much, much more!

What do pupils at OJS think about maths?
                                     Autumn 2020

Maths really is EVERYWHERE...

We have been thinking about where we see Maths in the everyday World. Here are some pictures of what we have found. Can you think of anymore ideas?

Recommended reads for Maths

Below are some examples of storybooks linked to Maths. 

Year 3

In Year 3, the children have been settling well into maths at OJS. I have been very impressed with the children’s confidence when they talk about maths. This term, the children have been developing a secure understanding of place value to support their learning of written addition and subtraction. They have also applied this knowledge into measures and problem solving. Here’s what some of the children had to say about maths:

  • Faye said, “I like maths because you can test your knowledge for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. I also like a challenge!”
  • Jishnu said, “I love maths especially multiplication!”

Year 4

In Year 4, the children have been working super hard. I have been very impressed with the children’s confidence when they talk about their learning. This term, the children have been developing a secure understanding of place value to support their learning of mental and written addition and subtraction. They have also applied this knowledge into answering a range of fluency, reasoning and problem solving questions. I have been especially impressed with their maths stories and ‘prove it’ explanations! Here’s what some of the children had to say about maths:

  • Molly said, “I like adding and multiplying numbers together. I also like word problems. If I find it hard, I underline key words to help me!”
  • Chloe said, “I like multiplication and division because I was struggling at first, but now I am the fastest in Year 4!”

Year 5

In Year 5, the children have been shown real resilience and independent in maths. I have been very impressed with the children’s confidence and use of mathematical language. This term, the children have been developing a deep understanding of place value, including rounding and ordering numbers. This has supported their learning of written addition, subtraction and multiplication. They have also applied this knowledge into answering a range of fluency, reasoning and multi-step problem solving questions. Here’s what some of the children had to say about maths:

  • Tilly said, “Maths is one of my favourite subjects. I like times tables especially TT Rock Stars and the long multiplication method!”

Year 6

In Year 6, the children have become rap artists and mathematicians! I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to the range of maths raps the children remember key mathematical facts! I have been very impressed with the children’s confidence and their ability to makes links across the different areas of maths. This term, the children have been developing a deep understanding of place value, including decimals. This has supported their learning of written addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. They have applied this knowledge into answering a range of questions linked to fractions including: fractions of amounts; ordering fractions, multiplying and dividing fractions and adding and subtracting fractions.  Here’s what some of the children had to say about maths:

  • Joseph said, “Maths is my favourite subject because I am really good at it. I also love learning new skills and methods."
  • Woody said, “I love timetables because they are fun, I also enjoy the fact that they are sometimes easy and sometimes hard!”
Maths at Oatlands 2019-2020

NSPCC Number Day 2020

On Friday 7th February, Oatlands Juniors took part in the National Number Day to raise money and awareness for the NSPCC. Each class chose a special number, which became their focus for the day. Some classes created stories containing their number, solved mathematical puzzles, took part in quizzes and even made artistic angle stars. Every class also attempted to fill their number with silver coins to raise money for the NSPCC. As a school, we raised a total of £276!!! Thank you to everyone for supporting this great event. It was a fantastic day, enjoyed by all!

NSPCC National Number Day - Y3 Owls

We have had lots of fun playing games and completed activities linked to our chosen number - 13 (unlucky for some!) We have: used all 4 operations to make the answer 13; played a dice game with different partners; designed posters for the NSPCC and written stories about finding a key with a number 13 keyring attached to it. 

We also raised £29.00 in silver coins! 

NSPCC Number Day - Badgers Class Year 3

We had lots of fun playing games and completing activities linked to the number 13 which was our Year groups chosen number.  We recalled number facts in relation to the number 13. We used our multiplication, addition, subtraction and division skills to come up with different calculations which centred around the number 13. We then came up with a story involving the number 13 and a key. The key unlocked a container but the container was the number 13 container and we all know about the number 13 dont we?

NSPCC Number Day - Year 3 Foxes

Whilst some may consider the number 13 unlucky, for the Foxes it provided a day full of fun mathematical facts, imaginative poster designs and creative story writing, all in support of the NSPCC. The children attempted to find five different ways of making 13 using each mathematical operation. Multiplication proved challenging as the children discovered the meaning of ‘prime number’, but the Foxes did not let this deter their completion of the task - 4 1/3 x 3 and (6 x 1) + 7 were some of the answers offered! We also wrote stories based upon the discovery of a numbered key and learnt more about the essential work carried out by the NSPCC. Silver coins kindly donated by the children will go to support the charity in its future projects.

NSPCC Number Day - Year 4

To celebrate NSPCC Number Day, the Year 4 children had a day jam-packed with activities all based around our number, 999. We spent the morning doing a variety of maths activities to do with the number. We found different ways of representing our number, including Roman Numerals and Arabic Numerals, differentw ways of partitioning the number as well as tackling tricky calculations and problems based around the number 999. 


We also completed some fantastic pieces of writing around this theme. Some of the children wrote a diary entry about travelling 999 years into the future, others created weird and wonderful stories about the mysterious house number 999 and finally, some of the children wrote short stories about a frantic 999 phone call. 


The children completed some fabulous pieces of work and, more importantly, really enjoyed raising money for a fantastic cause. 

NSPCC Number Day in Year 5

Macaws and Tigers really enjoyed taking part in NSPCC Number Day activities this year, helping to raise lots of money for charity. Thank you parents/carers for your support in this event. During the day the children completed tasks centred around their class number (Tigers - 800, Macaws - 365). These ranged from practical tasks, such as measuring, and using their maths skills in dice games as well as a written task that was all about the number for the day.  

NSPCC Number Day 2020 in Meerkats

We had lots of fun celebrating NSPCC Number Day! We enjoyed counting the money that we had raised as a school, making angles stars and writing stories about our special number of...360!  Thank you parents/carers for your support in this event.

NSPCC Number Day Y6

Year 6 had lots of fun counting our coppers from 'Copper January' to come up with our class number. We had a total of £20.20 which gave us our number of 2020! We found out lots of facts about our number before creating our own calculation poster.

- 2020 is the year that we have just started

-2020 is MMXX in Roman Numerals

-02.02.2020 (a date in February) is a palindrome, this means it is exactly the same backwards and forwards

We also produced a piece of writing all about the number 2020, these were very exciting as they ranged from stories and newspaper articles to diary entries and reports.

A day enjoyed by all!


Coming soon - NSPCC Number Day 2020

National Number 2020 will be held on Friday 7th February 2020. The focus for the day is all about NUMBER to raise money and awareness of the charity NSPCC. All children will be taking part in fun activities linked to their special class number. We are also asking children to bring in silver coins (small change or pocket money) to raise money for the NSPCC – Can we fill our number with silver? A huge thank you in advance for your continued support.

Maths in the everyday world by Harry Di Blasi

As part of Harry's maths homework, he spent time looking around his home to find examples of maths that we use everyday world. The class were very interested in Harry's findings...

Maths Homework Celebration - Year 5

We have had a lovely morning celebrating the maths homework from this half term. I have been amazed by the quality and creativity of some of the homework. Here are some quotes from the children....


Georgia about Ben's homework -


"I like your maths game. It is very interesting!"


Theo about Jessica's homework -


"I like your game it was very colourful and fun to play!"


Well done everybody and a huge thank you to all of the parents/carers who have supported their children with the homework.

Times Table ROCK STARS!

This term, we have successfully embedded TT Rock Stars as part of our daily maths lesson. The children really enjoy it. Each Friday, a child from each year group is awarded a certificate for the fastest Rock Speed! Next term, the focus will be on the highest earners.  The aim of the Times Tables Rock Stars is to boost mental agility linked to times tables. Each child will have their own individual logins to access the site, both at home and school. Enjoy!


 For further information please visit -


Year 5 Roman Numerals

This morning, we have had a great time testing our knowledge of Roman Numerals by completing a Treasure Hunt! The children thoroughly enjoyed finding the clues, solving the calculations to reveal the winning word which was...Oatlands!

Maths at Oatlands 2018-2019

Maths lessons from HGS teachers


On Friday 21st June, three maths teachers from Harrogate Grammar School came to OJS to teach Year 6 a maths lesson. In the lesson we spoke about money, the different coins we have and how they make up different amounts when we need to buy things.

What if we lived in a world with only 2p and 5p coins, would we be able to but everything exactly?

What about 4p and 7p?

After much investigating we came to the conclusion that this would work (it would just be much trickier when calculating change!). Then we thought about combinations that would not work...this took some thinking. We found out that numbers had to be both even, to prevent us from finding 1p, or they had to be multiples of one another eg. 2p and 4p or 12p and 24p.

Thank you to the teachers from Harrogate Grammar School who really got us thinking last week we really enjoyed the lesson!

Enterprise Afternoon

What a busy time we have had! Enterprise Week has been full of activity and has been an incredibly enjoyable week, learning more about our theme of 'Healthy Body, Healthy Mind'. Our key aim has been developing skills for learning, skills for life and skills for work. The children have had the opportunity to consider the role money plays in all our lives, how to manage their money effectively, and have how to make money through an enterprise. Key skills of teamwork, communication, resilience, flexibility, delegation and patience have all been practiced this week. This all came together for Enterprise Afternoon on Tuesday 11th June when all the children ran their own stalls. There was an amazing buzz around the school. This year we were raising money to go towards Active Play equipment – the final total was...… and amazing £781.09 a huge achievement!

Competitive Stall Winners 2019

A huge well done to the Competitive Stall Winners for Enterprise 2019.

Enterprise 2019 - Year 6

Year 6 have been enjoying Enterprise Week and have learnt all sorts of useful life skills about money. We have shown excellent teamwork in planning and designing our stalls on the theme of Healthy Body, Healthy Mind and can't wait to see how we get on with selling our products and services to the rest of the school. Learning about profit and loss, revenue and expenses has helped up budget for our stalls and we all hope to take lots of money on the day. We have also been finding out about social enterprises such as The Big Issue, StreetBank and CraftAid International, who worked with us on our sculpture project. We found out that making a profit can help local communities and groups of disadvantaged people.  A real highlight of the week was our skipping workshop with George which was great fun and a lot more challenging than we first expected. We look forward to seeing you all at our stalls next week!

Enterprise 2019 - Year 5

We have had a fantastic start to our Enterprise Week. All of the children have thoroughly enjoyed working alongside Skipping4Schools, learning new skills and game ideas. It has been lovely to hear the children talking about their learning from fitness plans to mindfulness scripts. Planning is also well underway for our Enterprise Afternoon on Tuesday 11th June. The children have planned their stall ideas, researched marketing techniques and even decided who is going to do the shopping. A great week so far! Can I please remind parents and carers, that children can bring up to £5 in change (10p’s, 20p’s 50p’s) to spend visiting the different stalls on Tuesday 11th June.

Enterprise Week - Year 4

The children have enjoyed a busy week of Enterprise so far and have really thrown themselves into each and every activity. 

In the classroom, we’ve created business plans for our enterprise stalls, learning new vocabulary such as revenue, profit and costs. During our English lessons, we’ve looked at persuasive writing, creating a play script for a radio advert and persuasive posters to encourage people to visit our stalls. In Maths, we’ve been looking at converting pounds and pence and calculating change. 

Weve also been thinking about our theme of ‘healthy body, healthy mind’, creating our own Eatwell Plate and taking part in a fantastic skipping workshop with George from Skipping4Schools. Not only did the skipping exercise our bodies, but it also gave our minds a workout too! 

Enterprise Week 2019 in Year 3

Year 3 children have thoroughly enjoyed all the different activities during their first experience of Enterprise Week at the Junior School. Emphasising the strap line 'Healthy Body, Healthy Minds' at the forefront of every activity, from: skipping workshops; recognising and understanding the five food groups; planning a balanced meal; considering ambitions for the future and lots of maths activities using money, the children have all participated with the greatest of enthusiasm. 


Without a doubt, the highlight of Enterprise Week will be the final afternoon, when the children have the opportunity to set up their stalls and try to make as much profit as they can. They have planned collaboratively, organised resources, creatively thought of ways to market their stalls and ensured that each stall supports the 'Healthy Body, Healthy Minds' logo. Good luck with the stalls Year 3 and spending your own money visiting other class stalls on Tuesday afternoon. Fingers crossed for good weather!

Enterprise Week 2019


We are very excited to share with you the plans for Enterprise Week 2019. Firstly, let us explain what is meant by ENTERPRISE:

Enterprise in education is about taking an enterprising approach to teaching and learning. Enterprise encourages all young people to learn and develop in a way that meets their needs and develops skills for learning, skills for life and skills for work.

Enterprise Week 2019 will launch on Tuesday 4th June 2019. Throughout Enterprise Week, the children will be learning about budgeting, profit-making, using money and how to make an effective business plan. Alongside the business side of enterprise, the children will also learn about this year’s theme: ‘Healthy Mind, Healthy Bodies’. The children will learn about how to kind our bodies and minds healthy, with links to English, Science, DT, PE and Geography. There will also be a practical workshop for the children to take part in lead by Skipping4Schools.

Our week will conclude with an Enterprise afternoon. This is a fantastic afternoon, where children run their own stalls including games, drawing and food/drinks all linked to the theme ‘Healthy Mind, Healthy Bodies’.  All planning and resources will be organised in school. During the afternoon, all of the children will also have the opportunity to visit other stall and we are suggesting that children can bring up to £5.00 in loose change (10p and 20p) for this.


All money raised this year, will go towards practical equipment for Active Play. Active Play is an afternoon break time where all children have a piece of equipment each to play with. It could be a space hopper, skipping rope or hoop.


Enterprise Week is always a highlight for the children. If you have any questions, please email Mrs Coyne


Spring Term Maths

Spring term has been very busy with the whole school learning about fractions and decimals. Upper school have extended their learning, looking at the relationship between fractions, decimals and percentages. The highlights this term have been Number Day, where we raised over £150 for charity, as well as enjoying fun activities around Maths. I have also enjoyed looking at the fantastic work presentation for Mathematician of the Week and seeing the progression in TT Rock Stars!

Arts Week 2019 - Maths

This week, Year 5 have been looking at the Fibonacci sequence and how it links to art. We have used the sequence to create our own pieces of art!

Maths Challenge 2019

On Friday 15th February, a small group of Year 5 and Year 6 children attended the Maths Challenge 2019 at Harrogate Grammar School. Throughout the day, we took part in a range of mathematical quizzes and questions; some were relay and timed activities. It was great to spend the whole day at Harrogate Grammar School, just focusing on maths. Unfortunately, we did not rank in the top three, but it was a very close competition. A huge well done to all of the children for taking part!

NSPCC National Number Day in action...

We have had a very busy morning investigating our class numbers. In Year 5, we have made angle stars linked to the number 360. In English, we have written songs, poems and stories all with a total of 360 words. It's been challenging, but lots of fun!

In Year 6 we have taken on the challenge of investigating decimal numbers. We found many different ways of showing our number and calculations (some being very tricky!). In our Creative Writing Journals we wrote stories, poems, diary entries and recounts which included our number.

NSPCC Number Day 2019

National Number 2019 will be held on Friday 1st February 2019. The focus for the day is all about NUMBER to raise money and awareness of the charity NSPCC. All children will be taking part in fun activities linked to their special class number. We are also asking children to bring in silver coins (small change or pocket money) to raise money for the NSPCC – Can we fill our number with silver? A huge thank you in advance for your continued support.

Times Tables Rock Stars Winners

This term the focus is 'Highest Lifetime Earners'. This means the more that you play, the more coins that you earn. Well done to our winners!!!

Time in Year 5

We have started the new term with a mathematical focus on time. This includes reading time, converting time, timetables and problem solving.


At Oatlands, we use displays to support and develop a depth of mathematical understanding. Each display contains key vocabulary, teacher/pupils WAGOLLS (what a good one looks likes), higher order questions, posters to support learning as well as celebrating children's achievements. 

Maths at Oatlands - 2017-2018


In Year 5, we have been very busy testing our accuracy of 3D shapes. We have created scaled drawings of nets before creating 3D models.  

Maths at Oatlands


Children in year 5 have been working hard to name, measure and calculate missing angles.

Year 5 Angles

Year 3 Maths

Children in year 3 have been working extremely hard, to apply their knowledge of 3D shapes, to create their own models.

Enterprise Day 2018

On Monday afternoon, the whole school took part in Enterprise day. We have been preparing our stalls/mini businesses over the past two weeks. Stalls included: Lucky dips, dart competitions, refreshments, hairstyles and even mini golf! Each class chose a theme e.g. a book or a film that they based all there stalls on. Then each class was given £20 that was then split into £5 per group so that each stall could get an equal amount of money. Then one person per group went and bought their equipment/prizes from the shops. On the day, we had 30 minutes to set up around the school and then an hour to walk round. This year’s total was…..£324.19. The School Council are going to meet next week to decide how the money will be spent.


It was a brilliant day and both pupils and teachers really enjoyed it. We are looking forward to next year’s Enterprise Week.

By Flossie Linford and Ella Chen (Meerkats

Maths across school.

This week I have been lucky enough to visit a few of the classes around school. It has been wonderful to see real hands-on learning for Maths. I also spoke to a lovely group onfchildren about their Maths experience at Oatlands. The feedback and enthusiasm when talking about Maths was excellent!

Sports Numeracy

This term children from Year 4 and 6 have been taking part in Sports Numeracy. Sports Numeracy is a programme designed to complete practical PE lessons with a particular focus on the mathematical topics: recalling number bonds; multiplication facts; fractions; decimals and percentages. The aim of these booster sessions is to further develop the children’s confidence and fluency within these mathematical areas. All of the children have thoroughly enjoyed their sessions with Mr Ellis.

Maths with Mrs Evans

This term children from Year 5 have been working alongside Mrs Evans to support and develop their confidence in Maths. The children have worked together to solve a range of mathematical puzzles as well as sharing ideas about number. All of the children have thoroughly enjoyed their sessions with Mrs Evans. A big thank you to Mrs Evans for all of her help!


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