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Scarth's Celebrations Archive 2019-2020

February 28th 2020

Today we marvelled at the subject of science. Some pupils brought light boxes they had made with them, others brought their stop-motion animations all about the human body, its bones and muscles.


We learnt that children have more bones than adults because some bones fuse together as you grow. We also learnt about the life cycle of a frog and a butterfly.


We enjoyed caramel cake bars this week too!

February 7th 2020

January 31st 2020

January 24th 2020

This week, the theme was computing. The two areas the children had been learning about were effective research methods and coding.


The pupils in year 3 and 4 explained how search engines, such as Google, generate and prioritise the results it returns. They were able to use technical language to describe this, including explaining automated crawlers, or spiders.


Year 5 and 6 pupils had been using Swift Playgrounds to code. Swift is a coding ‘language’ that the children have been learning. They had been learning to issue commands, functions and loops to write increasingly complex codes. I think we may have some future developers!

January 17th 2020

January 10th 2020

This week, the children were delighted to be the first McNamara’s Marvel’s of the new decade!


The children brought their English learning and I was impressed with their vocabulary. We played a game where we guessed what some of the new words children had learnt meant, which they were all very good at. If you’d like to play too I have listed the words below!


Lacklustre  Monotonous  Dilapidated  Exceptional  Vantage


This week, we also heard an amazing story opening of Dracula, written from Dracula’s perspective. The tension build was comparable to current BBC adaptation!

December 13th 2019

This week’s Marvels were sharing their French learning from across the half term. We had 2 songs; one for the colours in French and one song about Halloween – both of the performances were entertaining and each child received an applause. Before sharing their learning, some children made disclaimers regarding the accuracy of their pronunciation(!), but they still impressed. In Year 5, children had been learning about the dates of important events in France and which special days we share.  If I were to holiday in France, I’d certainly be inviting these children along to help me out.

Well done, what a fun end to the week!
Miss McNamara


6th December 2019

We had a double-whammy this week and what fantastic work there was! 

The roll over from last week was very interesting as all the children brought their wonderful history and geography learning. I was very impressed with the vocabulary the children used and how they helped each other remember some of the interesting facts.

This week, the children brought their RE learning; I really enjoyed hearing the children making links between different religions and non-religions.

22nd November 2019

17th November 2019

Today’s meeting made us all think it was bedtime! Our juice, treat and pyjamas made us feel like we were at a sleepover however, all the exciting work there was to share soon woke us up!

The children were articulate in explaining their activity and what they had learnt; topics ranged from the Vikings to Philippe Petit. 

Well done to all the children who came to this week’s celebration.


8th November 2019

4th October 2019

I had a wonderful meeting with the children who were chosen to come to the very first McNamara’s Marvels! I have been impressed by their work on the iPads, their

knowledge of the Victorians and the way they have demonstrated the school values through their work in class.


Well done to all!

27th September 2019

September 20th 2019

Another fabulous celebration of learning and achievement today! The children shared research and investigation outcomes from Science lessons, using key vocabulary very precisely to explain their learning, which really impressed me. We were all hooked listening to descriptive writing that created suspense from English lessons based on the‘Iron Man’ novel study. Pupils sharing Maths work were proud of their success with tricky greater depth activities. And finally, being taken back in time to Viking villages and looking forward to the ‘Jorvik’ trip later this term. All enjoyed with juice and cake. Well done!                                                               Mrs Scarth

September 13th 2019

The first Scarth’s Celebrations of the year did not disappoint! The enthusiasm and sense of pride from all the children was lovely to see, as they talked about their achievements and learning. Our new Y3 children were keen to join in the discussions, answering questions confidently. A super end to the week and all enjoyed with juice and cake! Well done.                                                      Mrs Scarth

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