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PE & Sport

P.E. Subject Leader - Jo King

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Vision for PE:

At Oatlands Junior School we recognise the important role that physical activity plays in achieving health, fitness and well-being among pupils, staff, parents/carers and the wider community. We aim to provide the knowledge, skills and motivation necessary for a healthy lifestyle and a lifelong participation in physical activity and sport.


We believe PE & Sport plays an important role in making our vision statement a reality for every pupil, with the potential to change young people’s lives for the better.

How PE is taught and what it looks like at OJS

In PE we explicitly teach, develop and assess the fundamental movement skills that are key to successful physical activity. Alongside these, we teach a range of multi-abilities that develop children’s personal, social and cognitive skills. A variety of sport specific skills are also taught, which reference FMS and multi-abilities, and there is clear skill progression through the lower and upper school year groups. An emphasis is placed on pupils enjoying being physically active through personal challenge and achievement. Competition is provided through personal bests, as well as competition with peers. We strive to create new ambition for every child. Our holistic approach also encompasses enrichment activities, close links with clubs and their specialist coaches, as well as home challenges. PE is taught twice each week, with further opportunities for short bursts of physical activity during curriculum time on non-PE days - sometimes taken in the form of the Daily Mile.

PE in Action Spring 2022



Our final Year 4 class Snow Leopards are about to start their specialist badminton lessons at Harrogate Racquets Club. Grizzly Bears and Falcons class have really enjoyed their sessions, which have allowed them to become familiar with the club and its facilities, as well as developing their racket skills. This continues our long term association with HRC and all its three disciplines - badminton, tennis and table tennis.

PE in Action - Autumn 2022

Invasion Games

This term, all of our classes have included invasion game skills within their PE lessons. Depending on the year group, they have acquired new knowledge and skills through either lacrosse, basketball, hockey or tag rugby. These units always end with an intra class competition - well done everyone for modelling all of our sports values too!

Specialist Coaching



All of our Year 5 classes have now received five weeks of specialist squash coaching, most of which took place on the squash courts at Harrogate Squash & Fitness Centre. Several pupils from this year group are now taking advantage of after school squash coaching at the centre, which is either discounted, or in some cases free. Many thanks to the staff at HSFC for facilitating this development pathway for our new squash enthusiasts.



A coach from Yorkshire Cricket has visited our school during December to deliver a series of three sessions to each of our Year 3 classes. They have worked on their catching, bowling and batting skills alongside lots of fun active games.

PE in Action - Summer 2021

Year Group Sports Afternoons


Well done to all our pupils for their fantastic efforts on our sports afternoons. Videos of the events will be posted shortly.

Hula Hooping Workshops


This week was Enterprise Week when our pupils took part in activities linked to our theme of ‘Valuing Ourselves and Others’. Some lessons were directly linked to physical and mental health (Science, PE, PHSCE, DT) or taking care of the environment (Geography), whereas others were about gaining an understanding of enterprise and the role money plays in our lives (English, Maths). The additional hula hooping workshops have given the children an idea of how a fundraising event can be based on physical activity, as well as teaching them new active skills with equipment they can use during break times or at home. Here are some pictures of us developing our skills:

Active Travel and the ‘Big Pedal’

In the week beginning 19th April, we took part in the 2021 Sustrans Big Pedal event, the UK’s largest inter-school cycling, walking, wheeling and scooting challenge.

It hopes to inspire hundreds of thousands more pupils, staff and parents to regularly take active journeys to school. By joining in, we aim to promote our community’s physical and mental wellbeing, as well as our hopes for a greener planet.

Here are the results of the active journeys to school taken by our pupils during the week:


Active Journeys by Children per Class over a week



Active Journeys



Active Journeys





























Snow Leopards



Grizzly Bears






Well done to Meerkats, who made the most active journeys with an average of 24 active pupil journeys to school per morning, closely followed by Flamingos, then Foxes.

The class with the most active journeys (including accompanying adults) was Foxes.

We hope to continue encouraging our pupils to make their journeys to school active and plan to introduce an ongoing method for recording these each day. Many thanks to Kate Stephen, who is using her knowledge of transport planning to help us champion the cause for active travel to our school. Please watch this space for future developments.

PE in Action - Spring 2021

Many of our pupils have taken part in a cross-curricular PE competition to design an Olympic mascot for our allocated country Vanuatu. The OJS winners for each year group are shown below. Henry Beagley was awarded Overall Schools Winner - well done, Henry!

PE In Action - Autumn 2020


In PE, each class has started with a different curriculum unit, so that we do not need to share equipment across bubbles. The following pictures show classes being taught Lacrosse (Foxes), Athletics - Jumping for Distance (Grizzly Bears), Creative Combat Dance (Tigers), Cricket (Cheetahs), Athletics - Hurdles (Meerkats).

What your child will leave OJS knowing, understanding and appreciating in PE

Physical Activity

All children will understand the value of physical activity in their lives and be used to spending part of each day being active. They will have experienced a broad range of activity options, including competitive and non-competitive sports. By the end of their four years with OJS, they will have experienced specialist coaching in four different sports in local club environments, during curriculum time. They will have had the opportunity to attend before or after school clubs in a range of active pursuits.


All children will understand that PE is primarily about developing the fundamental movement skills which allow them to participate successfully in any physically active pursuit. It is also about learning the personal skills of determination, self belief, teamwork and respect which will bring both enjoyment and a sense of achievement for all.

Pupil Leadership

Each year, six children per year (two per class) will be given the opportunity to be part of our Sports Crew, developing leadership skills. These children will provide the pupil voice for PE and Sport in that school year, contributing to decision making, as well as event planning and organisation. They will also have a pupil leadership role in PE lessons. Additionally, Y6 pupils are invited to apply for Sports Leader training in an after school club; this then qualifies them to take on a Sports Leader role leading lunchtime clubs or sporting competitions. 

What pupils at OJS think about PE


"I like that we do a bit of everything." Y3 pupil

"We play fun games." - Y3 pupil

"I like PE at OJS because we get to do fun activities and learn dances like Disney's  'I wanna be like you'." Y4 pupil

"  I Love the sports and the clubs." - Y4 pupil

"I like that I can exercise my body and have a good time as well." Y5 pupil

"I like the new sports we try in it and the tournaments you can go to like hockey, football or cricket." Y6 pupil

"I liked doing cross country." Y6 pupil

Autumn 2020 - Intra School Competition in PE

This term all of our pupils have taken part in intra school competitions in cross country and dance.


OJS Virtual Sports Day

OJS Virtual Sports Day 2020

This is "OJS Virtual Sports Day 2020" by Oatlands Junior School on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Active Play Workshop

The children in Year 3 Owls class had great fun learning and playing some new games with the visitors from 'Active Play Sports Camps'. First we played Chaos Tag followed by Mingle Mingle (Mrs McNerney's favourite!). Then we played Giants, Wizrds and Elves which is a fun version of rock, paper, scissors and ended with Shark Attack. All games encouraged us to be active and involved running around and using various parts of our body. Most important of all was that we had fun! 

Invasion Skills

Y5 Cognitive Skills within Invasion Games


Y4 Social Skills within Gymnastics

Gymnastics across School

In Y3 gymnastics has centred on a variety of travelling movements and pathways while using and controlling hand apparatus such as balls, ropes and hoops. In Y4 gymnastics has involved partner balance and rotation. This has been taught alongside the social skills of praise and encouragement, sharing ideas and team organisation. 

House Competitions

At the end of our Invasion unit some classes held house competitions. In Owls class, Yellows came 1st in the house lacrosse. The picture below is Foxes classes playing one of their matches, with one pupil as assistant referee. Y5 played a house hockey competition.

School Games Award


For the fourth year running we have received a gold award for the School Games Mark. This is a government led awards scheme to reward schools for their commitment to the development of sporting competition across their school and into the community. This means that we are now eligible to apply for the platinum award next year which would be a further recognition of our consistency and continued improvement in this area.                                                                             

Enterprise Week - 'Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies'

This year we used a 'Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies' theme for Enterprise Week. Children have applied their knowledge of health to a variety of tasks, alongside learning enterprise skills. It was wonderful to see all our classes developing stalls which sold healthy food/ drink, required physical activity to win a competition or allowed some mental relaxation. The creativity was impressive!


Our final picture shows our Y4 Sports Crew members with Grizzly Bears class holding the new equipment that has been purchased with our Enterprise profits. This will be used at break times to give everyone more options while participating in our 'active' afternoon break. The skipping workshops held at the start of the week have provided us with many different skipping skills that we can now practise. 

Cheetahs Play Table Tennis

Following sessions by Tigers, Macaws and Meerkats, Cheetahs are the fourth class to visit Harrogate Racquets . They have made six trips to HRC over the last few weeks to develop their table tennis skills. It was a chance to improve their ball control, their forehand and backhand technique and some matchplay skills. They have enjoyed the chance to play in a club environment on quality tables with specialist coaches. Thank you to the HRC coaches Vanessa, George and Dale. It is now the turn of Flamingos class.

Health Week

February 11th was the start of our school Health Week. The event was aimed at raising the profile of health amongst our pupils and their families. It included a number of different activities throughout the week to cover aspects of physical health (exercise, food, hydration, sleep) and mental health (relaxation, mindfulness). All of the children experienced a dance fitness workshop on Monday, followed by either a Yoga or a Judo taster session.

Many of our lessons have been linked to Health Week. For example, upper school Science lessons have looked at how astronauts stay healthy in space, while lower school are studying health through their unit on humans and their bodies. PE has focused on fitness this term and mental health has been a feature through meditation and mindfulness experiences in class.

Follow-up events will take place over the next few weeks with Sports Crew delivering an assembly on Health to the school and a yoga workshop is being offered to staff and parents.



New Gymnastics Equipment

All the classes tried out the new equipment in their Gymnastics unit.

Squash Lessons at a Local Club


Following an in-school squash taster session, Flamingos and Cheetahs classes went up to the Harrogate Sports and Fitness Centre to use their squash courts. Three of our pupils already play at the Centre - Elliot Campbell and Thomas and Hannah Taylor.

Dynamic Balance in Gymnastics

Yoga in Y3

Some of our Y3 experienced a yoga session this half term. Mrs Newland visited our school to teach us  the following poses: Mountain, tree, sun, rag doll, water sprinkler and the butterfly. They then relaxed and meditated at the end. 

Y6 Tag Rugby Matches

Our Y6 also acted as referees for their matches.


Y3 Lacrosse

At the end of our unit on invasion games, Y3 played some matches. Here are some pictures of Foxes class in a match which ended with Blue House scoring to win 1 - 0.

Karate Taster Sessions

All of our classes have had a Karate session with a coach from a local club. They have learnt the correct stance and how to use focus and aim to break a board with their foot.

Autumn 2018 - Invasion Games

Our Y5 have been getting to grips with hockey this term and Y4 with basketball.

OJS Sports Day 2018

Sports Day 2018

On Monday, it was Oatlands Junior’s Sports Afternoon which is held every year. After lunch, we got changed into our PE kits and headed out onto the field to compete against other houses in different activities. The activities were: throwing, long jump, obstacle courses, sack race, potato and spoon, endurance, relay and flat races.

The relay and flat races were the last part of the afternoon and were the most competitive! All the houses raced against each other to get Oatlands points for their house.

It was a really enjoyable day and the crowd went wild when they saw the children competing. It was a really hot day and we got to enjoy our biscuits and juice in the sunshine. The winner of our Sports Day this year was… RED KITES!

Ruby Lewis and Clara Woollven (5T)

Ancient Greek Olympic Events in PE

Harrogate Racquets Cardio Fun

Coaches from Harrogate Racquets led a Cardio Fun session during Sport Relief Week. They will be running a similar club in the Summer term before school, as well as a Tennis and Badminton club.

Basketball Coaching

Coach Mark Gunn led an assembly to launch our new Summer term basketball club. He will also be providing specialist basketball coaching to classes 3M and 3H for the first half of the Summer term.

Cricket Coaching for Girls

Over 50 of our girls enjoyed  a one hour coaching session in cricket led by local ECB trained coach Andy Hawkswell. He has set up a girls cricket team at Harrogate Cricket Club for any girls who are interested.

Creative PE


Leila and Yasmin created a routine to showcase the ball skills they have been practising in PE. We were all impressed with their ball control, synchronisation and creativity!


Traditional Dancing

Upper and lower school have been learning to dance! 


Traditional Dances 1


Traditional Dances 2

PE Workshops for our Gifted and Talented

On Wednesday morning, a group of talented Year 3 and 4s got the opportunity to take part in an extra PE session with Mr Well. We learnt new football touches and skills including laces, volleys and the Neymar trick shot. After practising our skills, we played a short match with Greens versus red. We all had the chance to show off our new learning and the Greens were victorious in the final minute. We had a brilliant morning and would like to thank Mr Well and Mrs King for organising it.

Oli Vincent, Immy Hartley and Cruz Cartwright 3H


On Wednesday 6th December, a group from years 5 and 6 took part in a gifted and talented sporting event. The sport we focused on was football, the skills we learnt were the Maradona turn, Cristiano Ronaldo dribble with your laces, the Lionel Messi and a few different volleys. Our teacher slowed down the skills for us to learn them and then he would show us it in fast motion. Next, we would go and find a space on the pitch to try them ourselves.

Finally, we moved the goals into a position for a match. He picked two captains for a team, for the red team it was Oscar from 6M and for the green team it was Finley from 6M. The game was ten minutes long and eventually the green team won. Overall, it was a great experience for everyone and we all learnt a lot from it.

Josh Morales Macias 6FW and Oscar Brown 6M

Construction of our New Running Track!

Using the gym equipment to practice dynamic balance

Year 3 and Year 5 have been have been developing their static balance skills:

The Sports Award 2016-27

This award is given to the person who has shown outstanding commitment to sport and physical activity during their time at Oatlands Junior School.

Amy Robson was the recipient of this award for her sporting achievements and her ability to inspire others. She showed enthusiasm for all sporting activity, by participating in many tournaments and she inspired others through leading sports clubs for her peers.

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