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Year 3 Badgers

We are the Badgers!


Welcome to our class.


We're clean and tidy, strong and protecting. We work hard and make friends for life. 


"The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go."


'I Can Read With My Eyes Shut' - Dr Seuss

Well done Badgers for completing your first set of homework! We were so impressed by the quality of the colour poems that it would be a shame not to share some of them here.


Orange is a falling leaf

Orange is tasty orange juice

Orange is as sweet as carrots

Orange is fluffy Garfield

Orange is hot like the sun

Orange is a carved pumpkin

By Rory Brannan

Green is a juicy grape

Green is a beautiful plant

Green is sloshy paint

Green is a tasty apple

Green is the smell of freshly cut grass

Green the powerful master Yoda is

By Hunter Chipp


Yellow is a smooth banana

Yellow is a sunflower

Yellow is a yellowhammer

Yellow is a bitter lemon

Yellow is delicious custard on apple crumble

Yellow is a burning sun

Yellow is a slice of Gouda cheese

By Faye Hambrook


Purple is a juicy grape

Purple is a beautiful lavender plant

Purple is a delicious sweet

Purple is a sparkling firework

Purple is a yummy yoghurt

Purple is the colour of a book cover

Purple is a squishy plum

By Ava McCarthy


Blue is the colour of Sonic

Blue is the vast open sea

Blue is the colour of my daddy’s uniform

Blue is the sky on a sunny day

Blue is as bright as my bed

By Flynn Penzes-Underhill


Yellow is a delicious mango

Yellow is a beautiful buttercup

Yellow is a bathroom duck

Yellow is a scrumptious cake

Yellow is a smelly cheese

Yellow is an outstanding rose

Yellow is never the colour of your nose!

By Jess Jones


Class Novel


Following our class vote, we have chosen David Walliams' 'Billionaire Boy' as our very first class novel. We can't wait to get stuck in, find out what happens and hear what weird and wonderful voices Miss Hind and Miss Houseman have up their sleeves!

PE Timetable


Our PE lessons will take place on Tuesdays and Fridays this term.

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