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We're clean and tidy, strong and protecting. We work hard and make friends for life. 


"The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go."


'I Can Read With My Eyes Shut' - Dr Seuss

We held our postponed Y3 Sports Morning on Wednesday. It was a busy morning filled with jumping, throwing and running! First, we did a carousel of activities; throwing the javelin, standing long jump and running laps of the track to earn points for our house teams. Finally, the flat races were held: obstacle, skipping, sack, egg and spoon, flat and relay races. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and showed excellent teamwork and sportsmanship! It was the Yellowhammers who were victorious this time, but a very well done to all!

Our music lessons

Still image for this video
In music, we have been learning how to play the glockenspiel with Miss Barrett. Here is a snip of one of our practice sessions!

This term we have chosen Freddie and Faye for a 'Special Mention'. They work incredibly hard, present everything to a high standard and are both kind, thoughtful members of the Badger class. We are lucky to have them in our sett!

Special Mentions

In French week, we have been learning in which other countries French is spoken, with a real focus on Francophone countries in Africa. We learnt about the French artist, Paul Gauguin, who was inspired by the many far flung countries he visited and we created landscapes of the Democratic Republic of Congo based on his art style. In French, we have continued to learn about sport and can now begin to say what we play or do. For lunch on Thursday, we had a French menu and the dining room was decorated specially. Finally, in music, we learned about the djembe drums and had a go at creating simple rhythms as a class using plastic tubs! C'est chouette!


Thea’s Fundraising


The Badgers are very proud of Thea who has been busy at home, raising a whopping £415 for the RSPCA. 

Alongside her brother, Thea has walked 46miles in 6 weeks, which is the equivalent of climbing Mt Fuji! 

A fantastic achievement Thea and for a very worthy cause. Very well done! 

Hula Hooping Workshop


As part of this year's Enterprise Week, we got to take part in a very exciting Hula Hooping Workshop. Adam, the hooping expert, taught us all kinds of tricks including balancing the hoops on our thumbs, heads and even on our noses as well as hula hooping with our arms and our waists. We enjoyed our workshop so much that we dusted off our class hula hoops ready to hone our skills at playtimes - we've barely put them down since! 

Ancient Egyptian Workshop


We were very excited to take part in an Ancient Egyptian Workshop last week, looking at different artefacts, learning about the materials used and making inferences about what they might have been used for. Rory dressed up as an Egyptian (and was very excited about it, as you can tell), Flynn was put in charge of the kingdom and Toby and Noah got to assist in a mummification!

We have been reading 'The Great Kapok Tree' by Lynne Cherry over the last half term or so. Over the last week, we have written dilemma stories, where our characters have faced a problem and then resolved it. We've worked really hard and Miss Houseman and Miss Hind are thrilled with the results! Here are some for you to enjoy!

Comic Relief 2021

Here are the Badgers all dressed in their Superhero or red outfits for Comic Relief! Thank you so much for your generous donations and nose purchases towards this worthy cause. Everyone has made a brilliant effort - well done.

Achievement Winners - 19th March 2021

A very well done to Rory and Freddie, this week's achievement winners! Both have been working exceptionally hard: Rory has been making great strides with his times tables and Freddie has impressed us with his multiplication work and presentation.

Celebration Assembly Winners - Friday 5th March!


This week's winners are Freddie W, Arthur F, Sophie N, Ewan M, Evie K and Zac S


Freddie W has impressed me repeatedly over the last eight weeks with his determined attitude towards his home learning. Freddie is always prepared to have a go at all his activities and has responded to feedback I have given to make any small changes I might have suggested. I have been especially delighted with the presentation of Freddie’s learning; he is putting a huge amount of effort into his handwriting and is taking real pride in all the activities he is sharing. I absolutely loved and was incredibly impressed with the determination you showed towards achieving your goals in our Jigsaw activity as well.  I hope that you are very proud of yourself – very well done! 


Arthur F has been a fantastic and enthusiastic member of the Fowls bubble who has put a maximum amount of effort into all our activities! Arthur has really impressed me with the way in which he has listened to the learning and responded to my feedback; I was delighted to see you answer questions in full sentences in English, explaining your responses using one of my favourite words ‘because’ and checking your writing for full stops and capital letters. I hope that you are very proud of yourself – very well done! 


Sophie N is an extremely conscientious learner who tries her very best with all the work she completes, from reading instructions carefully to answering questions in detail. Work is always presented carefully and clearly. I was especially impressed with your RE assignment this week, Sophie. You have explained the significance of four days in Holy Week and explained why you think Christians refer to the day on which Jesus was crucified as Good Friday. Well done, Sophie! 


Ewan M has been a fantastic member of the Growls bubble, bringing an energy to class that always brightens our day! We have been especially impressed with the enthusiastic attitude that Ewan shows for all his learning and the effort he puts into every activity. Great work, Ewan – very well done! 


Evie K has really impressed us with her online work over the last few weeks. She always tries her best and presents her learning in bright, colourful ways, which demonstrates the pride she takes in her work. I especially liked your rainforest ‘Top Trump’ cards this week – they were very detailed and beautifully presented! Well done Evie! 


Zac S has been a pleasure to have in the Bow(e)ls bubble over the last 8 weeks. He is always polite, and helpful and quick to get on with his learning. He has produced some lovely writing, some high quality theme work and has been a real trooper for his class in the TTRS Battle of the Bands, putting in some real graft! Your BFG outfit was superb for World Book Day too. Thank you for always being such a star! 

World Book Day 2021!


Thursday, 4th March was World Book Day and Year 3 have been celebrating both at home and in school. It was wonderful during our class check-ins to see the children dressed as their favourite fictional characters and to hear them talk so passionately about the books that they enjoy reading! Everyone had the opportunity to have a go at creating new covers for a story of their choosing ~ although we are not supposed to judge them by their covers, I would certainly be tempted to buy books based solely on the children’s brilliant designs! 


As reading is our superpower, it seemed only fitting to kick off the afternoon’s celebrations with a story time led by mysterious masked readers! Children listened as disguised adults from school told their favourite tales, then tried to guess with whom they had been sharing a story!


Well done and thank you to Year 3 and their adults for the enthusiasm they showed for and hard work they put into celebrating World Book Day 2021!

Celebration Assembly and Art Award Winners - Friday 26th February!


This week's winners are Abbey PPolly MIzzy HElla SAmeen and Millie B


Abbey P has impressed me repeatedly over the last seven weeks with her attitude towards her home learning. Abbey is always prepared to have a go at all her activities and puts a huge amount of effort and thought into each of these. I have this week been particularly impressed with the impassioned speech against deforestation that Abbey gave as part of our learning about rainforests – the scientific language that she included and confidence with which she spoke were super! I have absolutely loved reading your detailed ideas about the mysterious Kapok tree in English too, Abbey – very well done for everything you are achieving! 


Polly M has been a delight to have in the ‘Fowls’ bubble over the last seven weeks! She has been incredibly enthusiastic about all our activities and even our register language – we have learnt a lot of German words thanks to Polly’s asking very sensible questions about this! This week, I have been especially impressed with Polly’s learning in English; I have loved the adjectives that you have thought of to describe the plant and animal life in the rainforest, Polly, and especially the alliteration you have included to make your writing even more effective. Very well done! 


Izzy H always presents her work to the highest standard! She reads instructions carefully, ensuring that the task or activity is completed fully and with 100% effort. Despite not being in school, I have appreciated and enjoyed seeing Izzy’s smiling face and hearing her contributions in our class check-ins. This week, I have been especially impressed with your detailed responses to our new story. Well done, Izzy! 


Ella S has been a wonderful member of the ‘Growls’ bubble over the last few weeks. She has really impressed us with the enthusiasm that she has shown for all our activities and the hard work that she puts into these. Well done, Ella!  


Ameen N has really risen to the challenge of home learning and has impressed us with his enthusiasm for completing his work. He’s asked questions when he’s not sure, resulting in some excellent pieces of work being produced. His model of an Amazon creature is a real sight to behold! We are very proud of all your efforts, Ameen! 


Millie B is a quiet, polite member of the Bowls bubble who always gets on sensibly with her work. However, it is her English work that has really stood out over the last few weeks and we’ve been impressed with the massive improvement in the quality of her writing. Well done Millie! 




May Robson 

Wow! May has created a fabric toy model of her fantasy animal. It is a fantastic piece of textiles complete with facial details. I hope he will be happy in his new habitat. Well done, May, an absolutely fantastic wow work project. 


Lucy Sagar 

Lucy has created a great piece of shadow art this week. She has used vibrant colours and overlapping shadows which creates depth.

Celebration Assembly Winners - Friday 12.02.21


Congratulations to our 3 highest Oatlands Points earners this half-term:

Hunter, Charlotte & Thea! 


Congratulations to our two Special Mentions this half term:

Jack & Willow!

Art Award - Friday 12.02.21


Year 3- Faye Hambrook


Wow! Faye has created an amazing 3D model of the Owlicorn that she designed. She has now brought her animal to life and it is incredible! Such a beautiful creature too, if only it was real. Well done, Faye.

Children's Mental Health week

This week (1-7th February) has marked Children's Mental Health week. We have been doing a daily affirmation around the theme of happiness. Here is a collated selection of reflections from the Badgers class. What wise children we have!

Celebration Winners and Arts Award - Friday 5th February


This week's winners are: Charlotte C, Molly G, Violet S, Ted K, Rory M-B, Jess J


Charlotte C has been working incredibly hard on all our home learning activities. I have been particularly impressed with the fantastic videos Charlotte has been sharing, in which she has demonstrated and explained clearly and confidently acute, obtuse and right angles; delivered an accurate and enthusiastic weather forecast; created and completed mazes and even perfected her agility in PE! This week I loved reading and seeing your expressive performance of your fabulous poem about your dad, Charlotte and thought your line about his making you ‘very proud’ was lovely! Very well done! 


Molly G answered questions about different types of poetry accurately, showing a very good understanding of the layout and features of each type. I especially enjoyed reading Molly’s acrostic poem about ‘Storytimes’. My favourite line is the last one which reads ‘Sleepy girls off to dream, “Good night, love you,” she said.’ Well done, Molly!  


Ted K has been working incredibly hard in the Owls bubble and has really impressed us this week with his fantastic work on different types of poetry. Ted created a super kenning, describing perfectly the ‘ice slipper, school stopper’ and ‘brain freezer’ that is winter! Ted even thought of his own, original ending to his kenning and illustrated his work beautifully too. Well done, Ted! 


Violet S has settled well into the ‘Fowls’ bubble and has very much impressed me over the last couple of weeks with her grown up attitude, as well as her enthusiasm for and fantastic memory of all our learning! I absolutely loved the kenning that Violet wrote describing winter beautifully as a ‘sun hater’ and ‘sloppy snower’! You worked very hard on your poem, Violet, and decorated it brilliantly with a careful illustration. Very well done! 


Rory M-B has proved this week that he is indeed the ‘Poetry Prince’, crafting both kennings and haiku that any published poet would be proud of! He’s been really engaged with all of his learning in school and we have been really impressed with his enthusiasm for answering questions and completing his work. Great stuff, Rory! 


Jess J always completes her home learning tasks with the same diligence and high quality work that we had come to expect in school. We’ve enjoyed her presentations, videos and this week a really wonderful poem about winter. It’s such a pleasure to mark her work. 


Arts Award

Ayda K has designed a new species of animal this week that lives in the rainforest. Her 'spiked head long body' is fantastic! She has thought about lots of features that her animal has including fire breath! Amazing imagination, Ayda. Well done. 

Art Award - 29.01.21


Hunter C

Hunter, your artwork is always spectacular and this week is no exception. The detailed, intricate set of 4 minibeast drawings that you have produced this week are phenomenal. What a talented artist you are, Hunter! Well done!

Celebration Winners Friday 29.01.21


This week's winners are Oscar R, Reuben B, Jessica S, Noah J, Sam F and Sofia B! 


Jessica S has put 100% effort into all her remote learning activities, often accompanying her work with a home-made movie! I was especially impressed with your rainforest diorama, Jessica - I hope you are proud of all the super work you are completing too! Well done! 


Oscar R has really impressed me with both his enthusiasm for his home learning and the effort he has been putting into this. He has really been going the ‘extra mile’, sharing photographs of himself demonstrating synonyms for the word ‘eat’ and words ending with the suffix ‘-ation’ in action and delivering a super weather forecast! Alongside all his hard work on Teams, Oscar has even found time for some independent learning activities; I absolutely loved your Yayoi Kusama-inspired ‘infinity room’, Oscar! Very well done for all your amazing learning! 


Reuben B is a fantastic member of the ‘Fowls’ bubble who is enthusiastic about every activity we do! Reuben has used his time out of school to learn more about our language for this half term, German; we were all very impressed with and learnt a lot from your fabulous PowerPoint presentation teaching us the German words for different types of weather, Reuben! I also loved the silly sentences you created in English this week – especially the idea of your driving a bin! Fantastische Arbeit, Reuben – very well done! 


Noah J has really impressed the teachers in the Owls bubble with his hard work on and enthusiasm for his activities. This week, we particularly enjoyed reading the super ‘silly sentences’ you wrote in English. We won’t be trying to ‘walk on a pencil’ any time soon! Great work and very well done, Noah! 


Sam F has been an absolute star, not just this week, but since bubble learning began. He’s got an amazingly positive attitude, is always keen to challenge himself and is the most polite, kind and thoughtful boy! Sam is everyone’s friend, a really lovely trait to have.  


Sofia B ‘arrived’ in the Badgers class at the start of this term and despite not yet being able to meet her new classmates or teachers in person, has managed to get off to a flying start! She is making a superb effort with all of her home learning and has even been keen to wear her new school uniform! Well done for all of your hard work, Sofia! 

Celebration Assembly Winners - 22nd January 2021

This week's winners are Ava P, Andrew, Roxanne, May, Oscar P and Faye! 


Ava is a fantastic member of the ‘Fowls’ bubble and sets a great example to everyone around her. She is incredibly enthusiastic about all her learning and has even asked for extra activities to complete at break times! She puts a smile on our faces every day with her cheerful attitude and the effort she puts into everything she does; I was incredibly impressed this week with your detailed and carefully thought out answers to questions we asked about The Incredible Book Eating Boy, Ava - well done! 


Andrew has shown amazing enthusiasm for every activity we have set and has put a huge amount of effort into his home learning. The vocabulary he used to describe the feelings of the Incredible Book-Eating Boy was amazing – I loved the word ‘pensive’! Andrew has also been working very hard on his handwriting and, as you can see from his beautiful presentation, it’s paying off. On top of all this, Andrew found time to perfect a dance to Moana, record a super song for French and complete a thoughtful Jigsaw activity – well done, Andrew! 


Roxanne has made a super start in the Owls bubble! We were particularly impressed this week with the lovely poem she wrote in RE entitled ‘Who am I?’ You presented your thoughtful ideas beautifully, Roxy, and we loved your last line - ‘Most importantly I am me’! Well done! 


May has really impressed us this week with her excellent comprehension work on The Incredible Book-Eating Boy. Not only did you offer a detailed and accurate answer to each question, demonstrating fantastic understanding of each of the reading skills we have been learning, but the presentation of your work was exceptional too. Well done, May! 


Oscar has had a brilliant week in the Badger bubble; we have been impressed with his work rate, his polite manner and his enthusiasm for taking on a challenge. We especially enjoyed his weather forecast about Queensland, Australia. Well done Oscar! 


Faye has approached every activity she has been set so far online with the same great enthusiasm and high standards we have become used to seeing in class. She has found many creative ways to demonstrate her learning and we have enjoyed looking (watching and listening!) to it all. Her maze to show off her directional skills were particular highlights. 

Welcome back to a new year and a new way of learning, everyone! Well done to you all for making such a great start on your Teams learning. Every week, we'll post up our celebrated work for you to look at and enjoy. 


Art award - 15.01.21

This week, the art award for year 3 goes to Chloe Westmoreland. She has captured her chosen animal's pose perfectly. With one paw lifted, the back shoulder raised, and the head lowered it looks like this beautiful big cat is ready to pounce! It's fantastic, well done Chloe. Mrs Alderson.

Celebration Assembly winners 15th January

Arian has been polite, hard-working and a pleasure to have in the Badger bubble! We thought his sketch of a poison dart frog was outstanding - such attention to detail.


Eva has made a fabulous start in the new ‘Fowls’ bubble – a bubble formed by children from the Foxes and Owls classes! She has put a great deal of effort into every activity and her learning is presented beautifully. I was incredibly impressed with your careful and accurate drawing in art, Eva – I almost mistook it for a photograph!  Very well done for a fantastic first two weeks back in school! 


George's fact file about Brazil, a country with a rainforest, absolutely bowled us over! High quality drawings and super facts make it a joy to behold - you can see for yourselves above!


Hunter has impressed us with his commitment to home learning; his work has been of a consistent high quality and carefully presented. We especially loved the video presentation about Australia!


Lucy has put a huge amount of effort into and shown incredible enthusiasm for all our remote learning, even completing some activities twice to perfect her activities! I have been very impressed with the time and care Lucy has taken to make sure that her learning is accurate and her work presented neatly. I loved listening to your description of your 'eatwell' plate in science, Lucy - very well done for all your hard work! 



Miss Houseman and Miss Hind would like to wish all of the Badgers and their families a wonderful Christmas break and good health and happiness for 2021. We look forward to seeing you again on 5th January! Ho, ho, ho!

Special Mentions - Autumn 2

Such a tough choice for Miss Houseman and Miss Hind to make, given the wonderful start that all of the Badgers have made. This term's deserving recipients were Ivy and Albie: Ivy for her resilience and transition into a super learner and Albie for his commitment to learning. (photos to follow)

Christmas decorations

We have been busy making Christmas decorations over the last week - Christmas trees with sequins and figgy pudding tea light holders. We hope they help to brighten your houses over the festive period!

Christmas Party


Our Year 3 Christmas Party looked a little bit different this year but we had a great time playing Christmassy games, doing a Christmas quiz and of course enjoying some festive treats! Unfortunately, we still had to put up with Miss Houseman's dancing but we didn't let that put a dampener on the festivities!

Christmas Dinner fun!

On Wednesday, we enjoyed our Christmas dinner whilst wearing our Christmas jumpers and listening to Christmas songs. 

We also made some lovely Christmas cards - what a wonderfully festive start to December.

Children in Need

Well done on everyone on your efforts in dressing up! There were lots of dressing gowns, onesies and pairs of slippers on display which all made for a very comfortable morning of learning and raised plenty of money for Children in Need too!

Our new class novel

Our new class novel is Roald Dahl's 'The Witches'. Listen to Miss Houseman and Miss Hind as they juggle Norwegian accents with the rasping, shrieking tones of the Grand High Witch!

Special Mentions - Autumn 1

Well done to Jess and Noah for receiving our first Special Mention certificates for their great attitudes to learning and for being such lovely friends! All of the Badgers must be congratulated though for making such a great start to their time at Oatlands Junior School; you have settled so well and we are really looking forward to what next term has to offer too!

Our Harvest acrostics

Well done Badgers for completing your first set of homework! We were so impressed by the quality of the colour poems that it would be a shame not to share some of them here.


Orange is a falling leaf

Orange is tasty orange juice

Orange is as sweet as carrots

Orange is fluffy Garfield

Orange is hot like the sun

Orange is a carved pumpkin

By Rory Brannan

Green is a juicy grape

Green is a beautiful plant

Green is sloshy paint

Green is a tasty apple

Green is the smell of freshly cut grass

Green the powerful master Yoda is

By Hunter Chipp


Yellow is a smooth banana

Yellow is a sunflower

Yellow is a yellowhammer

Yellow is a bitter lemon

Yellow is delicious custard on apple crumble

Yellow is a burning sun

Yellow is a slice of Gouda cheese

By Faye Hambrook


Purple is a juicy grape

Purple is a beautiful lavender plant

Purple is a delicious sweet

Purple is a sparkling firework

Purple is a yummy yoghurt

Purple is the colour of a book cover

Purple is a squishy plum

By Ava McCarthy


Blue is the colour of Sonic

Blue is the vast open sea

Blue is the colour of my daddy’s uniform

Blue is the sky on a sunny day

Blue is as bright as my bed

By Flynn Penzes-Underhill


Yellow is a delicious mango

Yellow is a beautiful buttercup

Yellow is a bathroom duck

Yellow is a scrumptious cake

Yellow is a smelly cheese

Yellow is an outstanding rose

Yellow is never the colour of your nose!

By Jess Jones


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