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Year 3 Owls

We're the Owls!


We're freewheeling flyers, hard working and wise. We aim high and believe we can achieve!


"You have brains in you head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose." Oh the Places You'll Go - Dr. Seuss


What a fabulous start to life in the Junior School all of the children in the Year 3 Owls class have made!

On Wednesday morning, there were lots of smiley faces and excited children, eager to catch up with their friends, share their summer scrapbooks and enjoy their first school lunch! Things must have gone well because everybody came back to school on Thursday and Friday! I am really looking forward to getting to know and teaching all of the children over the next year.


Our new class story book is 'Tall Tales' by E.R. Reilly.


Owls Class Reminders:

  • PE kit every Monday and Tuesday.
  • Please sign your child's diary when they have completed their home reading book
  • Please sign your child's diary underneath the weekly timetable for them to earn an easy-peasy Oatlands Point!

Class Elections

On Friday, the Owls class held their class elections. Lots of children put themselves forward for different Pupil Voice groups. The children thought carefully about why they wanted to be voted for the role and how best to persuade their peers to vote for them. Results will be revealed early next week.

Class elections - the results!


French Ambassadors - Noah & Kemp

Librarians - Archie & Georgia

Sports Crew - Rufus & Rory

Digital Leaders - Seb & William

Arts Committee - Connie & Florence

School Council - Emma & Freya

Eco-committee - Sophie


Congratulations everyone! I hope you all enjoy your new roles. First meetings with teachers will happen soon and badges will be given out. 



Violin Lessons

Mrs Dawson came to school on Friday to teach the children their first violin lesson. After singing some songs to warm up our bodies and minds, the violins were given out! We learned the names of the different parts of the violin, the order of the strings and what letters they are called and then we plucked them to some music. This is called pizzicato. 

Badminton at Harrogate Racquets Club

We have had our first badminton coaching session at Harrogate Racquets with Vanessa and Will. We learned how to hold the racquet correctly and practiced keeping the shuttlecock in the air. 

Thank you to Harrogate Racquet's Will and Vanessa who have coached the children for the past six weeks. All have the children have grown in confidence and developed their badminton skills, from improving 'keepy-uppy' scores, serving accurately and returning serve. Letters have been given out for any children who might be interested in continuing to play.  

Summer Scrapbooks

We have shared all the fabulous scrapbooks that were completed over the summer holidays. The children talked about their favourite activities and had an opportunity to look at everyone's photographs and pictures. Thank you to adults at home who supported and helped the children to complete these. 

MacMillan coffee morning & open hour

Thank you to all the parents and carers who came to our first open hour this morning, the classroom was very busy! The children seemed excited and proud to 'show off' their classroom and there were lots of fabulous bikes-for-the-future designed too. We certainly had earned and enjoyed our Macmillan cakes after break time too! 

Celebrating Homework!

Well done everyone for the fabulous range of homework tasks returned and celebrated this week. There was a definite sense of pride when sharing homework and plenty of Oatlands points were earned. A fleet of Saxon boats appeared in our reading area! Thank you to all the parents and adults who have supported their children with the homework tasks. 

Special Mention Certificates - autumn 1st half term

HUGE congratulations to JJ and Freya who received a Special Mention Certificate in assembly this morning. Both children are incredibly hardworking, caring towards others and always try their very best. No-one would know they have only been in the Junior School for eight weeks!

New class Story - The BFG.

We have finished our first class story book, "Tall Tales" by E.R. Reilly. Most children rated this book a 7,8 or 9 out of ten. 


Our next class story book is one of my favourites, "The BFG" by Roald Dahl. 

Children in Need 2019

Everyone looked like they had just rolled out of bed when they came to school this morning, literally! To help raise money for Children in Need, our school council suggested we come to school wearing our pyjamas and making a donation. We then took part in the Joe Wicks 'Big Morning Move', which was good fun (and a little bit sweaty for those wearing onesies!)

Anti-bullying workshop

Thank you to the PTA for funding our workshop this week. The workshop was delivered through the use of virtual reality headsets. We watched and found out about Jasper and why he decided to bully other people. The session enabled us to have lots of conversations and opportunities to ask and answer questions. 

Robin Hood Pantomime

What a lovely way to end a busy week, watching Image Theatre perform 'Robin Hood' for us. There were lots of songs for us to learn and join in with as well as some people getting chosen to take part; well done to Emma and Kemp!

Date for your diary...



Parents, carers and adults are invited to watch our violin recital in the school hall on Friday 6th December, 2.45-3.15pm. We will be performing all the pieces we have been learning over the past 10 weeks with our music teacher Mrs Dawson. We can't wait to show you our talents!

Violin Concert

Trip to Jorvik and the Dig Experience


We had a great time on our trip to York to support our learning about Vikings. First we went into the Dig experience and became real-life archaeologists, looking at bones and things found in the ground. Then we went on the Jorvik experience and most of us held our noses all the way round! Our final activity was the battle workshop. We learned about and some people held, Viking weapons and shields. I think we realised that many of us would not have made very good Viking warriors and need to polish up on our battle skills!

Thank you once again to all the parents and carers who volunteered to support us on the visit, your time is very much appreciated.  

Author visit - Stephen Pass

Stephen visited and delivered a workshop to all Year 3 and Year 4 children today. He shared with us his first book: 'Madge the Mermaid'. Stephen read more of his book with us and explained where his ideas had come from whilst; a holiday in Perranporth, Cornwall. It took Stephen nearly three years to write his book and his second one will be published in three weeks! 


Christmas bauble workshop

The build up to Christmas has started this morning with our bauble workshop! The children all had the opportunity to decorate their bauble with colours of their choice, then adding an angel to finish off. I would expect the children brought home and showed their designs with pride. I hope you agree that they will be a fantastic and unique decoration on your Christmas trees at home this year!

PE apparatus in the hall

There was great excitement in our PE lesson this morning when the children used all the large apparatus. At each station, the children experienced the following: climbing the ropes and rope ladders; travelling along different gymnastic tables and benches; using the monkey bars and the climbing up wall bars. Only a 3 children could climb the ropes properly and some children were nervous when climbing up the wall bars. It will be interesting to see how more adventurous and skilled the children become the more we use the apparatus. Well done to everybody for following instructions very carefully and safely.  

Secret Santa Shop

The Secret Santa Shop opened this afternoon with some very excited customers! There was a wide range of gifts for the children to choose from with all the proceeds going to Horticap. If you're lucky enough, there might be a special gift appearing under the tree for you!

New class book: 'Storm' by Kevin Crossley-Holland

NSPCC National Number Day

Today we raised £29.00 in silver coins for the NSPCC. The children have taken parts in lots of maths activities linked to our number - 13 (unlucky for some!) We have played dice games with a partner, found facts using all 4 operations, designed posters and written a story about a key. All-in-all a fun way of fund raising for an extremely worthwhile charity. 

Homework celebration - spring 1st half term

Once again, the children proudly shared their fabulous homework tasks this week, earning themselves lots of well-deserved Oatlands points! The classroom looked like a mini-rainforest with all the models that had been made. There were some fantastic, creative new animals designed and entertaining stories about someone getting lost in the rainforest. Thank you to all the adults at home who have supported the children with their homework, it is greatly appreciated by staff in school but most importantly, the children have enjoyed completing their tasks with you. 


Special Mention certificates - spring 1st half term


Congratulations to Freya and Peter who received a special mention certificate at the end of the first half of the spring term. Both pupils are happy, energetic and conscientious members of the Owls class, who always try their very best with all of their learning. They also always show kindness and consideration towards everyone else. Well done!

Active Play Workshop


We had great fun learning and playing some new games with the visitors from 'Active Play Sports Camps'. First we played Chaos Tag followed by Mingle Mingle (Mrs McNerney's favourite!). Then we played Giants, Wizrds and Elves which is a fun version of rock, paper, scissors and ended with Shark Attack. All games encouraged us to be active and involved running around and using various parts of our body. Most important of all was that we had fun! 

West End in Schools Theatre Workshop

We have had great fun working with Natalie from 'West End in Schools Theatre Group' today. After an interactive assembly with all the children in years 3 and 4 we then had a class workshop. Everyone had a role to play in retelling the story 'Where the Wild Things Are' by Maurice Sendak. Natalie reminded and encouraged us to make our movements big and bold and to use facial expressions to show how we were feeling. Enjoy watching our performance below!

World Book Day 2020

Everyone has brought into school today their favourite picture book from home. We have had the chance to read and share our books with children from the Meerkat's class. 

Evie and Emily were our 'World Book Day' quiz champions and everyone has compiled a booklet of activities they have completed from today. 

World Book Day

Road Safety Talk with Lauren Doherty

This afternoon Stray FM award winner and road safety campaigner Lauren Doherty talked to the children about the importance of road safety. Lauren explained to the children how nearly ten years ago she was crossing Skipton Road at 4.30am after being out for the night with some friends. Lauren was hit by a van and left paralysed and needing lots of operations. Lauren spoke and shared her moving story with the children and played a video clip of how the accident affected her family. She kindly answered lots of questions from the children. The key message from Lauren's visit today is that everyone must pay attention at all times when crossing a road. 

Copper January/February wet playtime games!

Look at all the brilliant new games and toys we have for indoor break times! Most of these were bought with the £42.00 raised during 'Copper January and February'. A very big thank you to Mrs Thomas who donated a box full of cars and some extra games for us to use too. 


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