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Year 3 Owls

We are the Owls class!

Everyone has had a fabulous first week in Owls class and being in the Junior School! We have even started reading our class story together, 'The BFG'. 


We have PE on a Tuesday and a Thursday. We all look really smart in our new PE kits, wearing our House Team coloured t-shirts! 


Our library session is Friday. Please remember to bring your book to school every Friday so it can be changed for a new one. 

Magistrate visit and assembly

Homework celebration - summer term menu. 

Crime and Punishment: visit to Ripon Museums

We've had a fabulous day visiting the three Ripon Museums: the courthouse, the workhouse and police and prison museum. In the courthouse, the children re-enacted a play about a real-life boy who was in court for stealing a loaf of bread. His punishment was to be transported to Australia! In the police and prison museums, the children went in the prison cells and heard about some of the disturbing punishments given out to prisoners! Lastly, in the workhouse, the children experienced what it would have been like doing the laundry and then visited the workhouse school room.


I think the majority of children agreed that they are glad they were not a child in Ripon during the 1800's! 



Countryside Day at the Yorkshire Showground

We all had a fabulous day at the Yorkshire Showground taking part in Countryside Day, despite it being a very cold, damp summers day! The children took part in a variety of different activities. Some held tarantulas and snakes for the first time, some held giant cockroaches, some children explored how different hydraulics work for various machines and some children explored the woods looking for different coloured objects. The dancing sheep show a highlight of the day for many along with the dog and duck show. A great day out with many memories that will last a long time, I'm sure. 

Enterprise afternoon

All the skills learned and practiced during Enterprise week were put to the test on Tuesday afternoon. Owls class had 5 different stalls, all aiming to make as much money (and profit) as possible. The strawberries and cream stall sold out of everything pretty quickly. Lots of people were thrilled with their notes from the 'Kind Messages' stall. The massage and hair stall were kept busy all afternoon, as were the 'Speed Bounce' stall, who changed their plans at the last minute. The boys running the bean bag stall did a sterling job persuading people from across school to come and have a go. 


The afternoon wasn't just about the children organising and running their own stalls, children had the opportunity to spend their own money visiting stalls from all the other classes. All of the children in the Owls class had a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon, some going home with an interesting new hair design! 


Well done to everyone. After paying school back the loan of £25.00, we then counted all the money for each stall and added it together. The Owls class made £32.20 profit!

Enterprise Week


Everyone has enjoyed a variety of activities during Enterprise week in preparation for Enterprise afternoon next Tuesday. We have discussed the meaning of enterprise and what qualities an entrepreneur might have before getting into groups and planning our stall, bearing in mind our strap line 'healthy body, healthy minds.' 

The children enjoyed a skipping workshop today and have a good understanding of what a balanced diet is as well as the five different food groups. 

In maths we have been counting money and solving word problems involving calculating profit or loss. 

We are looking forward to Tuesday afternoon and finding out how much profit we have made from our five different stalls.  

Special Mention certificates - summer term

Congratulations to Delphi and Billy for being awarded a Special Mention certificate. Both children have a fabulously positive learning attitude and a great sense of humour. They are well-deserving of the award and fantastic role models in the Owls class. Well done!

French Cafe

At the end of a busy week of French activities, the children enjoyed visiting our French Cafe, expertly run by children in year 6. Everyone had a choice of ordering fruit salad, pain au chocolat, croissant or baguette with soft cheese and a drink, in French of course!

Class assembly - the Stone Age

Owls Assembly

This is "Owls Assembly" by Oatlands Junior School on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

French Week

The children have enjoyed all the different activities for French Week. In geography they looked at maps and found which countries are neighbours to France. In art, the children worked on large group pieces based on Matisse's work. In DT the children worked together in small groups to make their own creative versions of famous buildings in France. 


Art in French Week 

The Owls with Miss Joseph learnt more about the artist Henri Matisse, and created tres grande artwork inspired by this famous French artist. To help us we had some of the Owls adults to help us, as part of our Open Hour. With lots of hard work and excellent teamwork we completed the 5 panels inspired by Matisse’s Cut-outs. The children learnt about composition, colour balance and scale as well as the great contribution of a French artist in the history of Art,

Merci, to all who helped create this stunning artwork and for helping us celebrate French Week.  See the assembled artwork at the Arts Exhibition, Wednesday 5th June 6 pm.

In our afternoon Art lesson we created study line drawings inspired by drawing techniques by Matisse.

Badminton - last session


Congratulations to everyone in Owls class for making such great progress in developing your skills during our 6 week block of badminton lessons. Thank you to Vanessa and Will from Harrogate racquets for sharing their expertise and coaching the children and thank you to all of the parents who helped to escort the children there and back safely. 

Maths challenge - making 3D shapes from their nets.

This morning, each table worked together as a team to try and win a Maths challenge! The challenge was to make 12 different 3D shapes from their nets and label them! Some were much trickier to make than others. 

The winning teams for the challenge were table 2 and table 5; each team managed to build all twelve 3D shapes!

Special Mention Certificates

Congratulations to Beth and Jemima for being awarded a 'Special Mention Certificate' for this half term. Both girls are enthusiastic and conscientious learners, loyal friends and have a great sense of humour!

Decorated Egg Competition

What eggsellent entries we have for our annual 'Decorated Egg Competition' today. Everyone has made an eggstra special effort! The winner will be announced in tomorrow's celebration assembly. 

Y3 author visit - Eleanor McKone

Thank you to local author Eleanor McKone, who came to school this morning and shared her second published book with all Year 3 children. The children enjoyed the book 'Piper's Passport - Second Stop Canada' and had the opportunity to ask Eleanor lots of questions afterwards. 

Spring 2nd Half Term Homework Celebrations

Homework was shared and celebrated this morning. Again, what a splendid effort the children have made with their chosen tasks. The children are obviously very proud of their work and have earned themselves lots of Oatlands Points. Well done everybody!

'Big Brain Bounce' for Wellspring Charity

What an exciting and fun start to the day as Owls were the first to take part in the Big Bounce for charity. Owls were put into teams to compete in a relay race.  Bouncing on hoppers, teams were very competitive with each other with Federico almost bouncing to the ceiling!  Teams that bounced their way to being placed first and second were awarded Oatlands Points.  Thank you for all your donations Owls, bouncing and raising money for a good cause; what a great idea Mrs Fretwell! 

Violin Performance

The children proudly performed playing the violin in front of a large audience of adults and children from the Fox class yesterday afternoon. After ten weeks of lessons with Mrs Dawson, the children showed how well they know the different parts of the violin and how to 'pluck' the strings, or pizzicato. Then the bows came out! The children played several pieces of music. Please watch the video below that Olivia recorded for us. I'm sure you will agree with both Mrs Dawson and I that the children have made superb progress in their lessons.  

Red Nose Day!

Thank you for the donations for Red Nose Day. I think you will agree, we all look fabulous wearing something red today (my favourite colour!)

Stone Age Cave Art

Our new History topic is 'Ancient Britain - the Stone Age'. Historians and archaeologists have found out what is was like during this time by the many cave paintings that have been found. We have drawn out own cave paintings of animals that were alive then. We used pastels and charcoal. Back then, people would have used their fingers and sticks to make markings. They would have used soil and plants to make different colours. We think our gallery is fabulous!

Badminton at Harrogate Racquets Club

We had our first visit to Harrogate Racquets Club today to learn how to play badminton. After taking part in some warm-up games, we then practiced balancing the shuttlecock on our racquets before counting how many times we could keep hitting it into the air in a minute. After that we practiced volleys with a partner. It was great fun and all of the children are looking forward to session two next week. Thank you to Ruby and Eloise's mum's for walking with us. 

World Book Day

Today we have been celebrating World Book Day by doing lots of different activities. Mrs Wilkinson started the day with her assembly. These are just some of the things we have taken part in:

  • Sharing our favourite book with a friend
  • Designing book covers and writing blurbs
  • Making our own bookmarks
  • Wordsearches and crosswords
  • Character selfies
  • Writing book reviews
  • Choosing a specific classroom to go to with different genres of books to read
  • Inviting adults into school to share their favourite books with us

It's been a fabulous day and lots of fun!


Spring term Special Mentions

Congratulations to Joseph and Harry for receiving a 'Special Mention' certificate today. Both boys always try their very best and have been fantastic ambassadors of the Owls class when we have had visitors in school or out on visits. 

Arts Week - exploring triangles!

During maths lessons this week with Miss Allenby, we have been exploring how to make patterns with triangles. We have also explored and looked at the work of Pythagoras. Below are some photographs of us designing and making our pictures. These will be on display at our school Art Exhibition next term. 

Sharing and celebrating spring term 1st half homework

Once again, I am delighted with the efforts and creativity shown in the work shared from our spring half term homework menu. Children have enjoyed showing their peers their colourful animal posters, comic strip stories, real-life fractions, maths quizzes and more. There have certainly been lots and lots of Oatlands points earned as a result of the hard work and time given to produce these pieces of work! Thank you to parents and adults at home for supporting the children with their homework.

Northern School of Contemporary Dance session

Sam from the Northern School of Contemporary Dance delivered our workshop this morning. After our warm-up, we talked about how we communicate with each other, especially expressing simple things like 'hello' and 'my name is...' We then worked in pairs to create a story to music that had no spoken words in it. Some people chose to re-tell a fairy story such as 'Jack and the Beanstalk' or a scene from 'Matilda'. Other people showed a representation of their favourite thing to do in school or what they have enjoyed in Arts Week. 

Arts Week - visit to Mercer Art Gallery

We have had our first visit out of school to the Mercer Art Gallery in Harrogate. Whilst there, we split into two groups. The first group spent time looking at the artwork exhibitied in the main part of the museum and wrote postcards describing what the picture looked if it was an ice-cream, a movie or a piece of music! The second group looked at examples of artwork by Nerys Johnson, an artist who had a lifelong struggle with debilitating arthritis. The children then had the opportunity to draw flowers in the style of Nerys using coloured chalks. This will be continued back in school during the rest of Arts Week. 

Staff at the Gallery were highly impressed with the children's artistic vocabulary and understanding, as well as there impeccable behaviour.

Thank you very much to the adults who volunteered to accompany us on this visit too. 

Health Week - Judo taster session

We had a taster judo session with Master Fidgeons this afternoon. We all got wear a judo jacket learned several moves and a throw with our partners. It was great fun and very tiring!

Zumba Class

Class Elections

Well done to the children who prepared and delivered a short speech during our class elections on Friday. We all listened to each candidate then placed our votes into a box. Below are the results:

Safer Internet Day 5th February

Tim Pinto held a workshop on keeping safe on the internet as part of Safer Internet Day.  Year 3 took part in the workshop to learn about how to keep safe when using the internet.
In class we talked together about the important issues raised in the workshop and what we can do to keep safe online and when using Apps and computer games. We then made posters about how to keep safe using some of the important guidelines and rules discussed and learnt about in the workshop and in class.

Our finished posters to take home, so that we can talk to our adults about staying safe on the internet.

The Daily Mile

We had our first Daily Mile session on Friday, trying to run or walk as many laps of the running track as we could in 15 minutes. The track seemed a lot further to run than some people thought! We will keep practising and hopefully will increase the number of laps we run each week.

The Pyramid of Reading!

Dare we enter the Pyramid of Reading in the Owls Class? We could try to find out as much as we can about the Ancient Egyptians. Beware of any mummies lurking around!

Sharing summer scrapbooks!

It's taken us nearly four weeks to share all of our summer scrapbooks! We have really enjoyed listening to everyone describing what they did in the holidays, where they went and who with. There have been lots of photographs, pictures and maps to look at too.

Well done everyone, you have put a incredible amount of time and effort into your books. They will be lovely keepsakes for the future. 

Our Yoga lesson!

Today Mrs Newland visited school to teach us some Yoga. We learned and practiced the following poses: Mountain, tree, sun, rag doll, water sprinkler and the butterfly. We then relaxed and meditated at the end. (Mrs McNerney even heard some of us snoring!)

Open time & MacMillan coffee morning

Thank you to all the parents, grandparents and adults who came to our first 'Open time' this morning; it was certainly a bit of a squeeze in the Owls class! The children really enjoyed you helping them to design an outfit for Traction Man and then designing a comic strip explaining his adventures! I hope all treated yourself to a cake afterwards!

Ancient Egyptian Workshop

We all enjoyed a fabulous Ancient Egyptian workshop with Brian. We learned many new things, such as:

  • The many uses of the River Nile
  • What the first type of paper was called - papyrus, and how it was made
  • How to become of Priest or Priestess
  • Mummification
  • The importance of the Pharaoh
  • Howard Carter and his memorable find

Look at our photographs to see who became a Priestess or Pharaoh for the day and the plays that we put together showing lots of important scenes in history. 

Large apparatus PE lesson

Today we used all of the large apparatus in the hall during our PE lesson. We got to balance and travel along different balance beams, climb the ropes and rope ladders and use climb up the wall bars. It was great fun and hard work!

Karate taster lesson

Today we had a taster Karate session with Mr Sanderson. Firstly we had to learn the 'set stance' so show our respect. Then we tried the 'lock it up' position which is used to listen. We showed our meanest warrior faces when in the position of 'guard'. Then we put all of our effort into kicking the pad and eventually breaking a board! All of this in 30 minutes!!

Celebrating our homework!

We have shared and celebrated fabulous pieces of homework today! Some people have designed some creative canopic jars; weighed and measured the length of different fruit and vegetables and found that there is a food that starts with every letter of the alphabet! Everyone has earned lots of Oatlands Points and received lovely comments written by their classmates and Mrs McNerney. Well done everyone!

Special Mention Certificates - autumn 1st half term

Congratulations to Livvy and Oscar for being awarded the first 'Special Mentions' certificate this year. Two children are chosen from each class for their achievements, attitude and enthusiasm for learning. 

'The Power of One' anti-bullying show

This morning we watched an anti-bullying show called 'The Power of One'. Vicky and Jo presented the show and started by explaining what bullying is. They then showed us different types of bullying, such as: physical, verbal, cyber and emotional. Some children were chosen to act different roles, such being the bully, the target or a bystander. We learned that it's much better to be an upstander and help a target than stand by and watch it happening. The show had a very powerful message today which was to make sure we tell a trusted adult or friend if somebody is bullying is. Everyone will sign @The Power of One' oath and we have all agreed to stand by the rules. This will be displayed in our school entrance. 

Open Time - Thursday 8th November 

Thank you to all the parents, carers and grandparents who came to open time this afternoon. The children enjoyed sharing you sharing your poetic and artistic skills with them to create their own individual acrostic poems about Remembrance Day. 

Visit by Colonel Crossland

Thank you to Colonel Crossland, Barney's dad, who came to visit us and answer our questions after the Remembrance Assembly. Colonel Crossland explained to us what his medals represent, how and why he has been awarded them and which countries he has visited whilst serving in the army. 

Anti-bullying week - odd socks day!

Thank you to everyone who wore 'odd socks' today! This week is anti-bullying week, starting with an assembly this morning with Mrs Fretwell. We have been asked to wear odd socks so that we can recognise that it's alright to look different and that we should always respect people's choices. We will be completing anti-bullying activities throughout the week. 


We have designed our own 'odd socks' to show that it is good to feel and look different and that we are all unique!

'Piper's Passport' by Eleanor McKone, author visit.

Eleanor McKone visited our class this morning and read to us her first book that she has written called 'Piper's Passport First Stop: Australia.' After listening to the story and looking at the lovely pictures, the children then asked Eleanor lots of questions. It was a great opportunity to ask a 'real' author what it's like to write a book, how long it takes and where do ideas come from. Eleanor has asked the children where they think she should write her next book about. Who knows, one of the places could be the next story!

Children in Need Day

Well done to everyone who came to school today wearing spotty clothes or spotty faces! There were children with Pudsey Bear hats, headbands, onesies and special t-shirts. Some people had created their own spotty t-shirts and one even had a spotty dinosaur on it! Today we have found out: how Pudsey Bear got his name; when the first Children in Need programme began; when Pudsey Bear changed colours and how his bandana has changed too. Thank you for all the money collected. We will find out the total from our school and see it in the newsletter this afternoon! 

Road Safety Week

We have listened to assemblies and watched films to remind us of how to keep safe when crossing roads. We all designed colourful posters to share the important messages. Elsie's poster below was chosen to be laminated and displayed around the school. 

Class book - 'The BFG' by Roald Dahl

We have finished reading our first class book together, 'The BFG' by Roald Dahl. Even though a number of children had heard or read the story before, it was still enjoyed by everyone, especially the voices Mrs McNerney used for each character! 


"The book made me feel excited because of the change of events" - Delphi


"The book made me feel happy because the sotry is interesting and funny" - Beth


"I love all the characters in the story" - Elsie


"It was a fun story to listen to" - Milo


"The story made me feel happy. It was a really good adventure!" - Barney

Next class book - 'Stig of the Dump' by Clive King

Christmas Dinner

On Wednesday we had our Christmas dinner all together in the hall. We came to school wearing our Christmas jumpers and pulled crackers - there were some terrible jokes inside! The turkey was so nice, we 'gobbled' it all up!

Design Technology - making a crafting a Christmas tree decoration

Today we finished sewing and decorating our Christmas tree decorations. We used felt to sew the main part of the decoration from and used buttons, pipe cleaners, googly eyes and other bits and pieces to decorate them! We can't wait to bring them home and put them on our Christmas trees! Thank you to Mrs McNerney's mum, Mrs Holey and Mrs Mills who all came in to help and made sure Mrs McNerney did not pull her hair out and lock herself away in her cupboard when facing the prospect of sewing with 29 children!!

Celebrating homework

Congratulations to everyone for the fantastic effort with this half term's homework menus. There were lots of interesting and creative musical instruments being tested and played during our homework celebration! Once again all children have taken care and shown a lot of pride in the homework activities and earned themselves lots of Oatlands points! Thank you to adults at home for supporting the children with their homework. The children are now excited for celebration assembly to find out what certificate they have received from all their Oatlands points earned this term. 

Year 3 Christmas Party

Lots of festive fun was had at the Year 3 Christmas party! There were some very enthusiastic and original styles of dancing! After games were played all together in the hall, the children enjoyed their party food, which had been laid out beautifully, with crackers included. We then all returned to the hall for a game of pass-the-parcel, which the PTA had kindly wrapped and donated. A huge thank you to all the adults who volunteered to help with the part, and the clearing up afterwards and to the PTA for providing the prizes and drinks. 

Spelling Shed

Everyone has been given a username and password for 'Spelling Shed', which is a new website we are trialling for the next few weeks. We all used our passwords and had a go on the website using our class iPads today and agreed it looks like good fun and a great way to support our spelling progress. 

The reading cave!

Our reading area has been transformed into a 'reading cave!' We like the animal-skin rug on the carpet and the fire-pit to cook our food whilst reading! 

Violin lessons

There was a lot of excitement this afternoon during our first violin lesson! Mrs Dawson showed all the children how to hold their violin in the 'rest' position, which is used when not playing the instrument. Everyone then put the violin in the correct position to play, under the left-hand side of their chin. Today, the children all played along to 2 different pieces of music by plucking the strings. Roll on next Friday for lesson number 2!

Wensleydale cheese!

Yesterday Mrs Allenby brought in some Wensleydale cheese for the Owls class to try. Wensleydale is part of the Yorkshire Dales and the Owls class will be studying and finding out more during theme work this half term. Most people liked the cheese!

Friday 25th January, 9am - our first class assembly!

Congratulations to everyone in the Owls class for taking part in their first class assembly about 'Dreams and Goals'. Many adults and teachers have commented on how clearly the children spoke and how lovely it was to see everybody have a turn. I hope that all the dreams the children have come true!


Owls Class Assembly

National Number Day - 100!

Thank you to the Owls class who donated silver coins on National Number Day to support the charity NSPCC. We raised £14.20. We had fun finding out facts about the number 100 and finding different ways, using all four operations, to make 100. 

Violin lessons - introducing the bow

This week Mrs Dawson showed us all how to hold the bow, using our two middle fingers and thumb. We learned that the bow is made from wood and hair from a horse's tail! We then used our bow to play each of the four strings on our violin and finally, all playing along to 'Music Box Dancer.'

Health Week - Zumba Dancing!

We started our Health Week working up a sweat this morning by taking part in a Zumba class! We learned and performed five different dances and certainly got warm and sweaty whilst doing so! We all agreed this was a fun way to exercise and stay healthy. 

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