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On Wednesday 27th of October 2011 Yr 6 had a meeting about something terrible that had happened to Miss Jamieson. We didn’t realise at the time that the purpose was to write notes and newspaper reports in Literacy.
Miss Jamieson reported that her car was taken from her house on the 26th of October and the next morning it mysteriously returned at our school in the car park the next morning. That day Miss Jamieson came in to school telling everybody that she had just ordered a new car.
Yr 6 had the task of investigating the crime that took place. We had to record every single piece of evidence we discovered. In the end our class came to the conclusion that Miss Jamison trashed her car on purpose just to claim insurance money to buy a new car!!
We all had a really fun morning and were pleased we were able to get involved in the investigation.
By Saskia Bottomley, 6W.

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