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We Didn't Mean To Go To Sea- Arthur Ransome





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PE lessons are on a Wednesday and Thursday, so please wear your full PE kit to school on those days.

Summer Term Read

Orphans of the Tide is the story of orphan Ellie Lancaster, entirely alone on the world following the death of her mother, father and younger brother, as she battles to prove the innocence of a young boy who washes up on the shores of her city in the belly of a whale.

Science Food Fair Presentations- June 2021

Science in food: Daisy and Harry

Still image for this video

Enterprise Day 2021

Special Mentions 28th May 2021

A huge well done to Daisy and Oliver for receiving Special Mentions certificates. They have both demonstrated themselves to be independent and motivated learners! They are certainly ready for high school, well done to you both! 

French Week!

We have enjoyed a unique French Week. Focusing on Francophone-Africa, the children explored the geography and history of the different French-speaking African countries. They explored African culture through music and art too, particularly enjoying playing rhythms to the beat of djembe drums. Take a look at some of their fantastic work produced!

Enterprise Week 2021!

We have had a fantastic week exploring our theme: 'Valuing Ourselves and Others.' After finding out about the influential charity Just B, the children researched and planned ideas to fundraise and celebrate our wellbeing. Working in small groups as entrepreneurs, they created innovative and unique event ideas, ranging from a cinema afternoon and a magic show, to a bike race and an art project! Throughout the week they used their persuasive writing skills to great affect to write a speech about their event ideas. At the end of the week each group delivered their speech to the class, explaining why their idea would be the most successful. Well done to Liam and Louis, the creators of a magic show event, who gained the majority winning vote! 

As part of Enterprise Week, the class also explored Natwest's web pages called Money Sense. They learnt about the different types of bank accounts; how to keep money safe and about how the use of money is changing.

It was a really fun week and we can't wait for our Enterprise Day soon! 

NSPCC Number Day 7th May 2021


We began the fun day by investigating numbers. There were a selection of investigations to choose from, involving mathematical concepts such as coprime numbers, consecutive numbers and the number 24. The problems were open ended and took a long time to solve: we loved the challenge! We then took the number 24, and used the idea of 24 hours to inspire us in our writing. We wrote a range of stories based around a 24-hour period, such as 'a day in the life of' and 'a mission to solve within 24 hours!' In the afternoon we explored the importance of the NSPCC and the amazing work that the organisation do for children all over the United Kingdom. 

Egg Competition 24th March 


Look at the children’s fantastic egg competition entries. The children worked so hard to create a range of egg creations. From fish tanks to Pokemon, Harry Potter to an NHS appreciation display, all of our entries were eggcellent! Well done to all of the, and especially to our winner!

Special Mentions Assembly

Congratulations to Isabelle and Alice, who have both been awarded with the Special Mentions certificate. Alice, you have been recognised for being such a fantastic team player within our class! You are a such a good friend to your peers and you are always so kind and considerate. Isabelle, you are a role model in your attitude to learning. You focus in all lessons with resilience and motivation, and you are certainly showing that you are high school ready! Well done girls!

Oliver, Harry and Kiki have been awarded for their huge efforts in earning house points! You three are our top three earners from this term. Well done!

Red Nose Day 19th March!


We really enjoyed fundraising for Comic Relief in class. Many of of dressed up as our favourite superheroes, and the rest of us wore red to celebrate this fun day! We enjoyed all of the fun activities in school, and we can't wait to find out how much we raised. 

Special Mentions Assembly

A huge congratulations to Ezekiel and Emma, who were awarded with the Special Mentions certificate for Spring term 1. Ezekiel's attitude towards his learning during this lockdown period has been exemplary, and he has shown enthusiasm in all online lessons. I am so impressed with his determination to complete tasks to a high standard. Keep up the fantastic work Zeke! Emma has demonstrated a resilient attitude throughout this term. She has taken responsibility for her learning and has worked hard to master tricky skills. Asking for support when needed, Emma's determination and hard work has had a great impact on her progress. Keep it up Emma!

Achievement Awards!

19th March


A huge well done to Ava and Daisy W, who have really impressed me with their maths work this week! Ava has shown a resilience when working in the afternoons, and Daisy has mastered all of her times tables! Well done girls!

12th March


This week we say well done to Lillian and Harry! Lillian has settled beautifully back into school and class routines, after a long time remote learning. Harry has been noticed for his positive attitude when learning independently and working on his own. Well done to you both!

5th March


This week we are congratulating George and Joseph! George, you have continued to shine throughout the remote learning period. Each day you have completed tasks to a high standard, and I have been really proud  of your fantastic pieces of work. Joseph, you have shown enthusiasm when in school during the last few weeks. I have been so pleased with both your efforts when completing tasks independently at home and when in school. Well done and keep it up! 

26th February 


Our Achievement Awards go to Liam and Isabelle , well done! You have both been noticed for your hard work in every single lesson. Isabelle is in school every day and has worked so hard within the bubble to maintain focus and determination during independent tasks. Liam has had the challenge of juggling both in school and home learning, yet he always manages to complete his learning tasks!


A huge well done to Daisy for your superb efforts on TT Rockstars this week. Keep up the excellent work! 



Friday 5th February


Our Achievement Awards go to Ezekiel and Ava this week!


Zeke, you have focused on all of your home learning tasks and produced some really fantastic work! In addition to this, you really pay attention to our Teams Posts page, and you respond to tasks and questions really quickly. Thank you very much and well done Zeke! 


Ava, you have worked so hard in our class bubble. When you find tasks tricky, you use your initiative and always ask for help. We have been particularly impressed with your determination in Maths this week, and with your creative video in Science too!


Well done to you both!

Friday 29th January


Well done to Harry, for showcasing his inquisitive mind during our Science lesson this week. Look below to see Harry's excellent shadow investigation. Brilliant work Harry!


Lilly, you have been awarded with our Achievement Award this week because you have consistently put in so much effort into all of your home learning tasks! You produce work to a exemplary standard, and you always hand in your assignments on time. Keep up the fantastic work!

Friday 22nd January


This week our Achievement Award goes to Bria Webb!


You have been so active on Teams; your positivity shines through even though we are working remotely! You ask questions when you need to and share your thoughts online. You have thrown yourself into all assignments and have produced some really lovely pieces of work. Keep up the great work Bria!

Friday 15th January


This week's Achievement Awards go to Louis and Elliot!


Louis has put in so much effort into all of his homelearning tasks this week. All of his work, particularly his English work based on the poetry anthology 'Lost Words', is completed to a high standard. Not only that, but Louis always asks questions when he is unsure of what to do for a task. Keep up the great work Louis!


Elliot has impressed both Miss Doyle and Mrs Stockturn, when working in school this week. He shows enthusiasm in all of his lessons. We were both particularly impressed with his inquisitive mindset within our Science lesson this week! Keep up the super work Elliot!

Cheetahs' House Captains and Vice Captains!

Special Mentions Assembly

A very merry Christmas from Cheetahs class!

The Explorer- our adventure story writing!

We have spent the first half of Autumn term writing an adventure story based on 'The Explorer.' Take a look at our class story, we are all authors of it!

Cheetah Art Work


We worked carefully in pairs to produce these drawings of cheetahs. It was a challenging task to make sure the pictures matched exactly, but we had a lot of fun creating them!


As part of the festival, we studied how people around the world sustain food, and how homes in different communities are self-sufficient. We enjoyed exploring how we can be more self-sufficient in here in Harrogate, by growing our own fruit and vegetables, using refill stations, and not wasting food. 

A huge well done to Bria and George, who have been rewarded with our first Special Mentions certificates of the year. You are both terrific role models in our class- keep up the fantastic attitude! 

Children In Need 13th November 2020!

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