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Year 6 Cheetahs

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We’re fast-moving winners, independent and smart.

We believe in ourselves and go for it!


“Grab a chance and you won’t be sorry for a might-have-been.”

We Didn’t Mean To Go To Sea - Arthur Ransome


Important Information

Homework is set on a Tuesday and is due in the following Monday, spellings are also tested on a Monday. 

PE days: Wednesday and Friday

Library day: Monday


Maths lessons from HGS teachers


On Friday 21st June, three maths teachers from Harrogate Grammar School came to OJS to teach Year 6 a maths lesson. In the lesson we spoke about money, the different coins we have and how they make up different amounts when we need to buy things.

What if we lived in a world with only 2p and 5p coins, would we be able to but everything exactly?

What about 4p and 7p?

After much investigating we came to the conclusion that this would work (it would just be much trickier when calculating change!). Then we thought about combinations that would not work...this took some thinking. We found out that numbers had to be both even, to prevent us from finding 1p, or they had to be multiples of one another eg. 2p and 4p or 12p and 24p.

Thank you to the teachers from Harrogate Grammar School who really got us thinking last week we really enjoyed the lesson!

Enterprise 2019 - Year 6

Year 6 have been enjoying Enterprise Week and have learnt all sorts of useful life skills about money. We have shown excellent teamwork in planning and designing our stalls on the theme of Healthy Body, Healthy Mind and can't wait to see how we get on with selling our products and services to the rest of the school. Learning about profit and loss, revenue and expenses has helped up budget for our stalls and we all hope to take lots of money on the day. We have also been finding out about social enterprises such as The Big Issue, StreetBank and CraftAid International, who worked with us on our sculpture project. We found out that making a profit can help local communities and groups of disadvantaged people.  A real highlight of the week was our skipping workshop with George which was great fun and a lot more challenging than we first expected. We look forward to seeing you all at our stalls next week!

...£125.78 in total! We are looking forward to our new play equipment!

Summer 1 Special Mentions

Well done to Grace and Ethan - ask these children about their exciting achievement!

Summer Term Open Hour

Thank you to all adults who attended our open hour this term. Cheetahs spent the session planning a french camping holiday for a family while converting between euros and pounds. 

Flood-resistant homes

As part of our topic on climate change, year 6 have researched, desinged and constructed 'flood-resistant homes' for the residents of flood-prone Watu Island. We tested our designs to see if they would withstand the flood. Which do you thing was the winner?

Well done to all of the children in Cheetahs Class for taking their SATs test in their stride. They worked extremely hard!

Spring 2 Special Mentions

Well done to Filip and Murron on their exciting achievement!


Easter Fun

Cheetahs have made Easter cards and crafts as well as completing Maths and English themed mysteries all about Easter. 

We have also had some creative entries for the annual decorated egg competition - well done to Flossie, our winner!

Big Brain Bounce!

on Tuesday 9th April, Cheetahs, along with the rest of the children at OJS took part in the 'Big Brain Bounce'. The event was run by school council to raise money for Wellspring. We really enjoyed bouncing round the track, which is much harder than it looks!

National Poetry Day

National Poetry Day

World Book day 2019 - Let's Share a Story

This year's World Book Day started off with Cheetahs Class drawing their favourite book cover to be displayed in our reading corner. The children have worked really hard on these and they brilliantly bring our reading corner to life. During our English lesson we watched a masterclass from Frank Cottrell-Boyce and Steven Lenton (the author and illustrator of our current class novel 'Cosmic'), we learnt all about bringing a character to life through writing and pictures. Following this, we split off to different classrooms where we shared stories from different genres, these ranged from poetry to fact books, amazing animals to spine tinglers and many more. After lunch, we wrote book reviews, designed book tokens and completed book quizzes. Finally we were joined by our adults who shared their favourite stories. Overall it was a wonderful day enjoyed by all!

Spring 1 Special Mentions - ask these children about their exciting achievement!

Arts Week 2019


This year's theme for Arts Week is celebrating difference. Year 6 have: been on a trip to Harrogate Theatre; researched Stephen Wiltshire and completed and architectural drawing; taken part in a NSCD workshop; continued working with Craft Aid International; been investigating the Fibonnaci Sequence and have been working towards their Arts Award. 


Harrogate Theatre Tour and Workshop


Year 6 started Arts Week with a visit to Harrogate Theatre. Firstly, we had a tour of the theatre. Hannah, who showed us round, told us lots of interesting facts about the history of the theatre and how it is used now. We learned all about social class in the 1900's and techniques to deal with poor hygiene in the theatre (they pumped the smell of lavendar through holes in the ceiling - it was even one of their marketing strategies!). We found out about the original manager of the theatre (William Peacock), who asked for the seats to be a 'peacock blue' colour in memory of him. We learned about the technology and overlays which they used to colour scenes in the shows that they put on. Finally, we were able to try on some of the costumes which were worn in this year's pantomine and were told about the sessions that the theatre puts on to cater for the visually impaired. They are able to come and feel the sets and the costume so they can visualise it prior to attending the show. 


We also took part in a workshop which helped us to understand what it might be like to be visually impaired. We started off with a game where someone had to feel an object and describe it to the rest of the group - this was very tricky if you couldn't work out what it was! We then went onto giving very clear and simple instructions and ended by acting our a radio play which had to be audio described.


This trip was all part of our Arts Award, which we are looking forward to completing. 

Stephen Wiltshire


Cheetahs have been researching art Stephen Wiltshire. Wiltshire is an artist who draws and paints detailed cityscapes. He has a particular talent for drawing lifelike, accurate representations of cities, sometimes after having only observed them briefly. He was awarded an MBE for services to the art world in 2006. He studied Fine Art at City & Guilds Art College. His work is popular all over the world, and is held in a number of important collections.


Here is some of the information we have found out about Wiltshire:


We then went on to complete our own drawings from memory. Miss Mansfield gave us 1 minute to study a picture of Harrogate Conference Centre, we looked carefully at the lines and shapes that were most prominent. We were then given 5 minutes to sketch this image in our books (much harder than it sounds!). 
Then we chose our own picture and began scale drawing our buildings. We had to be very precise when doubling our measurements to ensure our drawings were accurate. 

Maths in Art

The Fibonacci Sequence has been the focus of Year 6 maths lessons this week. The Fibonacci Sequence is found in many places both in art and in nature and is found by adding together the two previous numbers.

Our patterns made using the Fibonacci Sequence, even Miss Mansfield had a go!

Northern School of Contemporary Dance


On Wednesday, Cheetahs Class took part in a NSCD workshop. The teacher, Sam, taught us some 'Makaton' a way of communication for those who are unable to communicate verbally. We were also taught about how the visually impaired can use other senses, such as touch and sound to learn to dance.

Planetarium Visit

This week, Year 5 and Year 6 children experienced the Planetarium, as part of our science topic on Earth and Space. The Planetarium is a massive dome that projects images and videos of different planets in the solar system. We toured the solar system, landed on the moon, flew through Jupiter’s moon and glided along the ice rings of Saturn. It was an amazing experience enjoyed by all!

Health Week 2019

During Health Week all of the children at Oatlands Junior School have been thinking about how they can keep themselves healthy. In Cheetahs Class, we have been concentrating on how to keep our bodies healthy inside and out. We have spoken about how to keep our bodies healthy (through exercise, eating well and getting enough sleep) and about how to keep our minds healthy (through relaxation, talking to a trusted adult or friend about your worries and writing down your thoughts). We have designed posters to show others how they can keep themselves healthy inside and out!

As part of Health Week Cheetahs Class took part in a Zumba session. The children were extremely energetic and thoroughly enjoyed the session. 

On Wednesday 13th February, Year 4 and Year 6 took part in a yoga workshop for health week. It was lead by a yoga teacher, Mrs Newland, who taught us different poses. At the end of the session we lay down on the mats and had 5 minutes of relaxing and listening to calm music. It was a great workshop and everyone wishes we can do it again soon!

Grace and Elodie

Linking in to our Science topic, Earth and Space, we have been learning about how astronauts prepare to go to space and how they stay both mentally and physically healthy in space. Take a look at our wonderful, well-presented facts here:

Cheetahs' Class Assembly 2019

Today we performed our well-rehearsed class assembly all about love. We told everybody about the history of Valentines Day and even held our own version of 'Blind Date'. Thank you to adults for coming to watch our class assembly and for your continued support at home. 

BBC 500 Word Competition Live Lesson

Today all of the Year 6 children at Oatlands Junior School participated in BBC's Live Lesson for their annual '500 Word Competition'. The live stream started with the presenters Konnie Huq and Naomi Wilkinson introducing the lesson and the special guests, Charlie Higson (English actor, comedian and author) and Frank Cottrell-Boyce (English children's author). The presenters and guests led us, and thousands of other school children round the country, through the planning and ideas stages of writing a short story and we were even able to contribute some of our own ideas. The show ended with a surprise special guest, best-selling children's author David Walliams, who read the completed story. We really enjoyed the lesson and are looking forward to writing our own 500 word stories to enter the competition. 


Good Luck Cheetahs!

Safer Internet Day 2019

Today we had a visit from Mr Pinto, an e-safety expert. He told us all about different apps and sites that some of us use and how to keep ourselves safe when using them. We discussed top tips like: having account settings to private, telling a trusted adult if there is something you are unsure about and thinking carefully about things we post online. Thank you to Mr Pinto for coming into school today.

NSPCC Number Day 2019

In Year 6 we have taken on the challenge of investigating decimal numbers. We found many different ways of showing our number and calculations (some being very tricky!). In our Creative Writing Journals we wrote stories, poems, diary entries and recounts which included our number.

Our space themed reading area...

Our Class Book

We are reading 'Cosmic' by Frank Cottrell-Boyce as our next class story to share together. The book is about a young boy, Liam, who has somehow, accidentally ended up in space. We have already learned so much about space, but don't fancy an accidental trip just yet...

Autumn 2 Special Mentions - ask these children about their exciting achievement!

Christmas Dinner

All the pupils and staff enjoyed a delicious Christmas lunch on Wednesday. Children ate with their class teachers and looked very festive in their Christmas jumpers and hats. Lots of jokes were shared after pulling Christmas crackers and the children enjoyed singing along to the Christmas music. A great atmosphere and lots of good cheer!                          

Year 5/6 Christmas Disco

Last Thursday, many children from Year 5 and 6 attended the Christmas Disco. DJ Ollie played lots of well-known music, which the children all sung and danced around to. Children played party games like, The Tickle Conga, Girls vs. Boys Can-Can and Musical Dab – prizes were available for the winner of each game. The children also enjoyed a well-deserved break, everyone was exhausted after all the fun! Thank you to DJ Ollie, our teachers and parent helpers for coming along.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Christmas has begun in Cheetahs Class, we have decorated the tree and started making gifts for our adults at home. Merry Christmas from all of Cheetahs!

Squash Taster Sessions

Over the past few weeks, children in Cheetahs Class have participated in two squash sessions lead by Harrogate Sports and Fitness Centre. The children have learnt how to correctly hold a racquet and control the ball, they then went to the squash courts and learnt to play on the courts. Thank you to Robbie and Barry from Harrogate Sports and Fitness centre for delivering fast-paced and enthusiastic sessions.

Make Do and Mend


This half term, as part of the children's History and DT work, they are designing and making theor own bags from recyled materials. Just as children would have done during WW2!

WW2 Tea Party


Monday 3rd December the children from Year 5 and 6 welcomed Grandparents and relatives to a World War 2 Tea Party to share experiences and artefacts with the children. Some adults brought in artefacts like: ration books, medals, telegrams and badges. Once the stories had been shared, everyone got the opportunity to try some of the WW2 recipes the children had made using a weekly ration allowance. The children were really creative with their ideas and brought in things like: chocolate potato cake, scones, elderflower jelly, oat biscuits and carrot cookies. After the children had eaten their food, they went into the hall to sing some songs from the era. They sang ‘We’ll meet again’ and ‘Run Rabbit’, singing these songs brought back lots of memories for all of the visitors.


We really enjoyed the afternoon because it was interesting to find out about people’s lives during the war. Thank you to all of the adults who came to the Tea Party to share their stories, to parents who came to help and to the teachers who helped the afternoon happen.

Grace and Ben

Children in Need Spotacular!

On Friday 16th November, we dressed in spots and brought in a donation to raise money for this brilliant cause!

Open Time

Thank you to all of the adults that joined Cheetahs for open time. We spent the session writing a letter to a volunteer from during WWI who we has researched. We found out lots about the different type of volunteer and wrote about how grateful we are for their efforts during the war, as we remember them 100 years after the end of WWI. Some people even found out information about their own relatives!

Autumn 1 Special Mentions - ask these children about their exciting achievement!

Karate Taster

This week, Cheetahs had a karate workshop. It was led by Mr Saunderson from Premiere Martial Arts. He taught us all about discipline and respect when practising martial arts. We all managed to break a board with a strong, fast kick, using the heel of our foot.

East Barnby 2018

On Monday 8th October 2018, Cheetahs Class and all of Year 6 were waved off to our week- long residential to East Barnby. The trip was a huge success and the children absolutely loved it from start to finish. We took part in lots of activities, including beck scrambling, body boarding, skiing, orienteering, woodland days, mountain biking and climbing! Needless to say, we were all exhausted and even had a few coach-snoozers on the way back!

A big thank you to all of the children, who were brilliantly behaved and had can-do spirit in abundance! Another big thank you to all the staff who organised and attended the trip. 

Our Class Book

We are reading 'Letters from the Lighthouse' by Emma Carroll as our first class story to share together. The book is about WW2 which is our theme for the term, we have already learned so much about what it was like to live during WW2 and can't wait to find out more!

Our Letters from the Lighthouse themed reading area...

Pupil Voice Groups


As at the start of every year, children have been voted by their peers to represent Cheetahs at our school's pupil Voice Groups. We are lucky to have such a variety of groups for children to join and that we can all work together to make our school an even better place. 

Well done and thank you to all the children in Cheetahs Class who put themselves forward for a pupil voice group. The results are as followed...

Rose Blanche


Our first English topic is the picture book 'Rose Blanche', written by Ian McEwan and illustrated by Roberto Innocenti. The book follows the story of a girl, Rose, during WW2 in Germany. So far, we have analysed the first two pages, looked at what we know, what we think we know and what we want to find out. We have also role-played the scene on the first page to help us empathise with the characters (Rose and her Mum). Here are freeze frames from the activity:

Amelie and Megan's Performance

Autumn Term Open Hour and Macmillan Coffee Morning

Thank you to all adults who joined us for open hour. We played rounding and place value games in maths. Our adults especially enjoyed 'Times Tables Rockstars' - some even came back for more!

We have also been raising money for Macmillan with a 'Macmillan Coffee Morning', we all brought in a donation and as a special treat ate our cakes during reading hour. It is great to raise money for such a brilliant cause. 

Welcome to Year 6!

We have has a wonderful first week back getting to know each other. We have taken on Year 6 responsibilities and are Year 6 buddies to help out the Year 3 children. We are looking forward to our trip to East Barnby this half term too.

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