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"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much."

Helen Keller's Diaries

Important Information

Remember to come dressed in your PE kit on Monday and Wednesday.

You will also need to bring a freshly cleaned bottle of water and your reading book each day.



Super Scientists!

What a lovely afternoon we have had today watching some super science experiments. From eggs in vinegar to exploding Mentos in coke bottles, all of the children have worked really impressive. Here are a selection of the ones we've seen and discussed so far.

Anisha's spherification project

Still image for this video

Frank's skittle rainbow

Henry's instant ice

Arran's acid and alkaline test

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Boo and Amelia Rainbow Napkin Water Trick

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Summer Term Read

Orphans of the Tide is the story of orphan Ellie Lancaster, entirely alone on the world following the death of her mother, father and younger brother, as she battles to prove the innocence of a young boy who washes up on the shores of her city in the belly of a whale.

Congratulations to our Special Mentions winners this half term - Ruby and Toby

This has been French week at OJS and we have been learning about the French-speaking countries of Africa, as well  as practising our French vocabulary. We’ve made maps and factfiles about the Francophone countries, produced some artwork inspired by Paul Gauguin and learnt about djembe drumming patterns from Mali. 

We have had an enjoyable Enterprise Week learning about how to earn, save, spend and look after our money. We also worked in pairs or small groups to come up with an idea to fundraiser for the local charity ‘Just B’. As well as preparing Dragon’s Den-style pitches, we presented our ideas beautifully as illustrated double page spreads. As you can see, they look fantastic! Congratulations to Anisha and Lily whose ‘Survival Day’ idea won our class vote. Now will it persuade Mrs Coyne and Mrs Scarth to use it for our whole school fundraising event in June?

Greta Thunberg, climate change and persuasive speeches

Flamingos class march against climate change

Still image for this video

As part of our English topic on Greta Thunberg and persuasive speech writing, we made our own placards protesting about climate change. Ruby and Boo suggested that we try them out as though we were on a real school climate March. 

NSPCC Number Day

For this year’s NSPCC Number Day, Y6 were investigating the number 24 with a series of mini problems and writing a story, poem or journal entry based on this number. Anisha really got her teeth into the investigations and presented her findings clearly and in detail. As part of the day we all came to school wearing numbers or patterns on our clothes and managed to raise money for the NSPCC as well as learning about their important work.

Building our Google Legends

Well done to our special mentions winners this half term - Maisie and Lily.

Congratulations Woody!

Avid bookworm Woody has already completed his Y6 Reading Passport and by reading and reviewing all 10 of the titles on the list. Its great to hear how much he enjoyed the challenge and how it encouraged him to broaden his range and try books, authors and subjects he might not have thought about before. As Woody says, 'Holes' by Louis Sachar has quickly become a class favourite. Well done Woody and keep sharing your book recommendations...

Look at the wonderful cuddly toys we've made in DT...

Flamingos Decorated Eggs - congratulations Isaac on your winning 'Cov-eg' entry!

Comic Relief! March 19th

26th February


This week's achievement awards go to Esme and Arran!


Esme has consistently worked hard and produced work she can be proud of while in our class bubble. She is always happy to contribute to our discussions and share her ideas too. Most of all, we have really valued her positive attitude and her kindness towards others. Take a look at her lovely artwork below, where she used her observational skills to make sketches of tiny objects. Good work Esme!


Arran has been working at home and has always tried his best on every task, often going the extra mile to complete challenges too. This week we were very impressed with his cross country run and also his fantastic Varmints story. He really thought about how to make his plot appealing and how to help the reader create a mental picture of what was happening to his characters. Great use of lots of the writing techniques we've been practising too - well done Arran!

Marty leaned against the strong, noble oak that he had watch grow from a young sapling into a loyal and trusted friend. He looked over the long lush grass and watched the butter cups dance. He looked over, at Maude how was quietly watering her plants by the side of the transparent bubble that was gliding over fields of wild flowers. 


 The landscape was changing every day from old battered buildings to fresh coloured moors. Some days Marty and Maude stood at the edge of the bubble watching the world outside pass by and some days they worked in the middle of the bubble growing vegetables and tending their plants. All was well in their new world but occasionally Marty felt that something was coming something dreadful. But the world kept spinning and every one was happy in the bubble – all was well. 

As Marty leaned against the tree, he noticed the weather outside the bubble changing from light blue sky to a deep dark fog over rough craggy ground. As they traveled through the fog suddenly there was magnificent church but seconds later there was a… screeching and a scraping and the bubble was pierced by the spire of the ancient and beautiful church, followed by a whoosh as the air started to escaping slowly but surely. 


Steadily the bubble started to descend but as this was heading to the ground the bubble was collapsing in on itself. “Touch down, we made it,”yelled Marty as they scrambled out of the tear that had been made by the spire onto the hard craggy ground of a steep mountain side. As Marty and Maude looked around they both thought the same thing how long could they live there for? 


But as they were thinking this something strange happened. The bubble burst and seeds that were trapped in side started to fly around planting them selfs in the ground as they hit the floor plants started to grow flowers started to bloom. The mountain was suddenly green.  ** 

 The sun was bright and warm the sky was aquatic blue  the air was clean and fresh and all was well. 


by Arran Robson

12th February


Flamingos Half Term Awards...


Congratulations to Anisha and Immy for receiving a well-deserved Special Mentions certificate for this half term. You have both worked very hard and shown an excellent attitude in class and home learning.


Well done also to Maisie, Theo and Sya for being our highest points achievers for this half term.

Art Award


This week Mrs Alderson chose Theo for her Artist of the Week award for Year 6. Take a look at his stunning shadow artwork in response to the ideas of the Japanese artist Kumi Yamashita.


5th February


This week's achievement awards go to Henry and Boo!


Boo has impressed us with how she has thrown herself into her remote learning tasks this week, particularly as she had recently been feeling quite poorly. She has produced some thoughtful responses in our science topics on Light and on how to reduce her carbon footprint in geography. Mrs Alderson was pleased with her shadow art and it's been great to see Boo completing the positive affirmation tasks we set as part of Children's Mental Health Week. Well done Boo!


Henry has always displays the same 'can do' attitude whether he is at school or working remotely. He completes every task to a high standard and is always keen to extend his learning by tackling the challenge tasks. He is always an active participant in our class story times when working at home, sharing opinions and ideas. We always look forward to seeing your well-behaved dog in these sessions Henry! Keep up this excellent attitude.

29th January


This week's achievement awards go to Matilda and Tamasya!


Matilda has carried on the brilliant attitude she has shown in the bubble this week. She takes such pride in her work and presents in beautifully as you can see in her fantastic art research project on Vincent Bal below. She is always willing to share her ideas in discussion and what she's written in our English sessions. Its a pleasure to be greeted by her lovely smile each morning. Well done Matilda!


Sya has carried on this week with just the same enthusiasm and positivity as she has shown each week in her remote learning. We are impressed with how much she challenges herself in each task and the level of pride she shows in her work. Sya is also a regular poster on Teams, whether it is joining in discussions and explaining 'Americanisms' in our class story, Wonder or checking in with us about tasks. Keep up the great work Sya!

22nd January


This week's achievement awards go to Theo and Lily!


Theo has hugely impressed us with his hard work and commitment to his remote learning since we began. His work has been of an excellent standard and completed with lots of thought and detail. He relishes a challenge and usually completes any additional maths extension tasks. This week we were delighted by his Lost Words poem about pelicans as he had not only presented it beautifully but had used many of the poetic features we had looked at in Robert MacFarlane's originals. Well done Theo - you're a poet, don't you know it!


Lily has been working just a diligently as she always has in our Flamingos bubble and has continued to produce beautiful, detailed work in all her lessons. She too wrote a stunning Lost Words poem about pelicans and has made an excellent start to her Varmints story this week. We were particularly impressed buy her science work this week when she produced a super poster about 'how we see' for our topic on Light. Fantastic Lily - we don't even need to ask you to keep it up!

Art Award!


This week, Isaac Thomas has been noticed for his excellent art work by Mrs Alderson. IShe has commented on his fantastic shadow sketches: "Wow Isaac! These are incredible. You have brought your drawings to life through the use of perfect tone, which can only be achieved by looking carefully at the object you are drawing. The top left and bottom right are perfectly formed too. Excellent work!" See Isaac's impressive piece in the slideshow below.  

Friday 15th January


This week's Achievement Awards go to Maisie and Lahna!


Maisie has really impressed us with the level of effort and engagement she has put into all her home learning tasks this week. The work she has completed has been of a very high standard and she often challenges herself by taking on the extension tasks too. It has been great to see her joining in with our class story, Wonder, and sharing her ideas in the meeting as she reads along with her own copy. I'd like to share her beautiful winter poem below as we've been delighted by her English work, and her response to the Lost Words poems we've looked at this week. Well done Maisie!


Lahna has joined our in-school Flamingos bubble from her usual Meerkats class and has taken to the change of environment like a duck to water. It feels as though she has always been a member of our class and she has impressed us with her hard work and determination, especially in Maths and English. She has been working hard on her afternoon projects with Miss Harrison too. Below is a photo of her enjoying our snowy breaktime with Georgia last Friday. A great start Lahna!

Congratulations to this half term’s Special Mention recipients - Theo and Olivia

Look at our wonderful new books for the Y6 Reading Passport...

Christmas crafts

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Christmas has definitely arrived in the Flamingos class. We have all had a lot of fun decorating the room and doing some Christmas craft! The countdown to Christmas has started with our Harry Potter themed advent calendars and daily Christmas jokes!

Look at our beautiful designs based on the Islamic art we looked at in RE

Children in Need Day - Flamingos in Pyjamas!

Making poppies for our Remembrance display

A visit from Stripey the cat!

We were very lucky on Tuesday morning to have a very special visitor to our classroom who really didn't want to leave! After coming through our fire door several times, we tried to shut Stripey out, but he jumped in through our open window! I think he was very keen to join in our maths lesson as he found the maths books box very cosy! His owner was called for eventually and we said goodbye; I've just noticed a cat hair on my keyboard as  I type this! I wonder if he'll visit us again soon?

It's been a busy few weeks in Flamingos - happy half term!

Congratulations to our Special Mentions children for this half term!

Look at our beautiful handwriting in this poetry homework task...

Welcome to Flamingos Class!

Our new class story is...

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