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Year 6 Flamingos

Welcome to Flamingos!

Transition maths with Harrogate Grammar School teachers

We had a great lesson this morning from Miss Carling, one of the Maths teachers visiting us from Harrogate Grammar School. She set us an interesting investigation about currency in which we were challenged to make amounts of money using only 2p and 5p coins. We also investigated another system to see whether we could make any amount using an imaginary 4p and 7p coin. We finished by discussing whether there were any other pairs of coins that could be used and concluded that as long as we could create 1p using change then the coin system would work. Conor concluded that it would never work if both coins were even. 

Super Science!

In science, we have started out new topic on sound. We have been thinking about how sound travels and have done some fun experiments. We made rice jump off a balloon stretched tightly over a cup with only the power of our voices, made Thomas very wet with a tuning fork and some water and made our own string telephones! It has been a great start to our new unt of work.

Enterprise Week

Enterprise 2019 - Year 6

Year 6 have been enjoying Enterprise Week and have learnt all sorts of useful life skills about money. We have shown excellent teamwork in planning and designing our stalls on the theme of Healthy Body, Healthy Mind and can't wait to see how we get on with selling our products and services to the rest of the school. Learning about profit and loss, revenue and expenses has helped up budget for our stalls and we all hope to take lots of money on the day. We have also been finding out about social enterprises such as The Big Issue, StreetBank and CraftAid International, who worked with us on our sculpture project. We found out that making a profit can help local communities and groups of disadvantaged people.  A real highlight of the week was our skipping workshop with George which was great fun and a lot more challenging than we first expected. We look forward to seeing you all at our stalls next week!

French Week - 20th May

We have been learning about all things French this week. We've used the ipads to discover more about the physical and human geography of the country and presented our findings as posters, information texts and factfiles. In English, we took a break from Dracula to write biographies of famous French citizens including Coco Chanel, Napoleon and Paul Pogba. We also learnt about the artist Henri Toulouse-Lautrec and tried to recreate his celebrated posters. The week was very enjoyably rounded off with the Y6 children running a French cafe and an assembly retelling the Enormous Turnip story by the French ambassadors. A particular well done to Henry B and Harry for helping Miss Hind to organise all this.
Sadly we heard today that our book corner will have to be demolished over half term to make way for the exciting new classrooms being built ready for September. Mrs Fretwell and Mrs Wilkinson took one last opportunity to remember all the happy reading times we've had there over the year. We'll keep our fingers crossed that our new book corner is ready before the end of term!

Elliot's Trumpet Concert

Elliot delighted us all with a fantastic recital of some of the trumpet pieces he learnt for his recent grade 4 music exam (which he passed with merit). We were all very impressed with his skill and confidence and hope that he might add a little extra musical finesse to our upcoming Y6 production...

Our new class stories... Room 13 by Robert Swindells and Dracula by Bram Stoker

We are so enjoying our Dracula-inspired writing based on the animation 'Dracula's Whitby' that we've decided to read an abridged version of Bram Stoker's classic to find out the full story. A particular well done to Hannah who has set herself the challenge of reading the original at home - Mrs Wilkinson loves discussing it with her as it's one of her favourites too!

We're also reading Room 13 by Robert Swindells which has a lot to do with the Dracula story and is about a group of Y6 children from Yorkshire who go on a school residential to Whitby. Why does that sound so familiar...?

The Newest Member of Flamingos!


On Monday 20th May, we welcomed our newset member of the class, Frankie, the inflatable flamingo! Watch this space to find out how he settles in with our class. Interesting fact... the collective noun for a group of flamingos is, most amazingly, a flamboyance of Flamingos

Flood-proof houses


We've had lots of fun designing and making flood-proof houses in Flamingos. We used all sorts of different materials and most of our designs worked, and survived the flood!

Terrific Tulips!

Molly, Isabelle and Grace have worked hard to plant our raised bed with tulip and daffodil bulbs. They have diligently watered them all Spring and now we've been rewarded with some beautiful blooms which brighten the entrance to our classroom.

Decorated Egg Competition

Look at our fantastic entries for the annual decorated egg competition. There was definitely a 'Bregg-sit' theme going on around school! Well done to all who entered from Flamingos and particularly to our class winner Amelie.

Easter cards

Flamingos have been hard at work making Easter cards this afternoon. They are all looking great. We hope you enjoy receiving them!

Realistic Eyes!

Everyone in Flamingos has worked really hard to make a salt dough eye! We used moulds to get the eye shape and then left the salt dough to dry for a few days. Then we painted the eyes, trying to make them as realsitic as possible. We think they look pretty amazing.

Red Nose Day

To celebrate Red Nose Day we all came to school dressed in red and sporting a wide variety of noses! During the afternoon we researched Mount Kilimanjaro as it had been climbed by a group of celebrities to raise money this year. Here are a selection of our finished factfile and posters.

World Book Day 7th March 2019

Speed Book Reviews

Spring 1 Special Mentions - ask these children about their exciting achievement!

Stephen Wiltshire


In Arts Week, we are looking at a very talented artist. Stephen Wiltshire is an artist who draws and paints detailed cityscapes. He has a particular talent for drawing lifelike, accurate representations of cities, sometimes after having only observed them briefly. He was awarded an MBE for services to the art world in 2006.

We created an artist page in our sketch books and have then tried to draw a building with as much detail as possible after only looking at it for 60 seconds. This is something Stephen did for Nissan using VR technology.

We then had a go at creating a scaled architectural drawing of a famous Harrogate building. Below you can see us at work. We applied lots of Maths skills as we were using protractors, rulers and compasses.

A trip to the theatre!


We've had a great start to Arts Week today; we spent the morning at Harrogate Theatre. We had a tour round and found out about some of the history of the building, we got to look backstage and even managed to get in dressing room number 1 and a box! We also took part in a visual impairment workshop.

Polestar Planetarium

We had a brilliant time in the Polestar Planetarium which took up residence open our school hall this morning. Flamingos and Cheetahs classes shared a session during which we learnt about the Apollo relics on the moon, the awesome power of the sun and how there could be life deep in the oceans on Jupiter’s moon Europa. We all agreed that Oatlands should get themselves a permanent planetarium in future! 

What a great start we have had in the Flamingos class to our Health Week in school. We all took part in a great Zumba workshop which was lots of fun and have thought about ways we can keep our mental health healthy!

500 Words Live Lesson

The BBC Radio 2 ‘500 Words’ competition launched again this week and we know that many of our budding writers in Year 6 will be keen to enter their stories. Flamingos and the other Y6 classes took part in the
live lesson this week, where authors Charlie Higson and Frank Cottrell Boyce were inspiring them with top tips for their stories. If you look carefully you might be able to see OJS getting a name check onscreen during the lesson!

Autumn 2 Special Mentions - ask these children about their exciting achievement!

Our 'Make Do and Mend' bags are complete!

After a lot of sewing, can finally say we have all made a new bag from some old clothing. Some of the finished bags look amazing! A big thank you to Mrs Clough and Mrs Evans who came in to help sew.

Make Do And Mend

What a lovely Friday afternoon we had today. We spent our time looking at three stitches (running, back and blanket) that we may use when we are making our own bags next week using the 'Make Do And Mend' approach!  On that note, if any parents or grandparents would like to come and lend a hand, we will be sewing on the afternoon of Monday 10th December. Pease feel free to come and help!

World War 2 Tea Party

What a fantastic time we all had at the World War II Tea Party on Monday 3rd December. All the children looked great in their outfits. It was really lovely to have so many visitors in school to share their experiences from the war. The food was amazing too! A great afternoon.

Children in Need - 16th November 2018

Open Time - Thursday 8th November

During Open Time we were learning about the volunteers (VADs) who provided vital support during the First World War. Using the iPads to search the Red Cross VAD database, we looked for volunteers who were family members, who worked in Harrogate or just shared our names. We then thought about the reasons people volunteer then and now and finally composed a letter of thanks to our chosen volunteer to express our gratitude for their wartime contribution. It was interesting to learn how the role of women in society changed as a result, which ultimately led to more women having worthwhile paid jobs and gaining the vote. Thank you to all the parents and grandparents who visited and shared their family knowledge.

Autumn 1 Special Mention Awards - Thomas, Henry, Molly and Bea

East Barnby

What a great week away at East Barnby we all had. We even had some sunshine too! A few photos below...there are many more. You can order a memory stick from school full of photos. Please return your slip by 26th October.


Open Hour - Friday 28th September

We enjoyed having visitors to our Maths lesson during the Macmillan Coffee Morning and Open Hour. Lots of Maths games had been prepared to help us apply our number skills in place value, negative number and rounding, so we invited our parents and grandparents to play with us. Thanks and apologies to Alexander's mum, Archer's mum and Florence's dad who found themselves being roped into our Times Table Rockstar challenge!

Meet the new members of our Pupil Voice Groups...

Arts Committee - Hugo and Grace

Librarians - Blake and Isabelle

School Council - Megan and Conor

Eco Committee - Molly

Sports Crew - Madeline

French Ambassadors - Henry and Harry

Digital Leaders - Kian and Liam

Class Novel - Letters From The Lighthouse

This term, our class novel is Letters From The Lighthouse by Emma Carroll. It is set during World War II and tells the story of a young evacuee and her search for her older sister who has gone missing in mysterious circumstances.


Maths Games and Investigations

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